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The 700 Club - January 18, 2019

Joe always wanted to provide a life he and his wife could enjoy—even through retirement. His prayer was for a “witty invention” that could help sustain them after retiring. You’ve got to watch and see what happened next. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

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- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

In the Middle East, partsof Africa, and Asia,

it's dangerous to be afollower of Jesus Christ.

A new report says more than 245million Christians worldwide

are highly persecuted for their faith.

- Every year, thewatchdog group Open Doors

releases a list of countries

that are the worstpersecutors of Christians.

CBN's White Housecorrespondent Ben Kennedy

has a closer look.

- The Trump Administration

makes religious freedom a priority.

Case in point, fighting for the release

of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

But there is more the government can do,

and that's really thebackbone behind this list.

- All you who believe, answer the call.

- [Ben] The spread of radialIslam increases the danger

for Christians worldwide.

- Many Christians are beingkilled because of their faith

and I know many families,that they have they have lost

so many family membersbecause of their faith.

- [Ben] Father Daniel preaches to nearly

200 families in Iraq,

where he faces intensepersecution by Al-Qaeda.

You told me many priests are leaving

because it's, quite frankly, not safe.

Why are you staying?

- Well, I'm staying becauseto stay with my people.

This is the only thing which is keeping me

staying there and working with them

because they need help now urgently.

So if I'm not going to be there,

who is going to help them?

- [Ben] Each year, thewatchdog group Open Doors USA

documents the most oppressiveand restrictive countries

for Christians.

Topping the list is NorthKorea, followed by Afghanistan,

Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan.

- We believe now, based upon our research,

that there's over 245 million Christians

who live in areas ofextreme or high persecution.

It's a lot.

- [Ben] He adds thatviolence against Christians

increased dramaticallythis past year in China.

- [David] They moved up from number 41

to number 27 on the list.

- [Ben] That's a big jump.

- It's a huge jump andit shows that things

are getting more difficult forChina and it's a big church,

so a lot of people, millionsof people are affected.

- [Ben] North Korea remains number one

for the 18th year in a row despite talks

between President Trumpand Dictator Kim Jong Un.

- I would love to see human rights

be a part of the discussion

when you're talking about nuclear arms

because you can tellwithin 30, 60, 90 days

if conditions have improved

for Christians thatare in the labor camps.

Right now, there's over 60,000Christians in labor camps

in North Korea.

A lot of people don't know that.

- [Ben] Vice President Mike Pence

reaffirmed that the White House

will always be a championfor people of faith.

- Protecting and promotingreligious freedom

is a foreign policy priorityof this administration.

- Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- In other news, Democrats aredemanding new investigations

after a report claims PresidentTrump told former attorney,

Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress.

Efrem Graham has morefrom the CBN newsroom.

- Gordon, the report from BuzzFeed News

sites two anonymous lawenforcement officials who say

Cohen admitted to the special prosecutor

the president told him to lie

about a developingbusiness deal with Russia.

According to the report,

Cohen says he told Congressthe business negotiations

ended months earlierthen they actually did

to minimize Mr. Trump'sinvolvement with Russia.

The president's attorney RudyGuiliani fired back saying,

"If you believe Cohen,

"I can get you a great dealon the Brooklyn Bridge."

The BuzzFeed report saysthe claim is supported

by other witnesses, emails, text messages,

and documents from withinthe Trump Administration.

The Second Lady of the United States

is returning to theclassroom to teach art,

but news Karen Pence will teach

at an elementary schoolin Northern Virginia

is being met with criticism.

Teachers at Immanuel ChristianSchool must sign a statement,

marriage is the unitingof one man and one woman.

That traditional marriagepolicy stole the headlines

and a CNN op-ed charge that Pence is with,

"astonishing moral hypocrisy".

In an interview with EternalWorld Television Network,

the vice president took the media to task.

- My wife and I havebeen in the public eye

for quite awhile.

We're used to the criticism,

but I have to tell ya,

to see major news organizations

attacking Christian educationis deeply offensive to us.

This criticism of Christianeducation in America

should stop.

- Mrs. Pence previously taughtat the school for 12 years.

For more on this story andothers, go to

Stay with us, we'll beright back with more of

today's 700 Club right after this.

(upbeat music)

- Chantel Ray started outwith an entry-level job

making just $9 an hour.

Well, today, she ownsa multi-million dollar

real estate business.

She's living her dream and well on her way

to her ultimate goal,

giving away 90% of her income.

(upbeat music)

Chantel Ray is the name behind

a multi-million dollarreal estate company.

To date, she has 130employees and five locations.

- Every year, we've grownby at least 40% or more.

- [Gordon] Years ago,Chantel was struggling

with an entry-level joband a meager salary.

Her definition of success then

was having enough foodand a roof over her head.

- I was makin' $9 anhour, 20 hours a week.

I was barely able to buy groceries.

I had a really hard time paying rent.

So I was using my credit card for gas,

using my credit card for groceries

because I just didn't have the money.

- [Gordon] After several years

of making only minimum payments,

Chantel maxed out her cardand was $10,000 in debt.

- The worst part was whenI went to the grocery store

and my credit card got denied because

I didn't have anymore moneyleft on my credit card

and that's when I thought, great.

Now, I can't even buy food.

- [Gordon] During this time,

Chantel heard a message on tithing.

She was desperate enough to give it a try.

- I didn't have a lotof faith at that time,

but I just knew that God was saying,

okay, I want you to trust me.

But I was like the mostI could possibly have

is $30 in the account,

so I wrote a check for $30.

I was like the widow with the two bites.

I literally gave everything I had

in my account at that time.

- [Gordon] One week later,

Chantel received a $300 refund check

from her utility company.

She continued to tithe faithfully

and received anotherfinancial breakthrough;

her aunt paid off her$10,000 credit card debt.

- My aunt just called me and was like,

"Listen, I just decided I wannapay off your credit card,"

and I was like what?

