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CBN NewsWatch PM: January 21, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 21, 2019 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN NewsWatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us.

For CBN NewsWatch, I'm Efrem Graham.

In an attempt to endthe government shutdown,

Senate Majority LeaderMitch McConnell plans

to bring President Trump's latest proposal

to a vote this week.

He announced it in aspecial address Saturday.

The proposal calls for $5.7billion for a border wall,

but it includes givinga three-year extension

for DACA recipients.

- In order to build thetrust and goodwill necessary

to begin real immigration reform,

there are two more elements to my plan.

Number one is three yearsof legislative relief

for 700,000 DACA recipientsbrought here unlawfully

by their parents at ayoung age many years ago.

This extension will givethem access to work permits,

social security numbers, and protection

from deportation, most importantly.

Secondly, our proposalprovides a three-year extension

of temporary protected status, or TPS.

This means that 300,000 immigrants

whose protected statusis facing expiration

will now have threemore years of certainty

so that Congress can work ona larger immigration deal,

which everybody wants.

- What is a genuine humanitarianand security crisis.

- Vice President Pencedefended the President's plan,

calling the measure a bi-partisan effort

based on talks with Democrats.

Also, Republicans say they'reon board with the plan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosicalled it "dead on arrival,"

spelling out her disapproval

before the president finished his speech.

Democrats plan to counter with $1 billion

for border security.

And joining us now with more on this is

our internationalcorrespondent, Gary Lane.

We know that Nancy Pelosiand Chuck Schumer say no deal

to open the government, essentially.

But is there somewillingness or movement here?

- Well, definitely not from them,

but from some rank and file Democrats

there is some movement.

And we saw Jim Clyburn,he is the Majority Whip

of the House, he's from South Carolina.

He recently said, "Look,maybe there should be

"some back and forth here,"suggesting negotiations.

Of course, the Democrats would like

to see the government open first,

then the negotiating, butthere's a lack of trust.

President doesn't trust them,

they don't trust the president.

But also some wouldalso like to see amnesty

for people who are hereillegally in this country.

The president said, and I wanna read

from his latest tweet, orone of his latest tweets,

"No, amnesty is not part of my offer.

"It's a three year extension of DACA.

"Amnesty will be used onlyon a much bigger deal,

"whether on immigrationor something else."

But that suggested he may bewilling to talk about amnesty.

- Well, Schumer and Pelosi have said

that they don't wantto fund a border wall,

but there are reports they'vesupported this in the past.

So why don't they givethe president this now?

- Well, I think they don't wanna give him

a political victory.

And you know, we're enteringthis 2020 presidential season.

We just saw Kamala Harris announce

that she's running forpresident, so they know

that there will be a bigbattle over Hispanics.

They know that the majority of Hispanics

do not support a border wall,

so they're not going tosupport a border wall.

But, the president is growingin popularity with Hispanics.

His latest, the latest poll from NRP shows

that he has 50% support,and that's up about 19%.

So a big battle overHispanic voters coming up.

- Alright, here we sitday 31 of the shutdown.

What is the president doingto at least ease the sting

of this partial government shutdown?

- Well, he's calling backsome furloughed workers,

IRS workers, over 40,000 of them

to process IRS tax returns.

In addition to that,FAA and FDA inspectors,

some Department of Agriculture workers.

So he wants to see them come back,

but they don't really wanna come back

if they're not getting paid.

So coming later this weekthe president is going

to sign legislation that willgive them at least back pay.

That may be an incentive to come back.

- What is likely tohappen in the days ahead?

- Well, we shall see, but Ithink what's gonna happen,

Efrem, as this drags on, as we see more

of the federal workers notreceiving their paychecks,

another one's coming up,where they're not going

to get paid, I think it's this Friday,

if that happens, if this drags on,

the Democrats are now goingto be blamed for this.

Of course, most people said, look,

the president'sresponsible because he said

he was responsible, butI think as it drags on

they're gonna start blaming the Democrats

for not negotiating, for not compromising.

Most Americans would like tosee our Congress compromise.

- Yeah, we'd like to seethe government back up

and running again.- Yes, you got it.

- Indeed, Gary, thank you so much.

U.S. officials are planningfor President Donald Trump

to hold his second summitwith North Korean leader

Kim Jong Un.

The White House saidFriday President Trump

and Kim Jong Un willmeet in late February.

The two met for the firsttime last June in Singapore.

Officials did not give aspecific date or location

for next month's summit,but sources tell the BBC

the meeting may possiblytake place in Vietnam.

South Korea said Saturdayit welcomes the summit

and hopes it will be a turning point

to bring about peace and thecomplete denuclearization

of the Korean Peninsula.

Much of the nation findsitself in a deep freeze today.

