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Rudy Giuliani: 'The President and Michael Cohen May Have Discussed Testimony'

Rudy Giuliani: 'The President and Michael Cohen May Have Discussed Testimony' Read Transcript

- Now sticking with the President,

his personal lawyer is fighting back

against that disputedBuzzFeed news report.

The latest from Rudy Giulianiis that the President

and his former personal attorney

and fixer Michael Cohen mayhave discussed his testimony

before Congress ahead of time.


- Yeah, John, that'sright, but Giuliani adds

that the President didnot instruct Cohen to lie.

Now that contradicts the BuzzFeed report,

which claims the President directed Cohen

to not tell the truth about negotiations

to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

- It's not possible.

- The President's lawyerinsists his client

never ordered Cohen to lie to Congress.

A disputed report by BuzzFeed News

claims then candidateTrump supported a plan

to visit Russia duringthe presidential campaign

in order to meet with RussianPresident Vladimir Putin

to negotiate a project.

Cohen told Congress in 2017 negotiations

over Trump Tower Moscow stopped

in January 2016 before the primaries,

but later admitted that was a lie.

As part of his guilty plea,

Cohen said those negotiationscontinued as late as June 2016

when Trump was the clear GOP nominee.

BuzzFeed claims Mueller's team had proof

that President Trump told Cohen

to lie about it to lawmakers.

- We describe our sources here

as a federal law enforcement official

involved in theinvestigation of the matter

of the Trump Tower Moscow.

And we're not playing gameswith that characterization.

These are strong sourcesclose to the investigation.

- In a rare move, theSpecial Counsel's office

publicly denied that report, stating,

Buzzfeed's descriptionof specific statements

to the Special Counsel's office

and characterization of documents

and testimony obtained by this office

regarding Michael Cohen'scongressional testimony

are not accurate.

Regardless, Democrats still plan

to question Cohen about it next month.

- If anyone was instructing,

whether it was the Presidentor other people affiliated

with the White House orthe Trump organization,

encouraging a witness to lie,

we need to know about it.

- And again, today, BuzzFeed'seditor-in-chief, Ben Smith,

doubled down that theirreport is, in fact, accurate

despite push backs from theSpecial Counsel's office.


- All right, thank you, Ben.

Well CBN News' ChiefPolitical Analyst David Brody

joins us now for more.

David, the shutdown now in its fifth week.

Is this becoming the new normal?

- Yeah, it really is.

I mean the fact that we're into day 31,

I expect it to go into day41, possibly 51 and longer.

I mean look, it's unprecedentedwhere we are here.

And it's interesting 'cause the President

gave out this proposal, didthis proposal over the weekend,

and if you think about it,

it had a real compassionate streak to it.

Hundreds of millions ofdollars in humanitarian aid,

temporary protection for Dreamers,

temporary protection for TPS folks,

and the Democrats, it's radiosilence, nothing whatsoever,

so at some point, you wonderwhat's the counter-offer,

and they still haven't come up with one.

- Well, you just mentionedthe President's proposal.

Over the weekend, VicePresident Pence was pressed

on why not just re-openthe government first

and then negotiate borderfundings for the wall.

All while Democrats say that the President

is holding federal workers hostage,

so we're no closer thanwe were five weeks ago

when this all began it seems.

- Well that's rightbecause Democrats, John,

are on their sticking pointof we are not gonna negotiate

until the government is open,and Donald Trump is saying,

I can tell you for sure,

some White House aids are telling me,

why in the world would hewant to re-open the government

and then start negotiating with Democrats

when Nancy Pelosi said herself

that she wouldn't go ahead andgive him any sort of funding

for the wall even if they open up

the government.- But at some point,

is there some pressure for Democrats

to come to the negotiatingtable and to cede some leverage?

- There's no doubt about that

and that's why I thought over the weekend

that proposal by the Presidentwas really, really important

for this White House to say,look, I'm gonna lead with this

and it puts the onus on the Democrats

to come up with something for sure.

- David are you seeing anygive from the Democrats?

- Not really.

I mean they're sticking,

and Democrats do this well,

Republicans are not good at this,

but Democrats stick together

and they really have stucktogether pretty well.

I will say this, Joe Manchin today,

Senator Joe Manchin said Iwant to look at the proposal,

I want to take a look, hedidn't rule it out entirely,

but that's just one senator.

What the White House is trying to here

is that they want to passit through the Senate.

So they need 60 votes, right?

So they have 53 Republicans.

They need seven Democrat senators.

Good luck trying to getseven Democrat senators,

but they're hoping to get Manchin,

maybe Chris Coons and a couple others.

Having said that, a big time long shot.

- David, moving gears orshifting gears here a little bit.

BuzzFeed, the report thatthey put out last week,

all the cable networks gave heavy coverage

to the BuzzFeed report,also with a caveat,

saying that they hadn'tindependently confirmed the report.

Then the Special Counsel comes out

with this uncharacteristicrebuttal, essentially,

to the report and BuzzFeedis now still standing

by its report saying 100%it stands by its reporting.

What do you make of all of this?

