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Barely Escaped ISIS Attack

Sandra’s father, Wissam, was kidnapped and nearly killed by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, because their family is Christian. With no money to support themselves, this family of nine fled to Amman, Jordan. Their welcome was cold, but someone was there ... Read Transcript

- [Reporter] Sandra andher brothers and sisters

have struggled to surviveas Christian refugees

ever since their family wasbrutally attacked by ISIS.

- [Translator] Masked menwith guns broke in the door

of our home in Mosul.

They beat me over the head,then they handcuffed me

and threw me into a hole in the ground.

They locked me into that.

- [Translator] Theytold me they were going

to kill my husband asthey dragged him away.

I thought I lost everything

so I just sat on the floor and cried.

- [Reporter] Wisam washeld captive in the hole

for three days with no food or water.

Then, American andIraqi forces rescued him

and he was reunited with his family.

They made their way to Amman, Jordan.

- [Translator] I have nothing.

The government won'tlet us have regular jobs

and I spent everything I hadto get us away from ISIS.

- [Translator] We canonly feed our children

one meal a day and they can't go to school

because we don't havemoney to register them.

It's unbearable seeing them go without.

But I have faith in Jesus.

That's something ISIS couldnot take away from me.

- [Reporter] After Operation Blessing

learned about their problems,

we took Wisam groceryshopping for meat, rice,

and fresh fruits and vegetables.

We also got the familypowdered milk, diapers,

and other things for the baby.

- [Translator] My refrigeratorwas completely empty

and we didn't know how we would get food.

Now my children have good things to eat.

- [Reporter] We also found outthe whole family was freezing

in their bare floorapartment during the winter

so we bought them carpet and a gas heater

they can also use for cooking.

And we got the kids new winter clothes.

- [Translator] Before, we were super cold,

and now, it's much better.

- [Reporter] Sandra andher brothers and sisters

were enrolled free of charge

in our Operation Blessingfunded Christian school.

- [Translator] I love the school so much.

My favorite part is learning about Jesus

and how to be a good Christian.

- [Translator] My husbandand I are so proud of them.

We are all very gratefulfor this opportunity.

- [Reporter] Wisam helpsout around the school,

and in return, we helphim with his expenses.

With the support of Operation Blessing,

Sandra's family is doingmuch better than before

and their hope has been restored.

- [Translator] Mychildren now have a chance

for a good future and you have helped me

forget the problems of the past.

I pray you will be blessed by God.

- [Translator] Jesus sent youto us and I'm very thankful.

I'm so happy to have you in our lives.

- [Translator] Thank you for all the help

you've given my family.

It makes my heart feel glad

knowing that you think about us.


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