The arctic blast followsa deadly winter storm

that left more than a footof snow in some areas.

Our Mark Martin is on this story.

- The huge winter storm thatpounded much of the Midwest

and Northeast is movingoff the East Coast.

In its place, bitterly cold temperatures.

The snow and ice resulting indangerous travel conditions

over the holiday weekendfrom Missouri to Maine.

This morning, hundredsof flights canceled,

and more than 1,100 delayed.

This on top of more than3,500 flight cancellations

over the weekend.

The travel obstacles couldcontinue into tomorrow.

- They're doing everythingthey can to clear the roads

before the freezing comes,because we don't want that

turning into black ice.

- [Mark] When it comes to road travel,

officials urged driversto give snow plows room

to do their job before thesnow turns into dangerous ice.

- We almost went off theroad a couple of times.

- [Mark] The storm turneddeadly in Connecticut

when a subcontractor was killedwhile repairing power lines.

In Kansas, a snow plow driver died

when his vehicle turned over.

And in Vermont, wheretwo feet of snow fell,

the wind chill ispredicted to be 40 degrees

below zero today.

Vermont is by no means alone.

A big part of the Northeast and Midwest

are experiencing dangerouslycold wind chills.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- A student accused of racismin an alleged confrontation

with a Native American atFriday's March for Life

says he did nothing wrong.

Nick Sandmann was amonga group of students

attending the march.

Native American NathanPhillips was also there

for an Indigenous Peoples March.

The students were seenchanting and laughing

as Phillips drummed.

The video was shared onsocial media and went viral.

The students were condemnedfor their actions,

but Sandmann, who wasshown standing in front

of Mr. Phillips smiling,says he was only trying

to calm things down inthe midst of the chaos.

Both Sandmann and Phillipssay they were trying

to calm things down between their groups

and a third group affiliated

with the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement

who was allegedly yellingnegatively at both groups.

Sandmann responded to allhis critics on social media,

writing, "I am being calledevery name in the book,

"including a racist, and I will not stand

"for this mob-like character assassination

"of my family's name."

CBN's team in Washington, D.C.will be taking a closer look

at the video that has goneviral and diving deeper

into what really went on during that event

on today's Faith Nation.

You can watch that right here,it's on the CBN News Channel.

Israel closed its Mount Hermon Ski Resort

after Iranian forces in Syria

launched a ground-to-ground missile at it.

Israel responded by poundingIranian targets inside Syria.

CBN Middle East correspondentJulie Stahl is on this story.

- [Julie] The IDF said its fighter jets

struck Iranian Qud's Force'smilitary targets in Syria,

and Syrian aerial defense batteries

and released this footageof two of the strikes.

This map shows Iranianand Syrian sites targeted

outside of Damascus.

The IDF said it had hita munitions storage site

and an Iranian intelligence site

and military training camp.

The strikes came in responseto an Iranian-launched rocket

at the Northern Golan Heights

where the Mount Hermon Ski Resort is.

Israel's Iron Domeintercepted the rockets,

and Israel closed the ski resort.

Israel's Foreign Ministry tweeted,

"Iran's attempts toentrench itself in Syria

"and endanger Israeli Liveswill not be tolerated."

Earlier, Syria said Israel hadcarried out missile strikes,

but its aerial defenses had thwarted them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

who was on an historic visitin the African Nation of Chad,

said Israel's policy remains firm.

- We have a set policy to harmIranian entrenchment in Syria

and to harm anyone who tries to harm us.

This policy doesn't changewhen I'm in the country,

and it also doesn't change when I'm making

a historic visit to Chad.

- In response, Iran saidit was ready for war

that would lead to thedestruction of Israel.

Israel's IntelligenceMinister said the air strikes

sent a clear message to Iran.

The IDF took responsibilitypublicly and immediately

for the air strike,signaling a shift in policy

away from its usual ambiguity.

That could indicate that Israelis ready for an escalation.

In a telephone briefing, former Israeli

National Security AdvisorYaakov Amidror said

Israel is ready for action.

- Israel was very clear about it.

We are ready for escalation.

For us to stop the Iranians from building

the independent Iranianwar machine in Syria

is so important that we are ready to go

to something bigger thanthat if we be needed.

- [Julie] For now it'squiet, but it's not likely

that Iran will abandon its goal

of the destruction of Israel.

Nor will Israel let that happen.

Julie Stahl, CBN News Jerusalem.

- At least 12 people aredead after the Taliban

coordinated an attack on amilitary base in Afghanistan.

According to an InteriorMinistry spokesperson,

a suicide car bomberstruck this base first,

then insurgents openedfire at Afghan forces.

Most of those killed in theattack were military personnel.