- Well, yeah, it's the doubledown, as Ben was just saying.

Look, this is what I think it is.

I've been in Washingtonfor a little while.

I won't give you how manyyears I've been in Washington.

You can Google it.

But here's the bottom line,

and I'm just gonna saythis straight up, okay?

Ben Smith is with BuzzFeed.

He is in the, I'm gonna say it,

he's in somewhat of thatchummy Washington DC,

New York, Acela corridorbubble with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN.

They all kind of follow each other.

So CNN and others took this story,

everybody took this story,

because it was BuzzFeed reporting it.

Here's the thing.

Let's reverse it for a moment.

Let's say this was President Barack Obama

and Breitbart had astory that was something

like a bombshell like this.

Do you think CNN and otherswould be reporting Breitbart?

No, of course theywouldn't on Barack Obama.

But the fact that the mainstream media

went with BuzzFeed's story,they're a chummy club,

and I think that's what happened here.

They all got kinda sucked upinto the oxygen of the moment

and now they have somewhatof a black eye because of it.

- David, the Special Counselnormally wouldn't comment

on this, but here they kindof had their hands tied.

They kind of had to getout in front of this

and say something.

- Yeah, it was a credibility issue,

I think, for Robert Mueller.

I mean I think they realizedthat this was taking on

a life of its own and theyhad to get out, in essence,

in front of it or stop it.

You'll never see the SpecialCounsel's office do this,

but in this case, they had to.


Because, look, this wasan obstruction of justice,

story about obstruction of justice,

and this would've been,as I said on Friday,

game, set, match for the President.

So they had to say something

before it got even more out of control.

- Thanks, David.

- Thanks, guys.

- Well, when we come back,

a picture's worth a thousand words,

but sometimes a viral video goes viral

for all the wrong reasons.

Stick around for the real story

behind what looks like a stand-off

between a Catholic high school teen

and a Native American veteran.

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- A student accused of racism and worse

in an alleged confrontationwith a Native American

at Friday's March for a Lifesays he did nothing wrong.

Nick Sandmann was among a group of student

attending the march.

Native American NathanPhillips was also there

for an indigenous peoples march.

The students were seenchanting and laughing

as Phillips drummed.

The video was shared onsocial media and went viral

and the students werecondemned for their actions,

but Sandmann, who was shown standing

in front of Mr. Phillips smiling,

says he was only tryingto calm things down

in the midst of all the chaos.

Both Sandmann and Phillips say

they were trying to diffuse the tension

between their groups and a third party.

That group, affiliatedwith the Black Hebrew

Israelite movement, wascaught on camera beforehand.

- [Speaker] Call the war funny get well.

- [Speaker] That's right.

- [Speaker] You crack in the face

- [Speaker] That's right.

- [Speaker] Crickets

- [Speaker] A bunch offuture school shooters

- [Speaker] That's right.

- [Mob] Wanted a mobetiesdirty animal, they're gone.

That's a bunch of DonaldTrump incest children

(crowd jeers)

- Then the Catholicschool students responded

to the Black Hebrew Israelitesgroup by starting a chant

all this before theindigenous peoples group

led by Phillips came on to the scene.

The Native Americans acting as a wedge

between the students and the instigators.

Sandmann responded to all ofhis critics on social media

writing, " I am being calledevery name in the book,

"including a racist and I will not stand

"for this mob-like character assassination

"of my family's name."

- Well, here with us nowto help us break down

some of what we've beensaying is Will Ricciardella.

He's the the social mediadirector and reporter

for the Washington Examiner.

Will thanks for braving thecold to be with us today.

- Thanks for having meon, I appreciate it.

- What happened here?

This seems to be more thanjust social media bias.

- Now this is a story that themedia saw as an opportunity

and clearly didn't haveall the facts as we know.

Some conservativesdidn't have all the facts

that uses an opportunity to come out

to show how anti-racist theyare to condemn the student.

Most of the mainstream mediause this to manufacture,

they manufacture the rest of the facts

that they didn't have.

They fill then the blanksbecause they wanted to perpetuate

a narrative and a myth.

They wanted to stereotype these kids.

It was perfect, they'reyoung, white males.

They have a mughead onand this fit right in.

- Well give us an insight here,

you know on Friday thisvideo, it went viral.

All of the cable outlets, they ran with it

but in their defense,

if news programs didn't go with this story

wouldn't it have reallyI mean spread anyway

on Twitter, on Instagram, allof these different devices.

- Certainly, but news outlets can hedge.

They can say we don't know the facts.

This is the part of thevideo that we do have.

We're uncertain of the circumstances.

They made claims andput in their headlines

claims that this student was racist,

that he's a bigot and thathe was a Trump supporter.

They literally filled in the blanks.

This is not journalism 101,this is manufacturing a story.

- Well, so there seems tobe a culture of immediacy

in today's competitive media landscape

and this case is probablythe perfect example

of pushing things out withoutknowing the whole story.

So there was the third partyas Jenna just described

in her previous readand we now know about it

as they were the oneswho were instigating,

but that didn't come until later.

So what could journalistshave done differently

in this case.

- Now I'm a social media director.