Just kinda bouncing up and downand I was like, oh, my gosh!

You did provide for me!

- [Gordon] Soon after, shewas listening to a podcast

about giving away 90%.

Chantel felt God tellingher to do the same.

- I'm like what?

You want me to give 90%?

I just started at 10!

- [Gordon] But Chantelknew she could trust God

with her money.

- And so I decided togive 3% of my income extra

over and above the 10%.

And my goal was, by thetime I'm 54 years old,

I'll give 90% of my income away.

- [Gordon] The two years after that,

she felt God leading her tolaunch a career in real estate

and saw another dramaticincrease in her income.

- I sold more houses myfirst year in real estate

than any other first year person.

As I was faithful, hewas faithful as well.

- [Gordon] Chantel marriedRhyan and together,

they have two children.

She loves teaching theirson Kyle about giving

by showing him how much to giveGod from his $10 allowance.

- One of those dollars,you're gonna give back to God.

One of them, you're gonna save.

And then the rest of them,

you can choose to save, youcan choose to give more,

or you can choose to spend the rest.

- The reason I like giving my allowance

is because then I can help other people.

- [Gordon] The rest ofChantel's success story

can be read in the bottom line

of her own real estate company.

And she's quick to giveGod all the credit.

- It's about your heart.

What you sow is what you reapand God is very faithful.

When he says trust me in this,

as you give, I will give back to you,

I'm a perfect example of himbeing true to his promises.

- And here's the promise for you.

It's from Proverbs Chapter 3.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him

and He shall direct your paths.

Chantel did that and you see the result.

That can happen to you if you just follow

what he tells you to do.

Well, Joe was looking for away to supplement his income,

so he asked God for help.

Well, that prayer turned into an idea

and that idea turnedinto a thriving business.

- [Reporter] Joe Brignololoves spending time

with his wife, Donna.

As a business ownerapproaching retirement,

he's always wanted to providea life they can enjoy.

- My prayer was that God wouldgive me a witty invention

that would enable me to kinda

make a couple hundreds bucksa week through my retirement,

kinda hangout, have some fun.

- [Reporter] When the two married in 2003,

Joe became a Christian andlearned about tithing from Donna.

- Well, I thought it was ridiculous

to be quite blunt with you.

I don't see why I should begivin' my hard-earned money

into some place where I don'tknow where it's gonna go.

And she informed me that it's not my money

and she showed me scriptures.

- I know the principle is if you give,

you will receive.

And I just think over time,he decided he would try it.

But that's all God asked us to do.

He even says put me to the test.

Trust me now.

See if I will not openup the windows of Heaven

and pour a blessing out upon you

that you cannot contain.

- [Reporter] Joe decided to tithe.

He couldn't believe what happened next.

- Within one hour afterI gave my first tithe,

I had a $3,300 debt reversed, one hour.

I tithed; an hour later,I didn't owe $3,300.

24 hours later, somebody owed me $3,000,

they paid me, and I didn't ever think

I was gonna get that money.

(laughs) I'm thinkin' wait a minute,

guess what, I see the principle.

- [Reporter] At the time,

Joe was a consultant forthe Department of Energy.

With every check he received,he continued to tithe.

He also began giving to CBN.

- I was watching The 700 Club one day

and they were talking about clean water

for people all over theworld and I'm thinkin',

man, I'll tell ya what, that is so cool.

Because I'm a big water guy.

I mean, I like clean water.

I know that there's a limitedamount of water on this planet

and I said I'm gonna start giving

to the wells and cisterns program.

- [Reporter] Even whenfinances were tight,

they remained faithful in their giving.

- I realized through The 700 Club

that the money that I wasgiving them, God's money,

they were doing God's work with

and I didn't want that to stop

because they wereproviding water for people

and then those peoplewere coming to Christ.

- [Reporter] As he gave,Joe began asking God

for direction about his next business.

Then, while working in his RV,

he had an idea to changethe fluorescent lights

to LED lighting.

- So I'm still prayin'.

God, please give me a witty invention.

God says to me I gaveyou something already.

Like really, what elsedo you want me to do?

- [Reporter] Later, Joe tookthe RV in for maintenance.

The parts manager noticedhis light invention.

- He walks in my rig towrite it up, he looks up,

he says, "Where'd ya get that?"

I said, well, I made it.

He says, "Is it patented?"

I said it's pending.

He says, "I want 250 of 'em."

And I'm thinkin' wow, yayGod, this is pretty cool.

- [Reporter] Joe realizedGod had given him

the invention he'd been praying for.

From that sale, Joe created Cabin Bright.

- I started that companywith that one product.

Now, we have over 150 products.

We sell to dealers anddistributors all over the country

and God gave me that idea.

- [Reporter] Today, Joe'sbusiness is thriving

and the couple is giving to CBNat the Founder's Club level.

And they say it's through faithful giving

that blessings flow.

- If he's done it before,he'll do it again.

He's faithful.

- I am completely and totallyblessed by the grace of God

and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When you're faithful to God,

He's gonna be faithful to you

and your soul's gonna prosper.

And that's the feeling thatno one can take away from me.

(uplifting music)

- When you're faithful to him,

your soul is going to prosper.

But here's something else that comes,

you get answers to your prayer.

First, Joe put everythinginto perspective.

He says, I'm going to be faithful.

I'm going to live God's way,

I'm going to do it his way,

and then he put all that on the line.

And then he said, Lord,I want an invention.

Could you give me an invention?

He put into practice something

I think all Christians should do;

you should pray and askGod for specific things.

Here is God's phone number.

It's God from Jeremiah, Jeremiah 33:3.

Call to Me, and I will answer you,

and show you great and mighty things,

which you do not know.

Now, it's interesting thing to think

of an LED light for an RVas a great and might thing,

but that was!

That one idea turned into agreat and mighty thing for Joe.

