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Christian World News - January 18, 2019

Christian World News - January 18, 2019 Read Transcript

- [George] This week onChristian World News,

more than 245 million Christians worldwide

suffer extreme persecution.

We'll tell you aboutsome surprising changes,

where it's getting worse, andwhere it's getting better.

- [Wendy] Plus, crisis in Japan.

A record number of youngpeople are committing suicide.

These Christians are respondingwith a message of life.

- [George] And, take aride on the Gospel Taxi.

This city in the Philippineswants everyone to know

they honor God's word, above all.

- Hello everyone, welcometo this week's edition

of Christian worldnews, I'm George Thomas.

- And I'm Wendy Griffith,thanks for being with us.

In the Middle East andparts of Africa and Asia,

it's dangerous to be afollower of Jesus Christ.

A new reports says thatmore than 245 million

Christians worldwide are highlypersecuted for their faith.

- And it is getting worse,every year the watchdog group,

Open Doors, releases a list of countries

that are the worstpersecutors of Christians.

CBN's White Housecorrespondent, Ben Kennedy,

has a closer look.

- President Trump has metwith many of the leaders

whose countries make the list.

We're talking about China,Nigeria, Saudi Arabia,

and North Korea, just to name a few.

The Trump Administrationmakes religious freedom

a priority, case and point,fighting for the release

of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

But there is more the government can do

and that's really thebackbone behind this list.

- Oh you who believe, answer the call.

- [Ben] The spread of radicalIslam increases the danger

for Christians worldwide.

- Many Christians are beingkilled because of their faith

and I know many familiesthat they have lost

so many family membersbecause of their faith.

- [Ben] Father Daniel preachesto nearly 200 families

in Iraq where he faces intensepersecution by Al Qaeda.

You told me many priestsare leaving because

it's quite frankly notsafe, why are you staying?

- Well I'm staying becauseto stay with my people.

So this is the only thing whichis keeping me staying there

and working with them becausethey need help how urgently

so if I'm not going to be therewho is going to help them?

- [Ben] Iraq is number 13 onthe watch list where Christians

face the most persecution.

Each year the watchdoggroup, Open Doors USA,

documents the most oppressive

and restrictive countries for Christians.

Topping the list, is NorthKorea, followed by Afghanistan,

Somalia, Libya and Pakistan.

- We believe now based upon our research

that there is over 245 millionChristians who live in areas

of extreme or highpersecution, it's a lot.

- [Ben] He adds thatviolence against Christians

increased dramaticallythis past year in China.

- [David] They moved up from number 41

to number 27 on the list.

- [Ben] That's a big jump.

- [David] It's a huge jumpand it shows that things

are getting more difficult for China

and it's a big church, so a lot of people,

millions of people are affected.

- [Ben] North Korea remains number one

for the 18th year in a row, despite talks

between President Trumpand dictator Kim Jong Un.

- I would love to seehuman rights be a part

of this discussion when you'retalking about nuclear arms

because you can tellwithin 30, 60, 90 days

if conditions have improved for Christians

that are in the labor camps.

Right now there are over 60,000 Christians

in labor camps in North Korea.

A lot of people don't know that.

- [Ben] Vice President Mike Pence

reaffirmed that the White House

will always be a championfor a people of faith.

- Protecting and promotingreligious freedom

is a foreign policy priorityof this administration.

- Open Doors continues itsefforts hoping governments,

human rights groupsand other organizations

will take notice, getinvolved, and help believers.

For example, Bahrain droppedoff the list this year.

After meeting withChristian leaders to set up

as safe space for people to worship.

Open Doors CEO says it is arole-model in the Middle East.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, The White House.

- Thank you Ben, CBN chiefinternational correspondent,

Gary Lane joins us with more.

Gary any surprises hereor more of the same?

Well, no surprise that NorthKorea was number one again,

that's the 18th year in a row,but there were some concerns:

Number one, 30 million more Christians

under intense persecutionnow than last year.