I have been for a few years now

and I'm all about immediacy.

I'm on social media.

This wasn't about immediacy,this was about a narrative.

This fit the narrative.

That immediacy, that's nonsense.

This was there to fit their narrative,

they wanted to get it outthere, it was perfect,

there was a time during the shutdown

that this is what their readers enjoy,

this is what their readers wanna click on

and that's why they did it.

I mean plenty of times we held on a story

because we didn't have enough sourcing,

we didn't have our facts straight,

that happens all the time in journalism.

So the idea that this athing about a media site

being immediate is utter nonsense.

- Will Ricciardella, withthe Washington Examiner,

thank you so much.

We appreciate you coming in.- Thank you, I appreciate.

Thank you.

- Thanks for joining us.

Well, we here at CBNare privileged to work

with a team of talented journalists

who are both in front ofand behind the camera.

On today's episode of The Rundown Podcast,

we introduce you to WashingtonBureaus new assignment editor

Aronica Glover, one of themany people responsible

for this broadcast.

Ironically she says,"radio is my first love,

"but television happened to me."

more about that and howshe says God prepared her

for her new role at CBN,today on the rundown.

- [Announcer] When we comeback, an unexpected friendship

and partnership leads totwo strangers discovering

a stunning family connection.

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- I am Regent's first RTC graduate.

(soft music)

- Welcome back.

Well at a time with racialdivision on the rise,

two ministers from totallydifferent backgrounds

say the church is uniquelyequipped to lead Americans

towards healing.

Amber Strong has the story.

- The United States of America,

the worlds great melting pot.

Each person arriving to this country

with a unique family history,

of how their ancestors putan imprint on their lives.

Yet with all that diversity,we're often more connected

than you might imagine.

Matthew Lockett is thegreat grandchild of farmers

and a pro-life advocate.

- He would actually make a joke out of it,

my dad and he would say," Iguess we're just a bunch of

"matts from Kentucky."

- Will Ford is the descendant of slaves.

He travels the country sharinga message of racial healing.

- They didn't think theywould see freedom in that time

so they prayed for thefreedom of their children

and the next generation.

- Two men on two very different journeys

but their worlds collided

when they attended aprayer meeting together.

- And I show up at the Lincoln Memorial

because of this dream.

I don't know why I'm there.

I didn't really even knowthat much about prayer

but that was the first placethat Will and I came together.

- They attended a churchservice later that night.

That's where Ford sharedthe story of his ancestors

prayer kettle.

A pot used by slavesto muffle their voices

during secret prayer meetings.

That led to a deeper conversation

which resulted in a friendship

and an unexpected partnership.

- We just started runningaround the country together

and doing prayer meetings.

- The Lord said this to me, he said,

"if I heard the silent whispers of slaves

"in the kettle pots, howmuch more do I hear the sound

"and screams of babies beingaborted in this nation?"

- Over the next decade,they spread a message

of life and love, lovefor the man next to you

regardless of race andlove for the unborn.

But the story doesn't end there.

- Lockett says there wassomething about that first meeting

he just couldn't shake.

- He shared the part ofthe story that shocked me

that this kettle had beenhanded down to Harriet Lockett.

- Years of research led themto a stunning discovery.

- My oldest known family member was a man

named Isaac Lockett.

The only Locketts at thattime period in Virginia

was Matt's family.

And so after doing fourmonths of research then

and another whole year of research,

we learned through empirical evidence

Matt's family is the familythat owned my family.

- And that revelation led tosome difficult soul searching.

- Matt's family owned our family

and I had to wrestle with that.

Cause we heard storiespassed down in my family

about slaves who were beat to death

for simply going fishing without asking.

And I really had to forgivefrom my heart Matt's family

for owning my family.

- Lockett says it was alearning experience for him too.

- There is many timesparticularly with White America,

there can be an attitude

that when these issues are discussed

and the history of slavery, even the pain,

the lingering pain of that to this day,

there can be a negative attitude

that just kind of dismisses it and says,

"look, you weren't there, Iwasn't there, get over it."

There's a very reallingering pain associated

with it generationally andnow that pain had a face

and it was the face that I love.

- That discovery couldhave torn them apart

and ended their ministry.

Instead, it strengthened their resolve.

- God is using a united churchto heal a divided nation.

- Lockett and Ford sayevery part of their story,

even the tough parts are by design.

They say there are no coincidences,

even down to the locationof that first meeting.

- From the former slaves andthe sons of former slave owners

will they be able to sit down together

at the table of brotherhood?

- It was here almost 55 years ago

that Doctor Martin LutherKing Junior delivered

his "I have a dream" speech.

Lockett and Ford believethey are living examples

of that dream fulfilled

and that allows them totravel the country together

sharing their dream for the church.

- I think what God isshouting to America right now

is this, "what storylinedo you wanna be a part of?

"The healing or the hurt,the blessing or the curse?"

- Two men from two different backgrounds

sharing a surprising connection

and pursuing a common missionof unity, life and healing.

- Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- And that's all thetime we have for tonight,

have a great evening.

- Goodnight.

(epic music)


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