When you ask God, just bespecific with your prayer,

and then be still and wait for the answer.

Joe didn't realize what he had been given.

God had to tell him a second time.

And so, in your prayer for an answer,

pray also that God wouldgive you ears to hear

that you would know whathe's telling you to do.

If you do that, you willget the same result.

God has an infinitestore of wonderful ideas

and he longs to bless his children.

What he's waiting foris for us, number one,

to live life according to his word

and then, number two, call to him

and then he will answer you.

I've got some wonderful news.(dramatic drumming music)

We've got a whole array of partners

from Texas to Oregon to North Carolina.

They wanna issue a Texas-sizedchallenge, $163,000.

- Oh, yes!(Terry applauding)

- What that means is theywill match your giving

dollar for dollar up to$163,000 and let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing over this

and we ask for the increasethat comes from you.

That 30, 60, hundredfold increase.

Lord, be with us and aspeople are asking you

and calling on you,

just still their spirits, open their ears,

open the eyes of their understanding

and let your people hear for we ask it all

in Jesus' name, amen and amen.

$163,000 is the challengeamount, 41:48 is on the clock.

What are we asking you to do?

Well, we're asking youto join The 700 Club.

If you wanna see peoplehelped around the world,

if you wanna see the gospelpreached around the world,

join The 700 Club.

A portion of every gift

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You're a part of everythingwe do when you join us,

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Take a look.

- [Narrator] CBN presentsThe I Wills of God:

Your Path to Overcoming Fear & Anxiety.

- We're going to talk aboutsome of the incredible promises

God has made to his children.

- [Narrator] In PatRobertson's newest teaching,

you'll discover The I Wills of God:

I will rescue him,protect him, answer him,

be with him in trouble, deliver him,

honor him, satisfy him with long life,

show him my salvation.

And see amazing stories ofGod's promises in action.

- What I felt was loved and treasured.

- God spared my life twice in three days.

- The good Lord hadgiven me a second chance.

- [Narrator] Break freefrom stress and despair.

- [Pat] The Lord doesn'twant you to live in fear,

but to know are the rewardsgiven to those who love God.

- [Narrator] Call1-800-700-7000 or visit

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(dramatic music)(vocalized singing)

- There are some incredibleand miraculous stories on here

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so give us a call, Gordon?

- Well, Charles and Julianne Fay

had been used to living the high life.

They dined in expensive restaurants

and traveled the world.

Then, Charles decided to gointo business for himself,

and soon the couple wasstruggling financially

and could only afford to share sandwiches.

(upbeat music)

- [Reporter] When Charlesand Julianne Fay married,

they were both successfulin their careers.

Julianne was a sought-after fashion model

and Charles had more than30 years of experience

as a corporate executivein sales and engineering.

- God has blessed me.

I've been all over the world.

I've met all kinds of people.

I've been involved inall kinds of businesses.

- [Reporter] But Charleshad very different views

of money and giving than Julianne did.

- Well, I was more aboutsaving than giving.

I was focused on retirement.

I was a conservative spender.

- [Reporter] Julianne had beena long-time supporter of CBN.

She continued giving toCBN after they married

and says she had good reason why.

She had almost died from anundiagnosed health condition.

- At 33, I suffered a brainaneurism, so I knew I was dying.

I called CBN for prayer andthe surgeon that finally got me

after a week of misdiagnosis told everyone

that I had a better chanceof winning the lottery

than living.

I actually did the cover ofa magazine three weeks later.

- [Reporter] Early in their marriage

when Charles' contract ended

as an acquisition and merger advisor,

it led to a huge shift in their lives.

Now back at home, Charles decided to start

his own consulting companyin investment banking.

- It's 100% commission andyou get paid at closing.

Sometimes it takes a longtime to sell a business.

I'm suddenly faced withno paycheck coming in,

insufficient money for retirement.

There's a lot of concerns and fears.

- It was scary.

We were in retirement age.

If anything went down or dipped,

our future savings wouldbe in severe trouble.

- [Reporter] With no set incomeand little money coming in,

they cut back on their spending.

- Here's a couple thatwas used to dining out

in the finest restaurants,traveling the world,

and going to sharing sandwiches,

a real financial awakening.

- [Reporter] During this time,

Charles and Julianne hadBible studies together.

One day, Charles askedher what tithing was.

- And I didn't know how to pronounce it.

I called it tithing and she laughed.

- I told him tithing wasbringing 10% to the storehouse.

It's God's money, so nowwhen my stress level's here,

I'm looking at tithing as theabsolute impossible request

and timing.

But, actually, it was the best time.

- [Reporter] Even though theyweren't making a lot of money,

they still made thedecision to tithe to CBN.

- We didn't really have a church home,

so we started tithing to CBN.

I like the way they helppeople, like building wells.

Our money's not going tohandouts, it's hand-up.

They're bringing quality tolife starting with salvation.

- [Charles] And they alsohelp out here at home

with our military familiesthat are struggling.

- [Reporter] Then, in 2014,

they gave CBN a check for $5,000.

Within a couple of monthsof making the gift,

Charles closed on a $50,000consulting deal for his firm.

- God rewarded us tenfoldjust like he said he would.

- [Reporter] And Julianne'smodeling career really took off.

- My income doubled; Idid so many infomercials.

It was unbelievablehow money was coming in

and at the right time.

- [Reporter] Today,Charles works as a merger

and acquisition advisor foran investment banking company,

and Julianne's modelingcareer isn't slowing down.

They say they're in a greatposition to retire soon.

They believe the reasonthey are so blessed

is because they are givers.

- All the money that we haveis really the Lord's money.

He's just giving it to us temporarily,

so why would we not give him back

the 10% that he's asking for?

- When you give to the Lord,

whether it be faith, money,your hopes, your prayers,

it comes back so strong,you can't contain it.

(uplifting music)

- Charles and Julianne, they said yes.

We're going to startliving life God's way.