30 others were seriously hurt.

At least two Taliban fighterswere killed by Afghan troops.

The Taliban has claimedresponsibility for the attack.

It is the latest in thealmost daily assaults

by the extremist group.

Pope Francis is scheduledto visit Panama this week,

and he's signaling theimmigration issue will be

a central theme during his visit.

This visit comes amid the latest caravan

of Central Americans winding their way

toward the U.S./Mexico border.

All along the waymigrants have been relying

on a network of supportfrom church-run shelters.

The shelters providingthem with hot meals,

a place to sleep,protection from the cartels,

and even advice along their journey.

There are about 80 churchsafe houses along the route

across Mexico, El Salvador,Guatemala and Honduras.

The church has not alwaysfully supported efforts

to aid migrants, butPope Francis continues

to place emphasis on what he says

is a fundamental Christianteaching of welcoming strangers.

Coming up, a new reportdetails the top 50 countries

where Christian persecutionis at its highest.

We're gonna bring you thatstory when we come back.

And see what's being doneto make a difference, next.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan a 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Open Doors USA has released its annual

World Watch List of the 50 top countries

where Christians are being persecuted

because of their faith.

The non-profit organizationnamed North Korea

as the worst place to be a Christian,

a position it has occupiednow for the last 18 years.

Afghanistan then coming in second,

and Somalia placing third.

The total number of countries having

extreme persecution levels is now 10.

The list also went on toinclude Syria, China and Turkey,

with Communism and Islamic oppression

being a common theme for thesource of the persecution.

The organization definespersecution as any kind

of hostility one experiences for simply

following the Christian faith.

This includes not only physicalactions against Christians,

but also hostile verballanguage and attitudes.

Joining us now to shedlight on this topic is

the President of WorldRelief, Scott Arbeiter.

So Scott, were there anysurprises on this list?

- Efrem, I think every name on that list

is not a surprise, butit's still hard to see,

because we know that ineach of these countries,

whether they're numberone or they're number 50,

people who want to befollowers of Jesus are at risk.

You probably took your family to church.

I went to church with my family yesterday.

Most of the viewershere will have done so.

We did so without the fearof losing our freedoms,

our jobs, maybe our children, our lives.

That is not true for many of the people

in this list of 50,particular for those who are

in that extreme list.

- Does the list show any growth or change

as far as these countriesare as acceptance?

Any improvement?

- I would say at this point it's mixed,

but sadly I think whatwe would see is that

among the countriesthere is more repression

in some of the top 10 states.

And some countries who had not been

in that list before, for example, India,

have now moved into the placeof the 10 most extreme nations

with the greatest persecution.

And that means that millionsof people are living a life

that is marked by fear.

- Open Doors USA, thereport states that in 2018

the U.S. welcomed 73%less Christian refugees

from the 11 countries experiencing

the most extreme persecution since 2016.

What can the church be doing to respond

to the needs of Christiansaround the world

when we're seeing these numbers?

- Well, I think OpenDoors does a great job

of calling us to pray and to be engaged.

And that probably is themost significant single act

each one of us can do every day.

But beyond that, there really are things

that we can do in termsof raising our voice

on behalf of our persecutedfamily around the world.

We have brothers and sisterswho share the same love

for Jesus that we do,and they need to know

that they're not forgotten.

They need to know that we'rewilling to raise our voice

and advocate for a greatercompassion in our own nation

to receive more of them in.

As you pointed out, Efrem, only1,225 persecuted Christians

were admitted in 2018.

That is down 73%, butit's even more marked

in other areas, for example, Syria.

And we had really hoped that

with the president'sannouncement, even on CBN,

of his deep desire to meet the needs

of persecuted Christians,

that we would have seen an improvement.

There are actually onlynine persecuted Christians

were admitted into theU.S. from Syria in 2018.

That's down 90%.

And from Iran, where there'stremendous oppression

of persecuted believersthat total was only seven

in the entire year, that's down99% from two years earlier.

So I think as believerswe need to be aware,

we need to be willing to speak into it,

and we need to offer a greater welcome.

- Alright, Scott Arbeiter,thank you so much for your time.

- Thank you.

- [Efrem] Still ahead, alook at acts of service

on this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

And take a look back at the history

of the first civil rights given

to African American generations ago.

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The I Wills of God, the latestteaching from Pat Robertson.

- Churches across America help celebrate

this Martin Luther King, with acts of service.

The Christian Post reportschurches like Cross Church

in Springdale, Arkansasused the day to help others.

It posted a picture from the church

of volunteers handingout blessing baskets.

11 years after MLK Daybecame a federal holiday,

it was designated by Congress

as an official day of service as well.

The National andCommunity Service website,

Make It A Day On, Not Off.