In addition to that,Open Doors says, women,

Christian women areunder greater persecution

than they were a year ago.

They're very concerned aboutthat because culturally

it's always bad for Christian women,

especially in Muslim countries,

but even worse when you're a Christian,

for women overall in those countries.

Those were the main concerns,

I would say one other oneGeorge, is the surprise

would be, those that aren'ton the list, like Bahrain.

Bahrain is no longer on the list.

And the reason Bahrainis no longer on the list

is there was a delegationof Christian leaders

that visited the kingdomlast year and then the king

gave property for a Catholiccathedral to be constructed

in Bahrain, that will be the20th church allowed there.

It's gonna be a bigone, and that will open

probably about two years from now.

So Bahrain no longer on the list.

- China moved up significantlyin the Open Doors

persecution list, dramatically.

- And you know why, Imean it was number 41,

now it's up to 27, the reasonfor that is persecution

is intensify on Christiansthere, and we know

that the Chinese authoritiesare coming into churches,

they're demanding that they put up posters

that are patriotic posters,sing patriotic songs,

they're even coming inand arresting pastors

and church leaders and weknow that Pastor Juan Yi

was arrested recently, late last year,

and they still don't knowwhat's going on with him.

- Real quickly, last fewseconds, which other countries

should we keep an eye on?

- One I'm really concerned about is India

because that is now number 10,there is intense persecution

there against Christians,Hindus, radical Hindus

attacking Christians there.

Also George, Nepal, asyou know, they have a new

anti-conversion law on the books there.

Christians are sufferingthere, but the good news is,

more persecution, more church growth.

- That's right, OK, Gary asalways, thank you sir, Wendy.

- All right, thanks guys,a group of faith leaders

aims to increase their impactfighting Christian persecution

as our Paul Strand reports,they're making major changes

to reach a vision to mobilize

every church and believeracross the nation.

- The problem here in Americawhere we don't see that much

Christian persecution, is wedon't realize how bad it is

in many places around the world,

nor do we know what to do about it.

That's why the chairman ofSave the Persecuted Christians,

or STPC, says the first crucial goal

is just waking people up.

- Public awareness is very important.

Remember when Bill Clinton was president

of the United States,public awareness was so big

about Muslims being murderedand Bosnia and all of that,

the United Nations got involved.

- [Paul] In order to grow that awareness,

Butler's group is offeringchurches free banners

and huge panels like these displayed here.

- Hopefully they willpressure their legislatures,

whoever's in The WhiteHouse is not gonna matter,

they're going to be involved with this.

The United Nations get involved in this.

Monitors estimate 245million Christians face

heavy persecution butSTCP's executive director

says one group puts thenumbers much higher.

Aid To The Church In Needat the end of November

said there's a half billion.

- [Paul] One speaker herecalled what's happening

murder on a genocidal scale.

And men, aren't the hardest hit.

- We're very concerned about women,

women are doubly persecuted.

First for being a woman andsecond for being Christian

in so many of these countries.

And in fact 60% of the persecutedChristians are children.

- [Paul] While skepticsmay scoff at prayer,

Butler says concerned Christians

need to do it, quoting Galatians.

- Do good unto all men,but then it says especially

to those of the household of faith.

That starts with prayer, Godmoves because we pray, OK.

And so, that word especially there,

when you read the Greekmeans, more important

than anything else, OK, isto pray for those people,

so we must do it becausethey are the heart of God.

- [Paul] STCP hopes to magnify its power

by becoming an official non-profit,

able to accept tax deductible donations.

- And we're so excited to beable to grow this movement

into something that isan irresistible force

to come in behind our elected officials

who want to move in thisspace and do something

about the persecution of theChristians around the world.

- We're looking for theaverage, particularly Christians

to really get involved in this matter.

- The message from here,your Bible, your brothers

and sisters in Christ, and God, all say,

we must do what we can forour persecuted brethren

around the world, Paul Strand, CBN News

reporting from the National Press Club.

