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The Rare Moment of Bipartisan Unity at National Prayer Breakfast

The Rare Moment of Bipartisan Unity at National Prayer Breakfast Read Transcript

- That's right Gordon,and the powerful images

are still circulating on social media

after thousands of faithleaders and lawmakers

from around the world metright here in Washington

for the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Abigail Robertson brings us a look

at this rare moment of unity.

- Political leaders in Washington

put politics aside for a morning,

to take time to pray together.

- Give him the insight that he needs,

give him joy in the task,

and use him for your kingdom's sake

and for our nation and world's sake.

- [Abigail] In a powerful moment,

Republican Senator JamesLankford and Democrat Chris Coons

held hands with the president and prayed.

- And we ask that your wisdom,your blessing, and your peace

would be upon him and hisfamily as they serve us.

- [Abigail] A traditionthey lead each week

in their bipartisan Senate prayer group.

- It's fascinating tome the number of times

that I'll have someone come up to me,

back when I'm back home in Oklahoma,

and will say, okay, I sawsuch-and-such person on TV,

they drive me crazy.

And I'll often smile through

and go yeah, we stop andpray together every week.

And very often--- They're surprised.

- The response is, "Really?"

You pray with that person?- That guy?

- [Abigail] The leaders intentionally

steered clear of politics for this event.

- We could focus on dozensof different divisive things.

Instead, we're gonna focus on

what I believe has united Americans

from the very founding of this country,

which is a belief in God and abelief that this is a country

with a creator and witha common sense of purpose

that we can best find through prayer.

- [Abigail] PresidentTrump opened his remarks,

telling the audiencefull of religious leaders

he stands with them.

- I will never let you down.

- [Abigail] Reminding them

of his stance on religious freedom.

- My administration hastaken historic action

to protect religious liberty.

(audience applauding)

- [Abigail] And pledging to fight

for faith-based adoption agencies,

which have been under attack

due to their Biblicalbeliefs about marriage.

- My administration is working to ensure

that faith-based adoptionagencies are able

to help vulnerable childrenfind their forever families

while following their deeply-held beliefs.

- President Trump is the12th president to speak

at the annual breakfastsince Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.



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