They had been, in the world'sterms, on top of the world.

And then when they getinto financial trouble,

Charles starts asking what'stithing and it's humorous,

but, at the same time, very serious.

When you understand the principal

and the principles that God has laid down

that govern the world andyou start acting on them,

then wonderful things start to happen.

Psalm 91, it's one ofthe signature teachings

of my father's life.

He's finally put allof this into this DVD.

I want you to have it.

It's an amazing teaching,but here's just part of it.

Here's what Psalm 91 says.

He will call on me.

Now, who's the he that will call on him?

It's the righteous one.

When you're righteous, whenyou're living it God's way,

God says he will call meand I will answer him.

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him and honor him.

Now, hold on that last part.

I will deliver him and honor him.

So here are Charles and Julianne,

they're in trouble andthere's a promise of God,

I will deliver him.

And then he adds to it, I will honor him.

Now, just imagine this.

The creator of the universeis promising to honor you.

When you get that,

when you understand thatdeep in your spirit,

then no obstacle life can throw at you

will ever get in your way.

You'll be able to say God is with me.

I have confidence going forward.

I will call to him.

He will answer me, hewill show me the way.

He will deliver me, and then,finally, he will honor me.

What a wonderful thing!

If you wanna start doing that

and say I'm tired of living life my way,

I wanna live it God's way,

call us, 1-800-700-7000.

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And when you call, Iwant you to have this.

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It's how God wants to.

He does these things.

He will satisfy you with long life.

He will show you his salvation.

But he will deliveryou, he will honor you.

What a wonderful thing.

Want you to have it.

It's yours when you call, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks, Gordon.

40 million Americans suffer from anxiety,

so if you're not one of them yourself,

you may know someone who is.

The antidote to anxiety and fear?

It's right here in theeight I wills of God

that Gordon was just talking about.

Pat Robertson breaks them down, as well,

in this new DVD with Scott Ross.

(bold music)

- I have heard you teachpassage in scripture

that could easily helppeople who are battling

fear and another word anxiety.

I'm wondering if you'd share some of that

with our audience right now, Psalm 91?

- Scott this is the greatPsalm of deliverance

where it says you shall not fear.

I've counted up on thatPsalm the I wills of God

where God said I will.

He said I will rescuehim, I will protect him,

I will answer him, I willbe with him in trouble,

I will deliver him, I will honor him,

I will satisfy him with long life,

and I will show him my salvation.

(uplifting music)

- When God says I will,that's a promise from God,

and you can take it to the bank.

God loves you and he wantsto give you his peace.

Hey, let's make fear andanxiety a thing of the past

and 2019 the best year of your life.

If that sounds likesomething you wanna do,

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The I Wills of God.

Discover how to overcomefear and so much more.

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Again, it's just 65 cents a day,

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If you can go higher, wehave many levels here.

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We're really gonna bless you.

Were gonna give you fiveof Pat's new teaching,

The I Wills of God;

one for you and four to give away.

We're in the middle ofa challenge right now.

Let's put that number up for you.

$163,000, 30 minutes left on the clock.

Every dollar that you pledgeright now will be doubled.

Your gift will go twice as far,

so this is a great time togo to your phones, Terry?

- Well, when you becomea member of The 700 Club,

you are literally helpingpeople all over the world.

People like this young momfrom India named Sonia.

Her husband is a ragpicker

and their family is desperately poor.

- [Reporter] Every day, Soniamakes four or five trips

to a distant open pit well.

She carries a bucket in onehand and her baby in the other.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] It'sso hard to carry both,

the water and my baby.

But I cannot leave her aloneunattended in the house.

- [Reporter] Between the badwater and the summer sun,

the baby gets sick often.

Sonia's husband works collecting

and sorting garbage for recycling.

But when the baby gets sick,

the family doesn't haveenough money for medicine.

- [Interpreter] If I didn'thave to go so far to get water,

I could help my husband earn money.

I want to take good care of my baby girl.

But, right now, all weare doing is surviving.

- [Reporter] When CBN dug a well

in the heart of their village,

Sonia and her neighbors rejoiced.

They don't have to walk long distances

in the oppressive heat any longer.

- [Interpreter] I am so thankful.

My daughter will no longer have to go out

with me in the heat

and now I can look for other ways

to earn some extra money.

- [Reporter] CBN helped Sonia do just that

when we gave her a sewing machine.

Now, she can start a small business

making and mending clothes.

- [Interpreter] Thank you so much CBN.

I have had a tough life,

but you have brought much joy to me.

Bless you all.(uplifting music)

- I marvel at the strength and tenacity

of some of these women.

Multiple trips a day to getwater, a baby in one arm,

and a heavy, heavy containerof water in the other.

You stepped right intothe midst of that need

and now that whole village is experiencing

what it means to have cleanwater available to them.

We say thank you.

That's just one of the things you're doing

if you're a 700 Club member.

It's why we're asking you to join today,

because we really can make a difference.

Here's how this works.

We have multiple Clublevels that you can join at.

There's the general membership,which is $20 a month.

That works out to about 65 cents a day.

Maybe you've already done that.

Maybe you'd like to goup to 700 Club Gold,

that's $40 a month.

How 'bout the 1000 Club at $84 a month

or the 2500 Club at $209 a month?

Our Founders join us at $5,000 a year

and that works out to $417 a month.

Some of you might have the capacity

to become Chairman's Circle members.

These are friends who givegifts of $10,000 or more a year.

When we all join together,no matter what we're giving,

we can make a hugedifference around the world.

Today, I'm asking you to go to your phone

and become a part ofthis wonderful outreach

with the love of God andsome very practical help

in the lives of people in desperate need.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Listen, we're in themiddle of a big challenge.

That means whatever you give right now

is going to be doubled.

Where do you get thatkind of an opportunity?

Well, you get it here today.

Please call, Gordon?

- All right, we've got this challenge.

