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The 700 Club - February 22, 2019

One junkie’s addiction causes agony for his family as they race to save their son. Witness his cry for help and how he kicked the habit on today’s 700 Club. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up.

- They started prescribing me opiates.

- [Announcer] One junkie's addiction...

- [Brandon] Almostinstantly, I was hooked.

- [Announcer] And his family's agony.

- If I leave, he'll die.

If I stay, he'll die.

- [Announcer] The raceto save their son...

- Every time the phone rings,you think, this is the call.

- [Announcer] And his cry for help.

- [Brandon] I'm gonnaend up dead some day.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

Pope Francis says he means business.

He's ordered thousands ofCatholic leaders to Rome,

to address the global epidemicof sex abuse in the church.

- The pope says it'stime to end the culture

of silence and exposethe sins of the guilty.

That's why victims are also at the summit,

to tell their stories of abuse suffered

at the hands of priests.

Gary Lane reports.

- The goal of the four-daypapal summit is to hear

from victims, findsolutions, and acknowledge

that sexual abuse by priestsis a worldwide problem.

The global gathering ofcardinals, bishops and priests,

began with the pope kissingthe hand of an abuse victim.

He then told attendeesthe Catholic church must

not only speak words, buttake concrete actions.

(Pope speaks in foreign language)

He said, listen to the cry ofthe young who want justice.

On CBN's Newswatch program,Catholic News Agency

Editor-in-Chief, JD Flynnsaid the Pope is hoping

the summit will be a catalyst for change.

He wants bishops in the developing world

to adopt the same childprotection policies

as those enacted in the United States.

- [JD] While the has been working

for the past two decadesto develop safe environment

policies, in many parts of the world,

that has not yet happened.

- [Gary] Phil Saviano wasamong 12 abuse victims invited

to testify at the Vatican.

- I've been talking aboutthis for I think 28 years now,

and I know that someorganizations move slowly,

but this is ridiculous.

- [Gary] Others were just as critical

about the Catholic church's mishandling

of sexual abuse allegations.

Pennsylvania law maker, MarkRozzi, spoke to reporters

about his childhood sexual abuse.

- What the Catholic church,the Catholic conference,

the bishops, the cardinals, the pope.

What they are doing,they are blocking justice

for all victims of sexual abuse.

And that is a crime.

- [Gary] One victim testifieda priest raped her repeatedly,

starting when she was 15.

Although the Catholic church is officially

staunchly pro-life,during a 12-year period,

the priest forced herto have three abortions.

The Vatican's lead sexcrimes investigator said

pedophiles must be preventedfrom entering the priesthood.

He said sex abuse allegations

must be taken seriously and investigated.

But the Vatican insists not all priests

found guilty of sexual abuse be defrocked.

Activist Miguel Hurtado, ofthe group Ending Clergy Abuse,

says that's unacceptable.

- What they say is that thedecision of whether a priest

or a bishop should remain in ministry,

will depend on a case-by-case basis.

That's not good enough.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Well I would say asummit is not good enough.

Summits can bring a falsesense of accomplishment,

and in order to havejustice for the victims,

there has to be justice.

All the church has to do is go back

to the rules of St. Augustine.

If he found a priest or abishop engaging in this kind

of behavior, his questionswere very limited.

Was this pre-meditated?

And when you look at pedophiles,yes, that's pre-meditated.

And there wasn't any option, they were out

of the priesthood, and theywere out of the church.

And those are the standardsthat need to be adhered to.

Right now we have a cultureof silence, and frankly,

a culture of coverup, so, that's changing,

and they're exposing it, andhearing from the victims,

but there needs to be justice.

In other news, pro-abortionforces are going to the extreme,

pushing laws that strip all protections

for the life of an unborn child.

John Jessup has more on that story,

from our CBN News bureau in Washington.


- Thanks Gordon.

Illinois and Vermont are the latest states

pushing legislation liftingall restrictions on abortion.

Thursday lawmakers inVermont passed a bill

legalizing abortion anytime, for any reason.

It reads, every individualwho becomes pregnant

has the fundamental right tochoose to carry a pregnancy

to term, give birth to achild, or to have an abortion.

It also states the unborn have no rights,

specifying a fertilizedegg, embryo or fetus

shall not have independentrights under Vermont law.

And in Illinois, lawmakershave proposed a bill allowing

abortion at any pointthroughout an entire pregnancy.

It also repeals the state'sban on partial-birth abortions.

Well, as more states adoptpro-abortion legislation,

the battle to protect the unbornis playing out politically,

but as Charlene Aaron reports, one pastor

in Washington state believesthis fight is spiritual,

and he's taking that fight to the streets.

- Pastor Ken Peters, ofCovenant Church in Spokane,

Washington, believes thechurch is the only hope

for ending abortion in America.

- We gotta activate,put legs to our faith.

We gotta find that balancebetween being mean and nasty

and yelling, we gotta find the balance

between that and doing nothing.

- [Charlene] During a recent interview

on the CBN News program Prayer Link,

Peter shared how God presentedhim with that balanced way.

- And I felt like the Lord said to me,

right in the middle of a church service,

I want your next church campus

to be the Planned Parenthood campus.

So a few months ago, we planted a church

right there at Planned Parenthood.

- [Charlene] It's called TheChurch at Planned Parenthood.

One evening each month, Peters and members

of his congregation go tothe local Planned Parenthood

and share a message ofGod's love and hope.

