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'All Children, Born And Unborn, Are Made in the Holy Image of God': Trump's Biggest State of the Union Moments

'All Children, Born And Unborn, Are Made in the Holy Image of God': Trump's Biggest State of the Union Moments Read Transcript

- President Trump pushedback against abortion

saying we need to worktogether to build a culture

that cherishes innocent life.

A strong message he hiton during his speech,

which was delayed a week dueto the partial government


- We meet tonight at a momentof unlimited potential.

- [Ben] President Trumptook advantage of the pulpit

Tuesday night to call forunity and bipartisanship.

- There is a new opportunityin American politics

if only we have the couragetogether to seize it.

- [Ben] Trump also tookadvantage of recent headlines

to fight for the unborn,calling on Congress to pass

legislation to prohibitlate term abortions.

- There could be nogreater contrast to the

beautiful image of a motherholding her infant child

than the chilling displaysour nation saw in recent days.

Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight

upon the passage oflegislation that would allow

a baby to be ripped from the mothers womb

moments from birth.

These are living,feeling, beautiful babies

who will never get thechance to share their love

and their dreams with the world.

And then we had the caseof the Governor of Virginia

where he stated he wouldexecute a baby after birth.

- [Ben] The Commander in Chiefthen broke down his vision

for safe and legal immigrationdemanding a border wall.

He illustrated his pointby hosting family members

of an elderly couple murderedin their home just last month

by an undocumented immigrant.

- I will never forget, andI will fight for the memory

of Gerald and Sharon that itshould never happen again.

Not one more American lifeshould be lost because

our nation failed to controlits very dangerous border.

- [Ben] Trump said simplyput walls save lives.

- In the past, most ofthe people in this room

voted for a wall, but theproper wall never got built.

I will get it built.

- [Ben] The future of thewall still remains in question

as Congressional negotiatorscontinue to work on a deal

to prevent another government shutdown.

In the Democrat's response,former Georgia governor

candidate Stacy Abramsplaced blame for the recent

closings of the governmentdirectly on the President.

- The shutdown was a stuntengineered by the President

of the United States, onethat defied every tenant

of fairness and abandonednot just our people

but our values.

- [Ben] Trump struck onbipartisan tone when talking

about rebuilding America,fighting cancer, eradicating HIV,

lowering the cost of healthcare,and the positive economy.

- An economic miracle istaking place in the United

States and the only thingthat can stop it are foolish

wars, politics, or ridiculouspartisan investigations.

- [Ben] He got a standingovation from both sides

after stating women have filledmore than 50% of new jobs

created in the last year.

- We also have morewomen serving in Congress

than at any time before.

- [Ben] Trump thenreaffirmed determination

to protect American interestsand end foreign wars.

- If I had not been electedPresident of the United States,

we would right now, inmy opinion, be in a major

war with North Korea.

- Now President Trumpconfirmed his second summit

with North Korean dictatorKim Jong Un for February

27 and 28th in Vietnam.

As for lawmakers reactionto the President's

address, here's Capital Hill

correspondent Abigail Robertson.

- This year markedPresident Trumps first time

speaking before a divided congress.

And while Republicans praisedthe President's remarks.

- It was very inspirational.

- He did a great job.

- The President did an outstanding job,

he to me, knocked it out of the park.

- [Abigail] Democratsdisagreed, with the Senate

minority leader hitting thePresident's call for unity

even before the speech.

- In the past he's calledfor unity and he's forgotten

about it by the next morning.

- [Abigail] And whilePresident Trump told the crowd

if there is going to be legislation,

there cannot be investigations.

A Democrat on the Houseoversight committee

told CBN News they'reintent on keeping their foot

on the investigation pedal.

- That's my constitutionallyprescribed duty

to conduct oversight,the American people hired

us to be in the majority toserve as a check and balance

on the Trump administration.

- [Abigail] Still, Democrat'sacknowledged they supported

some of the President's remarks.

And unity might just be possible,even in the most divisive

areas.- First of all,

I have to say one thing thatreally stuck out was the

President never said I'mgonna have a shutdown

if I don't get my $5.7 billionof fence, he never said that.

I think that's a messageto my Republican colleagues

and we can sit down,negotiate on border security.

Now we are gonna put billions of dollars,

but it's not gonna be billionsof dollars on a fence.

- [Abigail] CongressmanCuellar sits on the bipartisan

conference committeecurrently negotiating the

compromise bill for border security.

- We have to find a balancebetween our neighbor

to the south and atthe same time, not only

to our neighbor to thesouth that traded tourism

but have security andI feel very confident

that if we put thetechnology, the personnel,

find, and I'll say this as a Democrat,

find ways to do someenhanced physical barriers,

we can get there.

- [Abigail] And he's one ofjust a handful of Democrats

pleased to hear the Presidentreaffirm his commitment

to protecting the unborn.

- I'm one of four, five,six Democrats and pro-life.

I mean, I'll do whateverI can to make sure that we

protect life but I do knowthe makeup of the House,

I do know the, you have toget the 60 votes over there.

And so to get to wherethe President wants to get

might be difficult at this time.

- [Abigail] Many Republicanssupported the President's

strong statements as well.

- He talked about the unborn,I was very appreciative

of that moment too.

To recognize that life is precious,

and that it should beprotected, unlike what's going

on in New York and Virginia.

So those were all very inspiring moments.

- The high from this yearsaddress will be short lived

for Republican's if lawmakersfail to reach a compromise

by the end of next week to prevent

another government shutdown.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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