- [George] Up next,taking a message of hope

to Japan's young people.

These Christians are fightinga crisis of teen suicide.

One person at a time, one hug at a time.

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- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen, did you know

there are more than a 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Will you call the numberon your screen right now,

because every child deservesthe chance to be happy.

- Welcome back, Japan isfacing its highest suicide rate

in 30 years, with a frighteningtrend in the growing number

of children killingthemselves over bullying

and school pressure.

The small Christian communitybelieves more Japanese

need to know about hope in Jesus.

Lucille Tolusan bringsus this story from Tokyo.

- [Lucille] Aiko Kudou stillfinds it hard to believe

that her childhoodfriend committed suicide.

- [Interpreter] How canhe take his own life

and leave behind his family in misery?

He got depressed when hismother did not approve

the school of his choice.

He ran away from home, after three days

he was found dead in a park restroom.

He cut his wrists and bled to death.

- [Lucille] The suiciderate among young Japanese

has risen to its highestlevel in three decades.

According to The Ministry Of Education,

250 elementary and high school students

committed suicide last year.

Reports say that based on the notes left

by these kids, bullying is the main reason

that pushed them to end their life.

- [Interpreter] Being part of a group

is very important in our culture

and that is why if the child is different

physically he is always bullied.

- [Lucille] Pastor Miyaharasays people who take this route

often lack purpose in life.

Throughout history, Japan haslacked a dominant religion.

Religion is perceived as tradition,

not a way to find purpose.

And religion is not a priority.

Japanese seek other ways for fulfillment.

Nina Kuboi gives free hugsat the Shibuya train station.

- I give free hugs becauseI want to people to relax.

- [Lucille] When asked whatshe knows about Jesus--

- Jesus, um...

- [Lucille] Do you thinkreligion is important?

- Yes, but for me, it's not important.

- [Lucille] Less than 1%of Japanese population

is Christian, this is why Pastor Miyahara

is committed to share the gospel.

He preaches outside thetrain station each day

as people head home from work.

- [Interpreter] Jesus commandedme to share the gospel

and that's why I do.

Some stop and have a conversation with me.

That's when I tell them about Jesus' love

and sacrifice for them andI also get the opportunity

to lead them to prayer.

- [Lucille] PastorMiyahara believes Christ

can solve the suicide problemby helping desperate people

find hope and a reason to live.

Lucille Tolusan, CBN News, Tokyo.

- Thank you Lucille, here in America,

the 46th annual MarchFor Life in Washington

brought tens of thousandsto The National Mall

January 18th to support the unborn.

Every year the march happensaround the anniversary

of Roe V. Wade, that's the1973 Supreme Course case

that legalized abortionin the United States.

While the pro-life movementhas made great progress

in recent years, leaders saythe fight is far from over.

- Let's keep in mind thatwe've lost 60 million Americans

to abortion, this is our46th annual march for life.

These bad laws are still on the books.

And that almost everyyear or that every year

we lose almost 800,000 people to abortion.

- Staggering numbers, themarch includes a weekend

of activities including The Rose Dinner

where Vice President Pencewill give an address.

- Wow, well recent studiesshow the percentage

of church-going millennialsin America is decreasing.

CBN News talked to a few millennials

about their church experience.

- We also spoke with a pastoron how he found success

with this particular generation,Heather Sals reports.

- [Heather] The churchhas faced challenges

over the centuries and the latest could be

one of its biggest, abandonment.

Studies show, almostsix in ten millennials

raised in the church, have left.

The renown Barna researchgroup also found growth

in the None Movement, that is,people identifying themselves

as having no religious affiliation.

Young people who grew upin the church, told us,

the church isn't addressingissues important to them.

- I think there's a lot oftaboo with some of these topics.

Even with sexuality andrace, all that stuff,

we don't talk about it.