If we get the red number up,

$113,000 left to go ona $163,000 challenge

and we're getting increases.(dramatic drumming music)

People are responding.

Wichita, Kansas, here we havea 1000 Club member saying,

I wanna go to 2500 Club.- Yes, great!

- $2,500 takes it down to $109,000,

we're almost a third ofthe way there to our goal

of $163,000, 26 minutes left on the clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, Jesse and Melissaare a military family

who are fighting a losing battle

against their student loan debt

and when their van broke down,

they faced the prospect ofhaving even more expenses

until they got a visit fromHelping the Home Front.

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] Right outsideFort Bragg, North Carolina,

you'll find E4 Army soldier Jesse

spending time with his wife Melissa

and their four children.

Melissa is grateful that Jessemakes family time a priority.

- I'm really proud of him

and I feel like he provides for our family

and he's serving our country,

so he's happy and I'm happy.

- [Reporter] Jesse feels Melissa's job

taking care of the kidsis just as critical.

- I almost feel like she has a harder job,

to be honest with you.

Just having the mental strengthlike she does is incredible.

- [Reporter] When they got married,

Melissa had finishedcollege and intended to work

to add to the family income.

Their priorities changedas their family grew to six

and Melissa started homeschooling

instead of pursuing a career.

Through the years, Jesse'sincome alone couldn't keep up.

Eventually, they were way behind

on Melissa's student loan payments.

- It feels like a heavy burden.

It would take forever topay if off, basically.

It just got to the point where it just,

we either have to eat orpay off student loans.

- [Reporter] To add totheir money problems,

they learned their familyvan required costly repairs

at the same time they neededto buy beds for the twins

who had outgrown their toddler beds.

They'd have to put theexpenses on a credit card.

Through it all, the couple trusted

that God would take care of them.

- God has done so many miracles in my life

that there's no way that someway this isn't gonna work out.

- [Reporter] Theirsituation took a huge turn

when their church, River House,

contacted CBN's Helping the Home Front.

Pastor Stacy Long invited the couple over

to tell them that CBN was goingto pay for the van repairs

and buy beds for the twins.

- [Stacy] You think thekids will be excited?

- (laughs) For the girls, yeah.

Yeah, they'll be excited.- I know.

- [Reporter] And therewas another surprise.

- Another thing that Helpingthe Home Front wants to do

is they are going to payoff your student loan

so it goes away.(Melissa chuckles)

What do you guys think about that?

- That's amazing.

That's amazing, (laughs) Ithink I'm a little bit in shock.

(group laughs)

I don't know, I don't know what to think.

I don't even know what to say,

but I'm really thankful.

- It's absolutely amazing.

- [Reporter] CBN arranged to fix the van

and then took them shopping topick out beds for the twins.

Now that Melissa's studentloans are paid in full,

the family can finally get ahead.

- I've been praying for a long time

that somehow, some way thatGod would come through for us

and he has today with CBN.

(uplifting music)

- Coming through, Godanswering prayers and using you

to answer that wonderful prayerfrom that wonderful couple.

Helping the Home Front is all about

helping our active dutymilitary families to say,

we're with you, we understandthat you're serving, too.

You're protecting us, wewanna protect you, as well.

When you have a need, wewanna step into that need

and solve it for you.

You can be a part of that,

you can be a part ofeverything we're doing

around the world, how?

Join The 700 Club, so go to the phone now.

Call us, 1-800-700-7000.

Say yes, I wanna join The 700 Club.

Now, when you call, make sureyou ask for Pledge Express.

That's electronic monthly giving.

The bank does all thework and we can send,

as our gift to you, monthly teaching CDs.

So if you'd like those, ask forPledge Express when you call

or just go to

When you give monthly on the internet,

you'll automatically signup for Pledge Express.

Either way, do it now, 1-800-700-7000.

We have a $163,000 challenge

and we're ready to go to 50% on that.

$82,000 is the red number(dramatic drumming music)

and it's comin' down right now.

Raleigh, North Carolina, $3,800!

- Yes, great!(triumphant music)

- And then from Fort Lewis, Washington,

a Founder member at $5,000!- Woo!

- [Gordon] That takes it down to $72,000.

21:46 on the clock, be a part of it.

Join with us, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- All right, thanks, Gordon.

Well, God's incredible promises

are available to all of us whobelieve and on this new DVD,

you'll see true stories ofthose promises in action;

promises of rescue, protection,deliverance, and healing.

Take a look.

(dramatic music)

- The pediatric ER doctor and she says,

we're losing her and Ithink she's going to pass.

- [Patient] I'm cryin' out to God,

but my faith just vanished at that point.

- [Woman] I didn't have anyhope, I didn't see a way out.

(intense music)

- We need to take ourauthority in the Lord

and when we do, we get rid of fear.

- [Narrator] The I Wills of God,

the latest teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- We need to take our authorityand God will be with us.

He will rescue us, deliver us,

heal us, and hear our prayers.

If you'd like to learn moreabout The I Wills of God,

this is Pat's new teaching,

God's promises to those who love him,

it's our gift to you whenyou call right now and say,

yes, I want to join The 700 Club.

How much is it?

Great question, glad you asked.

Just 65 cents a day, $20a month is all it takes

to become a CBN partner.

Now, many of you are alreadythere at the $20 a month level

and we just wanna say thank you.

You are making a huge difference.

But it's a brand new year.

If you'd like to do more,

hey, a lot of us would.

Let's take it up to ourGold level, $40 a month.

When you do that, we want tobless you back with three DVDs;

one for you and two to give away.

If you can go higher, let'sgo up to our 1000 Club;

$84 a month or higher,you're gonna get five DVDs.

We're in the middle of a$163,000 challenge right now

with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Every dollar that you pledgeright now will be doubled.

Your gift will go twice asfar, so please don't delay.

This is a great time togo to your phones, Gordon.

