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News on The 700 Club: February 8, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” February 8, 2019.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

The next presidential election

is more than a year and a half away,

and one issue is already emerging

as a potentially huge factor, abortion.

- The parties are diggingin deeper on their positions

with Democrats expandingthe right to an abortion,

while Republicans are tryingto protect the unborn.

And the courts are involved as well.

George Thomas has the story.

- Late Thursday in what was

a significant test of the Supreme Court's

newly strengthened Conservative majority,

the justices ruled five tofour to temporarily block

a Louisiana abortion lawfrom taking effect today.

Chief Justice John Robertsjoined the four Liberal justices

to prevent a law that wouldrequire abortion doctors

to have admitting privilegesat nearby hospitals.

(applauding and cheering)

The ruling comes afterDemocrats in New York

shocked millions ofAmericans by passing a law

that makes abortion legal,even up to the point of birth.

The state's governorhailing it as the most

aggressive women's rightachievement in the nation.

- This administrationdefies American evolution.

We're supposed to be moving forward,

we're supposed to be advancing,

we're supposed to live and learn,

we're supposed to be growing.

- [George] Democrats in Virginia tried

to pass a similar law, but failed.

The New Mexico house has passed a bill

that would make abortion legal throughout

all nine months of a pregnancyif Roe v. Wade is overturned.

If the state senate passes it

the Democratic governorsays she'll sign it.

In Vermont lawmakersthere want to pass a bill

that critics say would make abortion

an absolute right for any reason.

It's all part of an aggressive campaign

by abortion advocates andgroups like NARAL and others

who want to significantlyexpand access to abortion

in states where Democrats won last fall.

President Trump and GOPlawmakers are pushing back.

- To defend the dignity of every person,

I am asking Congress to pass legislation

to prohibit the lateterm abortion of children

who can feel pain in the mother's womb.

- [George] While Trump's call for a ban

on late term abortions isunlikely to happen in Congress,

Republican legislators inseveral states like Florida,

Kentucky, Ohio, SouthCarolina, and Tennessee

are campaigning for tougheranti-abortion measures

like the Heartbeat Lawthat would ban abortions

after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Meanwhile House Republicanswant legislation

that would require mandatory medical care

for late term abortions where the fetus

is alive outside the mother's womb.

- I wanna ask mothers across this country

to join with us to makesure that we don't see

our maternity wards turnedinto killing fields.

- [George] And whileDemocrats in more states

try to introduce far-reachingabortion rights bills,

polls show the public isagainst such measures.

While 60% of Americans believe abortion

should be legal in the firstthree months of pregnancy,

only 28% support abortionin the second trimester,

and that number plummets to just 13%

for abortions during the third trimester.

George Thomas, CBN News.

- I would submit the debateis no longer about abortion,

it's about infanticide.

When you look and say,okay, mothers in labor,

she's fully dilated and nowis the time for an abortion?

That's not an abortion, that'skilling a full term child.

It's amazing to me that ourcountry has gotten to this level

and that people would stand and applaud

that kind of law coming into being

where you have that kind of permission.

And the commentary onwhat happened in Virginia,

yes, the bill was defeated,but it's absolutely astounding

that you would have a physician say

a baby could be born andthen could be legally killed.

That is absolutely shocking.

Well, we get to vote on it and that vote

is coming up pretty quick.

In other news, members of both parties

put aside their politicaldifferences Thursday

to come together on somethingthat unites them, prayer.

John Jessup has that story from

our CBN News Bureau in Washington.


- That's right, Gordon,and the powerful images

are still circulating on social media

after thousands of faithleaders and lawmakers

from around the world metright here in Washington

for the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Abigail Robertson brings us a look

at this rare moment of unity.

- Political leaders inWashington put politics aside

for a morning to taketime to pray together.

- Give him the insight that he needs,

give him joy in the task,

and use him for Your kingdom's sake

and for our nation and world's sake.

- [Abigail] In a powerfulmoment Republican Senator,

James Lankford, and Democrat, Chris Coons,

held hands wit the President and prayed.

- We ask that Your wisdom,Your blessing, and Your peace

would be upon him and hisfamily as they service.

- [Abigail] A traditionthey lead each week

in their bipartisan Senate prayer group.

- It's fascinating tome the number of times

that I'll have someone come up to me

when I'm back home inOklahoma and will say,

okay, I saw such and such personon TV, they drive me crazy.

And I'll often smile and go,

"Yeah, we stop and praytogether every week."

And very often the response is, "Really?

"You pray with that person?"

- [Abigail] The leaders intentionally

steered clear of politics for this event.

- We could focus on dozensof different divisive things.

Instead we're focus on what, I believe,

has united Americans from thevery founding of this country,

which is a belief in God and abelief that this is a country

with a Creator and witha common sense of purpose

that we can best find through prayer.

- [Abigail] PresidentTrump opened his remarks

telling the audiencefull of religious leaders

he stands with them.

- I will never let you down.

- [Abigail] Reminding them of his stance

on religious freedom.

- My administration hastaken historic action

to protect religious liberty.


- [Abigail] And pledging to fight

for faith-based adoption agencies,

which have been under attack due to

their biblical beliefs about marriage.

- My administration is working to ensure

that faith-based adoptionagencies are able to help

vulnerable children findtheir forever families

while following their deeply held beliefs.

- President Trump is the12th president to speak

at the annual breakfastsince Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abigail.

Well Israel and the world lost a champion

of Jewish/Christian relations this week.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of

the International Fellowshipof Christians and Jews

was laid to rest Thursday.

CBN's John Waggie brings usthat story from Jerusalem.

- [John] Hundreds came to pay tribute

to the man known as theultimate bridge builder.

Mourners included U.S.Ambassador, David Friedman,

and former Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat.

- He was a man whounderstood the true hardships

and challenges that exist for us,

and the distress in the state of Israel,

and how to open the hearts of millions

of donors around the world.

- [John] Rabbi Eckstein started

the International Fellowshipof Christians and Jews in 1983.

Since then it's raised more than

one and half billion dollarsto help Jews in Israel,

the former Soviet Union, Latin America,

and more than 58 other countries.

- I think from the very beginning,

I remember when my brotherwent out to Chicago

for the march in Skokie as the first start

of anti-Semitism in adifferent way in America.

And the partners he found werethe Evangelical Christians.

- [John] Eckstein's daughter, Yael,

carries on the family legacy as

the Global Executive Vice President.

- One specific gift, Abba, which is

the greatest gift I received from you,

it's the commitment to hold family

over everything else in the world.

- [John] Eckstein's youngerbrother, Beryl, told CBN News

that the more he saw his brother's work,

the more he understood and loved it.

- Wherever Yechiel went it was a bond,

especially with Pat Robertson,

who was such an influenceon Yechiel's life

and I think Yechiel was on his.

That love, that sharedmission, was something

that I and my whole family cherish.

- [John] Eckstein pursued three goals;

build bridges between Christians and Jews,

deepen Christian understanding

of the Jewish roots of their faith,

and develop a practical way to help

the Jewish people and Israel.

Rabbi Eckstein is survivedby his wife, Joelle,

three daughters, and eight grandchildren.

- The memory I always haveof my brother is him praying

and whenever I was weak,

he was always there to hold my hands.

- [John] John Waggie, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- A man who's left behind aprofound and lasting impact.


- Well the world has lost a great man.

He was definitely aprinciple bridge builder

between the Evangelical community,

and the Christian community.

Dear friend of mine, dearfried of my father's.

We mourn his passing andwe wish his family comfort,

comfort in their time of grief.


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