- I think at times I canfeel that pastors desire

to address the tough topics but I think

that in other moments I can also feel

that we're just dippingour toe in the water.

- [Heather] Austin Fedale almost became

one of these statics.

He initially left the church because

he did not feel known,heard, or understood.

Austin and the people inour millennial focus group

however, don't believe it'sjust the church's fault.

- I don't know what exactly has caused

the millennial generationto come towards things

with a sort of knowing-it-all mentality.

- We could have a list ofall the things we would love

to find in a church butI think the biggest thing

is submitting all of that to the Father

and being willing to beopen to being uncomfortable

and being stretched.

- [Heather] And focusingon big things like that

is making a differencefor one Virginia church.

New Life Pastor JeremyMiller has found a way

to hold on to millennials.

- I don't even feel likewe've tried to target them.

Our target is to seepeople walk in the fullness

of who they are in Christ andthat they become disciples

and they become these things.

So with that I think that's the same story

throughout the Bible isthat's what we're focusing on

is creating disciples.

- [Heather] Miller is doing this

through a weekly service called City Life.

- It's not like I'm leading this,

we're leading thistogether, it's a group of us

that are doing this.

Leadership team of about 30 young adults

who are hungry for Jesus.

- [Heather] Common threadsare a desire for truth

and for a real relationshipwith church leaders.

- This struggle thatI see with millennials

would be often times that they just want,

like sometimes as achurch we just want you

to join the system, and theywant to join the relationship

they want to join the family.

- I absolutely believe thereis a hunger in our generation

for discipleship and I thinka lot of that comes through

in a pursuit of authenticityand in pursuit of being real.

- I do think there is a hugeresponsibility on the church

to not just developprograms for discipleship

but be real, and be genuine.

- I mean we can make itmillennial but I think

it's all generations that are hungry for

the reality and the truth of his presence.

- [Heather] Most church leadersagree there is no easy fix

or formula that will keepmillennials in the church.

Building authenticrelationships is a great start,

Heather Sals, CBN News.

- Thanks Heather, coming up, we take you

to the Pilipino city whereGod's word is honored

on the highways and the byways.

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The I Wills of God, the latestteaching from Pat Robertson.

- Well imagine you'redriving to work or the store

and everywhere you lookyou see Bible verses,

pretty cool, right?

Well it's a reality in onecity in the Philippines.

- City leaders therewanted scriptures posted

on their public transportationto they passed a law

and as you're about tosee here in a moment

the city wants the world to know

how much they love God's word.

- [George] 395 miles south ofManilla, smack in the middle

of the Philippines,lies a tropical paradise

dripping with natural beauty.

It's easy to see why theisland province of Bohol

is one of the country's mostfamous tourist destinations.

Mile after mile of pristinewhite sandy beaches

and crystal clear water attracts scores

of outdoor enthusiastsfrom around the world.

But the tranquil islandgetaway is also famous

for something else.

Thousands of noisy, but fast,three-wheeled motorized taxis,

knows as tricycles that serveas the island's main mode

of public transportation.

- [Interpreter] It can getyou to any part of the island.

It's cheap and you can fit between four

and seven people at one time.

- [George] Dennis Cantina hasbuilt tricycles for ten years

but he and many others who live in Bohol

will tell you these areno ordinary tricycles.

- [Interpreter] Not only isthis the most reliable form

of transportation but onthe back of every tricycle

is a message of hope, and that makes me

very proud to build them.

- [George] 22 years agoofficials in Bohol's

provincial capital Tagbilaran,passed a city ordinance

requiring that a scripture be painted

on the back of all tricycles.

Lucille Lagunay is a city councilor.

- With a biblical messageat the back of the units,

commuters get to seethe message every day,

and then it helps in a waypreserve the peace of our city.

- [George] Lagunay saysthe Bible on Wheels idea

has resulted in lower crimerates, stronger families,

and a relatively peaceful city

compared to other bigcities in the Philippines.