- Well, when Tom Jenningsretired from the Navy as a pilot,

his salary shrank from $60,000 a year

to just $16,000 a year.

Still, he and his wife Lindaalways had more than enough.

During that time, Linda began praying

for Tom to get a betterjob with a major airline,

not so that they could get more,

but so that they could give more.

(upbeat music)

- [Reporter] As a former Navy pilot,

Tom Jennings has flown around the world.

- Well, the E2C Hawkeye,

I've got over 4,000 hoursflying that airplane

over that 20 year career.

Sometimes we would control fighters

in air-to-air combat scenarios.

- Tom's not real good atgettin' the car parked straight

in the driveway,

but that man could put an airplane

on a postage stamp doin' the Bugaloo

in the middle of the ocean.

- [Reporter] At thestart of their marriage,

Linda wanted to tithe.

Surprisingly, Tom agreed.

- I knew it was important to her,

but I knew also it wasthe right thing to do.

- He didn't miss a beat.

He said, "Well, sure."

And I'm thinkin' tomyself, now, wait a minute.

I know all these peoplewho were born again,

arm-waivin', foot-stompin',tongue-talkin' believers

who if God wanted to getahold of their wallet,

he'd have to have a crowbar,

and here my husband was,

and he had sense enough toknow you better give to God.

- [Reporter] After 20 yearsin the Navy, Tom retired.

The couple used theirsavings to pay for Tom

to get certified as a commercial pilot,

but jobs were hard to come by

and the only place hiring wasa small, regional airline.

Tom's salary went from$60,00 to $16,000 a year.

- Our needs were all met, allthe bills were gettin' paid.

I just had to work a little bit harder.

- We always had more than enough.

God told me to tithe 30%and I want you to know,

every place I went, I was finding deals

that all the otherhousewives weren't finding.

God just makes all these provisions

when you'll be obedient and give.

- [Reporter] Part oftheir giving was to CBN.

- We saw the wonderfulthings that they were doing,

the outreach of the ministriesthat CBN was pursuing.

We felt like we shouldsupport them, as well.

- The wells that were dug andto know that entire people,

groups would be able to drink water now,

and for the first time intheir lives not get sick?

I mean, this thrilled us.

We love to give.

- [Reporter] Which is why Linda prayed

for Tom to get a job making more money.

- I said, Abba, if Tom wasflyin' for this major airline,

it'd be a whole lot morethan you're gettin' now.

I'm just sayIn'.

- [Reporter] Eventually, Tom landed a job

for a major airline, beatingout 4,000 other applicants.

Not only was Tom making nearlyfour times what he had been,

their tithe was now more thanhis entire salary had been

from his former employer.

- Yeah, that was pretty special.

And you have to think thatGod's hand had to be in that.

- Ooh, honey, I mean, when God moves,

I just get excited.

- [Reporter] Then theairline filed for bankruptcy

and Tom lost his $350,000retirement package

and took a huge cut in his salary.

But that didn't deter the Jennings,

who continued to trust Godand never stopped tithing.

- I just had completefaith that everything

was gonna work out well.

- [Reporter] And it did.

The company emerged from bankruptcy

and set up a new pension program

that greatly benefited Tom.

- During that time,

they increased the agelimit to 65 for flying.

So that extra five years I flew

completely offset theloss of our retirement.

- [Reporter] Today, the Jennings

are Chairman's Circle members.

Now in their retirement years,

they say they're more blessedbecause of their giving.

- Oh, absolutely, God hasbeen both faithful to us.

- Test God, what have you got to lose?

You're gonna go down to a burger joint.

Take that money and give it to God

and see what he does.

He is faithful.

(uplifting music)

- God is faithful, and Tomand Linda are faithful, too.

Most people, if you're facing retirement

and suddenly you lose your job

and then you lose $300,000in retirement savings,

they wouldn't be happy.

You might be complaining.

But, here, Tom and Linda say,

no, we're gonna live it God's way

and we know God is with us.

We know he's going to deliver us.

And they know the I wills of God.

That he will be withyou in time of trouble,

he will deliver you, he will honor you.

They put that into practiceand you see the result.

Instead of complaining to God,

they say, God, where's the answer?

Where's the way out?

What path do you havefor us going forward?

They put it into practiceand you see the result.

If you do that, if you do the same thing,

you'll get the same result

because God always stands by his word.

He wants to honor it.

If you'd like to start doing that,

give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Say, yes, I wanna join The 700 Club.

We've got 14 minutes leftin a $163,000 challenge.

39,000 is that red number,

that's the amount left tomatch against that challenge.

So if you call right now,

your giving will be automatically matched

up to including 35,000, thered number is coming down.

When you call and join,I've got this for you,

The I Wills of God.

It's a wonderful teaching.

One of my father's signature teachings.

It'll be your path to peace and security.

I want you to have it.

It's yours when you join,1-800-700-7000, Terry?

- Mr. Chow lives in China

and he would do anything for his son Ray.

And so when Ray was bornwith a cleft lip and palate,

Mr. Chow worked longhours to pray for surgery.

Still, he could never makeenough to afford the operation

and time was running out.

(frantic music)

When Mr. Chow's second son was born,

he couldn't even hold him.

- [Interpreter] I couldn'tstop thinking about his face

and wondering what hisfuture would be like.

I didn't know what to do.

- [Terry] Ray was born witha cleft lip and palate.

- [Interpreter] I wantedhim to have a better life

than what I could give him.

I thought maybe he'd bebetter off with someone else

who could afford surgery.

I told my wife and she askedme to please just hold Ray.

So after three days, I heldhim for the first time.

- [Interpreter] Raytouched my husband's face

with his little hand and my husband wept.

- [Terry] The connection was so strong

that Mr. Chow vowednever to give up on Ray.

He worked long hours toraise money for surgery.

Meanwhile, Ray was always in danger.