It helps groups plan their volunteer work

and to get others involved,and do it all year long.

Before struggling with civil rights,

America fought a brutalcivil war over slavery.

As we approach Black History Month,

we bring you a closer look at the events

surrounding the 13thAmendment to the Constitution,

which abolished slavery.

CBN's Charlene Aaron tells us thousands

of men and women, black and white,

risked everything for freedom.

- [Charlene] March 30, 1849,a box arrives in Philadelphia

with fugitive slave Henry Brown inside.

Shipped from Richmond,Virginia 27 hours earlier,

he escaped with help from men

on both sides of the racial divide.

- The Underground Railroadwas collaborative.

You needed partners, youneeded blacks and whites

working jointly together tohelp people escape from slavery.

People have seen the Underground Railroad

as the first integratedresistance movement.

- [Charlene] Anyoneinvolved faced great risk.

If caught, slaves were severely beaten,

and in some cases executed.

Free blacks were sold into slavery.

In the case of HenryBox Brown, he got away.

But the white man who helped him served

over seven years in theRichmond penitentiary.

- If you assisted someone to escape

from the UndergroundRailroad and you were white,

you were seen as a far greater threat

than a free black or an enslaved person.

And so the punishmentwas extremely severe.

In 1850 and 1860 you canlook at the census records

and see how many people werein the Virginia penitentiary

with the charge thatthey were helping someone

trying to escape.

- [Charlene] But many werewilling to take the risk,

especially at the Anti-SlaverySociety in Philadelphia.

It was a key location inthe Underground Railroad.

Most fugitive slaves camefrom the upper South,

particularly Virginia and Maryland.

The Anti-Slavery Societywas founded in 1775,

with members of both races.

By 1838, they had their own building,

but was burned to the groundafter just three days,

forcing them to go undercover.

Society member WilliamStill kept extensive records

and published them after the Civil War

in a book called The Underground Railroad.

He gives examples offugitives getting help

in the form of homes, jobtraining, money, even clothing.

- By the 1830s, the Northern factories

were pumping out a type of cloth

that was used inside clothing.

So you actually were brandedby the clothing you had.

So one of the firstthings you wanted to do

once you got to the Northis to change your clothes.

- [Charlene] Abigail Goodwindonated her best clothes.

Still writes, "Her sister has often said

"that few beggars came to our doors

"whose garments were so worn, forlorn,

"and patched up as Abby's."

Like a great many white abolitionists,

Goodwin was a devout Quaker.

- Originally, they called themselves

Seekers of the Light.

But they were given the name of Quakers

because it was said that theytrembled at the Word of God.

- [Charlene] Their battleagainst slavery came

from core beliefs, originatingwith founder George Fox.

- He came to the beliefthat there was that of God

in every person, that'sthe wording that he used.

There is that of God in every man.

- [Charlene] Quakers signedthe first anti-slavery

resolution in the American colonies.

- The most importantthing about Quakers is

that you live your values.

And they tried to do that inevery aspect of their lives,

whether it was buyingproduce that was not made,

grown or created by enslaved people,

whether it was wearing garments

that were not produced from cotton.

- This is the Appoquinimink Meeting House,

built in 1785.

Just 20 square feet, it is presumably

the smallest brick houseof worship in America.

But the bible says, "Despisenot small beginnings,

"for the Lord rejoicesto see the work begin."

- This is a preparative meeting,

which meant that this iswhere people came weekly

for their worship.

- [Charlene] In theattic where children met

for Sunday School is a hidingplace for runaway slaves.

Harriet Tubman is saidto have stayed here.

Tubman collaborated oftenwith Thomas Garrett,

a member of the Appoquinimink Meeting.

Garrett helped over 2,000 runaway slaves

make their way to freedom.

Fined heavily, his homewas put up for auction.

The sheriff said, "Thomas,I hope you will never

"be caught at this again."

Garrett's reply was typical of most agents

in the Underground Railroad.

"Friend, I haven't a dollar in the world,

"but if thee knows afugitive who needs breakfast,

"send him to me."

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- [Announcer] When yougive, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort, the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever,

and out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

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- A rare lunar eclipse nicknamedthe Super Blood Wolf Moon

appeared across the world Sunday.

It was the only totallunar eclipse this year,

and it came with a super moon bonus.

If you missed it, the Griffith Observatory

in Los Angeles captured it all.

The moon, earth and sun linedup to create the eclipse,

and it lasted a littlemore than three hours.

Experts say there'll be fourmore eclipses this year,

but there won't be anotherone like this one until 2021.

Well, that will do it forthis edition of CBN NewsWatch.

Thank you so much for watching.

Hope you'll join us right here next time.

Have a great day.



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