- Every day commuters getto see the biblical message

in the tricycles andwho would think of crime

when they see biblicalpassages everywhere.

- [George] At Tagbilarancity hall, Samuel Belderol

has been handing out tricycle licenses

along with Bible versesfor the last 20 years

to drivers who want tooperate the three-wheel taxi.

- [Interpreter] This is theonly city in the Philippines

that has such an ordinance.

We want the world to knowthat we are a God-fearing city

and that these Bible verseshelp us draw closer to God.

- [George] Belderol says that any operator

who refuses to put one one will be fined

or his or her license revoked.

- [Interpreter] We only issue3000 licenses every year

and each one must havea unique verse on it.

No duplicate verses allowed.

- When the tricycle drivergets his new vehicle

he goes to city hall, city hall officials

will give him a permit and a Bible verse.

He takes that Bible verseand he comes to Mr. Wualap

who has for the last 20 yearsbeen painting scriptures

on the back of these vehicle.

- [Interpreter] I love thescriptures, as I pain them

on the tricycles I alsoget inspired by them.

This is the word of Godand it gives us guidance.

The scripture verse fortoday is from John 14:6,

I am the way, the truth and the life.

Years ago people used topaint obscene messages

and images on their tricycles

but the city ordinance changed that.

Now when you read the word of God,

you can't help but feelalive, even a little bit

of God's word makes you happy.

- [George] A sentimentechoed by many drivers

and tricycle passengers CBNNews met on the streets.

- [Interpreter] Peoplethank me all the time

for my scripture verse,they way it touched them,

it is always a good reminderthat there is a God.

- [Interpreter] I'm happyto read the Bible passages

especially when I have aproblem, it gives me hope.

- [George] When you read this word,

does it bring encouragement to you?

- Yeah.

- [George] How?

- To have faith in God.

- [George] Locals admitthat the tricycles are noisy

and at times can be an eyesore.

But apart from theirconvenience islands folks here

say is the message onthe back that residents

and visitors alike should focus on.

- [Interpreter] It remindsus of the importance

of the Bible and that we canfocus on the goodness of God

and all the things he has done for us.

- I absolutely love this story and I love

seeing all those scriptures too.

- Yeah and like the lady said,I mean if you're planning

a crime spree and you get inone of these why would want--

- Why would you want to do it?

- Exactly.

- We're pretty blessedhere in Virginia Beach,

a lot of people have vanityplates on their cars or trucks

and they have scriptures,sometimes you have to stop

and look it up, I mean notin the middle of the street,

but anyway, great story, very encouraging.

- Thank you, I appreciate it.

Well folks that is itfor this week's edition.

Actually, we'll be back right after this.

- We'll be right back.

- [Announcer] When yougive, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort, the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen, did you know

there are more than a 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

and we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now,

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Hello, is this thing on?

Hey kids, do you love games?

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- [Kids] Yeah!

- [Announcer] Then you're gonna love this.

Its' the new free, Superbook Bible App.

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The new Superbook Kid's Bible App.

Free downloads available oniTunes and Google Play, now.

- Finally this week, actor Chris Pratt

is kicking of the new yearwith fasting and prayer.

Announcing to this fans on Instagram

that he's doing a 21-day Daniel fast.

Many Christians do it for their health

and as a way to draw closer to God

often at the beginning of a new year.

But that's not the only thinghe's got planned for 2019,

wedding planning is now in his future.

The actor shared thenews of his engagement

to Katherine Schwarzenegger onInstagram early this morning.

He wrote, "I'm thrilled,to be marrying you

and proud to live boldly infaith with you, here we go."

- Congratulations to both of them.

- And he's not the only onegetting married in 2019.

That's right, you are too,

my co-anchor is getting married as well.

- Pretty soon.

- That's fantastic.

- Well have more on that later.

- That's right, folks thatis it for this week's edition

of Christian World News.

- Until next week, goodbyefrom all of us, God bless you.



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