- [Interpreter] Becauseof the gap in his lip,

he was more likely to get dirtand bacteria in his mouth,

so his immunity was bad.

- [Terry] Once, he got pneumonia.

And several times, healmost choked to death.

- [Interpreter] His brothertried to feed him fruit

and it got stuck, he couldn't breathe.

- [Interpreter] He fell into a coma.

His brother started to cry and said,

"I'm sorry, Ray, I just wanted to share!"

- [Terry] The couple got the food out,

but was always worried aboutwhat would happen next.

- [Interpreter] When Icarried him to the market,

kids would shout I see an ugly monster!

- [Interpreter] One man saidwhy do you bring him out?

Don't we worry about scaring people?

- [Interpreter] So I startcovering his mouth with a veil.

I just hoped that someone would help him.

- [Terry] Then some healthcare workers

told the Chows about CBN

and how we provide cleftlip and palate surgeries

for poor children like Ray.

Soon, Ray's lip was completely fixed.

- [Interpreter] Now, my baby has hope.

Ray can finally eat all byhimself and he doesn't choke.

I'm so thankful for CBN.

We can really feel your love.

- [Interpreter] Without you,

my son would have lived inpain and fear his whole life.

Thank you for helping him,it's like a dream come true.

Now, Ray's mouth is good.

Because of your love, myson can have a normal life,

and my family can be happy.

- You know, it's not justRay's beautiful smile today.

It's Ray's future that you gave him.

He'll be able to speak clearly.

He'll be hired in the workforce.

He'll have the opportunity to marry.

I mean, you opened uplife for this little boy

in a way that his parents, nomatter how hard they tried,

simply could not.

I know that that's one of the things

that really makes youwanna go to your phone

and call right now.

I also know one of the thingsthat makes you wanna do that

is that we're in a challenge.

It means when you call right now,

everything you give will bematched dollar for dollar.

I've got an even extraopportunity for you to give more

because when you calland use Pledge Express,

that's electronic monthly giving,

it means your bank does all the work;

they send it in for you,

you don't have to remember anything;

no stamps, no envelopes,

we save administrative costs,

se we can put even more of your gift

right into the need of people like Ray,

little children like Ray and his family.

And our way of saying thankyou for using Pledge Express

is to send you Power for Life Teachings.

You're gonna get one of these every month.

We think they will bea real blessing to you.

But most importantly,

you'll have the satisfaction of knowing

you are touching and changinglives the moment you call.

So please call our toll free number now.

Richard did; he's from Austin, Texas.

And he said, here's a gift of $2,508.

So did Michelle in BonitaSprings, Florida, $2.508.

We say thank you, Gordon?(triumphant music)

- Well, Hurricane Michaelwas one of the most

powerful storms to hit the U.S.

and Florida resident SteveWilkerson saw its full force.

The high winds toppledtrees right onto his home.

Steve thought it was going tocost thousands to clean up,

but he didn't spend a centthanks to Operation Blessing.

(soft music)(saw whirring)

- [Reporter] Steve Wilkersonof Lynn Haven, Florida

survived the storm,

but four big pine trees fell on his home.

- I roaring sound outside, the wind,

things flying horizontally,

four big crashing soundswhen the trees hit the house.

All of us were surprisingly calm.

Maybe we were just so scared

and it was to the max andwe couldn't feel it anymore.

It was just normal to bescare, but the house survived.

- [Reporter] Steve and hisfamily are grateful to be alive,

but recovery has been a challenge.

- There's no power, no water,no telephones, no internet.

I bet it would be $15,000 to $20,000

to move every tree out of my yard

'cause I had a lotta big trees.

- [Reporter] Steve had noidea what would happen next.

Operation Blessing volunteersrolled up with chainsaws

and heavy moving equipment.

- And when y'all drove up, to be honest,

I thought it was justanother crew comin' up.

Well, $2,000 a tree, we'll remove 'em all.

And, then, here comes these smilin' faces

with God's love in theirheart and their mind.

I'm totally stunned and moved.

It's hard to keep from cryin'.

I mean, I like to thinkI'm a pretty tough old guy,

but sometimes tears are appropriate.

- [Reporter] Drew Anthonydrove from Georgia

to be part of Operation Blessing's

Disaster Relief Volunteer Force.

- When you see that joy,when you see that hope,

someone that's gonethrough so much, obviously,

and you're able to just be that love

and that arm around their shoulders,

I mean, there's nothin' like it.

You walk away with a smile on your face

because you're just excited to help out.

- [Reporter] Members of Lighthouse Church

also came out to help.

- We appreciate you guys for comin' in

and just kinda bein' a part of our church

'cause we couldn't do allthis without you guys, either.

So it's a great partnership with everyone.

Appreciate CBN and Operation Blessing.

It's just an awesome network.

They're on top of it, youguys have some good people.

- If you ever, ever doubt God's love,

survive somethin' like this

and you will see it all around you.

(inspirational music)

- We want to strike backwhen disaster strike.

We wanna strike backwith love and compassion

and we're doing it in your name

when you're a member of The 700 Club.

A portion of every gift goes into the work

of Operation Blessing to help people

and help them in their time of need.

If you wanna be a part of it,

join with us, 1-800-700-7000.

Say, yes, I wanna join The 700 Club.

You can also go to

and when you give monthly on the internet,

you automatically signup for Pledge Express.

Either way, do it now.

We wanna go way over thetop on this challenge.

And we're hearing from Brooklyn, Michigan.

A 2500 Club member sayingyou can count on me.

They're lifting from a 1000 Club to 2500.

(triumphant music)Here's another one

from Grandview, Washington.

Here's another 1000 Club member lifting.

They're going to 2500 Club Plus,

$3,600.- Wow, thank you!

- Six minutes left, callus now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks, Gordon.

Well, in this new DVD by Pat Robertson,

you'll see true stories ofpeople who've learned how to

grab hold of the promises of God.

