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Women an Children Used as Human Shields: Inside ISIS's Scorched-Earth Campaign to Stay in Power

Women an Children Used as Human Shields: Inside ISIS's Scorched-Earth Campaign to Stay in Power Read Transcript

- So I'm now withinsight of ISIS last stand,

in the area of Hajin,right back behind me,

just off to my right isa place called Bagus,

where they say the lastISIS fighters are holed up.

We've been hearing airstrikes throughout the evening

last night, into the early morning hours.

It sounds like themilitary's really stepped up

its effort to eradicatethe last of these guys,

but what that's causingis more people to flee

and many of them are injured,

and so here, at this collection point,

those who can make ithere have been walking

to this point, where they're processed

by the Syrian Defense Forces,

and they're then movedto further side inland.

This 19 year old woman is a French citizen

who came with her mother tojoin ISIS when she was only 15.

- [Woman] I came in 2015with my mother and my sister,

to live in the Khilafah, and after this,

I want to escape, butthey ask a lot of money,

and my family in France, they'rescared to send the money.

There is no food, no nothing.

No food, we was living in the tent,

no electricity, neverelectricity, nothing.

I want to go back to my country.

- Buses come every afternoon

to take these women and children to a camp

several hours away.

Any men who surrender areassumed to be ISIS fighters,

and are taken to a detention facility.

Families who arrive too lateare forced to spend the night

here in the desert.

(speaking foreign language)

The light is almost gone out here,

and we're still hearing fighting going on,

a couple kilometers away, butthe more pressing emergency

right now is that there aremaybe a couple hundred people

out here behind me in this, just, desert.

They got dumped off hereafter escaping from ISIS,

but they're gonna have tospend the night out here.

Last night, it was about 30 degrees,

and people could die out here.

They're, I'm justwatching them as they try

to prepare for what they know is coming.

It's already below 40, I would say.

Clear sky, it's gonna beextremely cold here tonight,

and there are these holesthat were dug in the Earth

to be used as slit trenches, as bathrooms,

and what they're doing isgoing in and cleaning out

all the excrement and throwing it out,

and they're gonna sleep in there tonight

because it's at least out of the wind.

Many of these people are injured, as well.

It's just hard to imagine.

We've given away all the blankets we had,

I gave away my warm socks,

we're trying to figure outa way to help these people

as much as we can, but you know,

it's just a drop in the ocean,

and so, I'm just notsure what else we can do,

except pray.

From the Euphrates River Valley

in Southern Syria, I'mChuck Holton for CBN News.


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