People like Kate and Terrence Sutton.

Now, this couple was gripped by fear

when their newborn stopped breathing.

Take a look.

- Her chest stopped movingand her face turned blue

and then I realized,look, she's really dying.

- I just knew that thistrip to the hospital,

I might have to say goodbye.

- I literally fell to my knees.

- [Kate] I had a rawconversation with God.

Lord, you know how to say Toran's life.

- She opened her eyes andlooked at me and I said,

I love you and she smiled.

- [Kate] It was this revelation.

This is our time to kick up the prayers.

- God is the one who heals.

Always declare victory.

- [Narrator] The I Wills of God,

the latest teaching from PatRobertson, available now.

- Always declare victory,I love that story.

That couple was experiencingtheir worst nightmare,

but God turned that crisis into victory

and he will do the same for you.

God is no respecter of purses.

Just call on God and he will answer you.

Well, we want to encourageyou with The I Wills of God.

Discover how to overcome fear.

This is our gift to you whenyou call right now and say,

yes, I wanna join and The 700 Club.

The number is on yourscreen, 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can log onto

That's a great way to give.

What we're asking you to dois go to your phones right now

and say, yes, I wanna join The 700 Club

and, Terry, you are alsoa member of The 700 Club.

- You betcha, wouldn't missthat opportunity (laughs).

You know why?

Because we're able tohelp people like Brenda.

Brenda's known as Motherto 90 orphans in Uganda.

She was once an orphanherself living on the streets.

So when Brenda was diagnosed with cancer,

she worried about what wouldbecome of all her children.

But not anymore thanksto Orphan's Promise.

(light music)

As the rain falls in Uganda,

Brenda and her 90 childrentake shelter in their new home.

Orphan's Promise helped them move here

after their previous landlordgave them an eviction notice.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] The oldhouse was really run down.

The landlord was Muslim anddidn't like that we would pray

and singing gospel songs.

At times, we only had one mealeach day or nothing at all.

- [Terry] Brenda was used tohaving hardship in her life.

When she was young,

she lost both her parentsand lived on the streets.

- [Interpreter] I don't want any child

to go through what I went through.

- [Terry] With the helpof Orphan's Promise,

Brenda provides childrenhere with a safe home,

three meals per day, and anopportunity to get an education.

- [Interpreter] Seeing themhappy brings me so much joy.

On Sundays, we sit under the tree

and talk about God's goodnessand what he has done for us.

- [Terry] All of thewonderful work Brenda does

almost came to an end whenshe got breast cancer.

- [Interpreter] I had painful headaches

and felt sick most of the time.

When the doctors told me I had cancer,

I didn't even know what that was.

They said I needed immediate surgery,

but there was no way I could afford it.

- [Terry] When we learnedabout Brenda's illness,

we covered all her medical bills,

including multiplesurgeries and chemotherapy

and radiation treatment.

Today, she is cancer free.

- [Interpreter] Nothingis impossible for God.

Because you saved my life,

you saved the lives ofall my children, too.

Without you, they'd allbe back on the streets

and have no one to take care of them.

Now, I can give them a life I never had.

Thank you, CBN, andthan you, CBN partners.

May God bless all of you abundantly.

- [Children] Thank you, CBN.

(soft music)

- [Terry] Thanks to you,Brenda and her children thrive.


- Well, Jason and Rachel needall the help they can get

raising four boys, especially at bedtime.

That's why they like Superbook so much.

(magical music)

- [Reporter] Jason andRachel Oyer have four boys,

so life happens at warp speed.

- [Boy] Go, go!

- [Reporter] But there's one thing

that Samuel, Levi, Benjamin,and Matt will sit still for.

- Whoa!- Superbook.

- They're the ones who are like,

we love Superbook, it's awesome!

- Bedtime routine candefinitely be crazy at times,

but one thing that we hadbeen doin' for awhile is

who was ever brush your teethand put their pajamas on,

takin' their shower,

the first one down would be able to pick

the Superbook episode.

- We could just unwindaltogether from crazy.

I wanna end the day well with my kids.

This is the last thingthey're gonna think about

before they go to sleep.

- [Reporter] The boys, rangingin age from four to 10,

are eager to tell you abouttheir favorite episodes.

- I'll tell you a lotabout Elijah and Noah.

- [Boy] Prophets of Baal.

- The other rest of theprophets were worshiping Baal,

but Elijah, he was trying to make everyone

worship to God.

God made a fiery pit andthey blasted it wide open.

It was super good.

- I learned that God loves us so much.

It also makes me feel like

I want to be a missionary when I grow up

'cause of all the peoplethat don't know God.

- [Reporter] Rachelhome-schools all of her sons

and Superbook is a vitaltool for teaching them

life-changing spiritual principles.

- It's something that canchange their daily life.

You want them to be able tostand up to peer pressure

and not give into something

you know is a bad choice for them.

When difficult things happen,

to be able to push throughand not to give up.

Superbook brings allthose things together.

- It's just nice to havesomebody om your team with you

who wants you to succeed.

They want you to raise yourchildren to know Christ.

(soft magical music)

- Be a part of it, give us a call.

We're down to the finalseconds, 1-800-700-7000.

We're hearing from Williamsburg, Virginia,

a 2500 Club member.(triumphant music)

Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, 2500 Club.

And then Fort Worth, Texas,Chairman's Circle, 10,000.

What do you have?

- Well, 2500 from Nunley, Tennesse.

Another 2500 from Monroe, Louisiana,

and get this, a 2500 Clubmember going up $10,000!

That's Weymouth, Massachusetts, thank you!

- All right, it's been a glorious day.

We had a $163,000challenge and against that,

you gave $257,000!- Whoo!

- Hallelujah, we leave youthese words from Proverbs 28.

A faithful man will abound with blessings.

And this weekend, mayyou abound in blessings.

God bless you and we'llsee you again on Monday.

(upbeat music)


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