- We're aware of all therules, and doing our best

to stay within those, so thepolice are definitely there,

they're watching, but theycan tell that we're not there

to cause trouble, we'rethere to worship God.

We're there to pray, we'rethere to preach the gospel.

- [Charlene] As news ofthe church has spread,

other ministries are joining in.

- Last service, we gotabout 65,000 people viewing

in live on my personal Facebook feed,

we had over 300 people there,outside in the freezing cold,

cars driving by, overallit's just been unbelievable.

- [Charlene] As more states more

toward radical abortionmeasures, Peters says the time

for the church to act is now.

- We have a holocaust goingon in our own country,

and this really brings it tolight, and we're confronting it

with the holy spirit, and with worship,

instead of in the flesh.

This really gets the light of Jesus

right out in front of the community,

right on one of the busiestintersections in town.

- [Charlene] Meanwhile,he says there is great

spiritual significance in making a stand

where innocent lives areso easily terminated.

- The Bible says thathell will not prevail

against the church.

But I think if the church does not engage,

then hell has free reign.

And so, what we're doingis we're taking church

right to the gates of hell,knowing that we will win.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Thanks Charlene.

Vice President Mike Pence isheading to Columbia next week,

to put pressure on Venezuela'sNicolas Maduro to step down.

Thursday, Maduro closedVenezuela's border with Brazil.

He might close theborder to Columbia next,

shutting off nearly allinland access to the country.

Maduro wants to keepforeign aid from entering,

calling it a provocation.

His opponent, interim presidentJuan Guaido is calling

for aid to be assembled at the borders,

and issued a Saturdaydeadline for delivery.

The U.S. and 60 other nations

have recognized Guaidoas interim president.

The Trump administrationis backing off its decision

to pull all U.S. forces out of Syria,

announcing it will leave 200 troops

as a peace-keeping force.

The White House saysAmerican forces will remain

in Syria for an indefinite period of time.

It's also working with Turkeyto create a buffer zone

supposed to protectKurds in Northern Syria.

However, leaders in NortheastSyria tell CBN News,

Christians, Kurds, andother minorities living

in a Turkish controlledzone will not be safe

from attack by Turkish forces.

Well, Israel entered the Space Race today.

A Tel Aviv based organizationsent the first ever

private space craft to land on the Moon.

CBN's Chris Mitchell brings us the story.

- [Woman] Three, two, one, zero.

(engines roaring)Ignition.

(crowd cheering)

- [Chris] Israel is onits way to the Moon.

A dramatic nighttimelaunch from Cape Canaveral

sent Israel's privatelyfunded lunar lander

on its way to a rendezvous with history.

(speaks in foreign language)

Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu was

on hand in the control room.

(speaks in foreign language)

- [Translator] It's a big step for Israel,

but it's a giant stepfor Israeli technology.

The strength of the state ofIsrael in the world is rising,

rising, rising, rising to the Moon.

- [Chris] The spacecraft is called

(speaks in foreign language),a reference to the words

in the beginning, from Genesis.

While only about the sizeof a washing machine,

its mission is out of this world.

After launching from Cape Canaveral,

the plan will includeseveral lunar orbits,

before making a soft landingon the Moon's surface.

The 40-day voyage culminates

with a landing scheduled for April 11th.

It will then send back videoand high-resolution pictures,

and perform experiments.

The mission has two goals.

One is called the Apollo effect,

hoping to inspire the next generation.

- [Chris] Antebi says SpaceILwants to show a small country,

with a small budget, can jointhe prestigious moon-landing

club of the U.S., Russia, and China.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

calls the venture Zionism at its finest.

The spacecraft is alsobringing a time capsule,

including a miniature copy of the Bible,

along with Israeli nationalsymbols, including the saying

(speaks in foreign language),the people of Israel live.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Gordon, Israel provingits technological prowess.

- Congratulations to Israel,it's a wonderful achievement,

and may it spark a whole new generation

of scientists coming out of Israel.

Israel is already knownas a high-tech nation,

already known as a startupnation, and passing that on

and inspiring a whole generation,what a wonderful thing.


- Well coming up, aforgotten bit of history.

The day when a freak accidentunleashed a tidal wave

of molasses through the Boston waterfront.

- When he hears the rat-tat-tat

of what he feels is likemachine gun bullets,

he turns around, and he sees this tank

disintegrating before his eyes.

The rat-tat-tat are the rivets,

thousands of rivets inthe tank, pulling away.

- [Terry] See how thisbizarre event changed

American industry, when we come back.

(inspiring music)

- 100 years ago, a bizarreand deadly accident

hit the city of Boston.

A tidal wave 25 feethigh and 160 feet wide.

Well, it killed more than 20 people.

As Paul Strand tells us, it wasn't water

that swept through the streets.

- [Paul] Paul Revere madeBoston's North End famous

when he began his historicmidnight ride from here, in 1775.

Over time, it became a melting pot

of Italian-American culture,

but history has mostly forgottenanother extraordinary event

that happened on thesestreets 100 years ago.

January 15, 1919, a50-foot tall tank collapses

on the Boston waterfront,unleashing a massive tidal wave.

- It absolutely picks upeverything in its midst.

A messenger with about a four-ton truck

is delivering produce,and it gets picked up

and swept right into Boston harbor.

- 21 people died as aresult of the disaster,

including two children.

What takes this story from the tragic

to the bizarre, is thecontents of the tank.

Two point million gallons of molasses.

As it turns out, molasseswas originally a part

of the economy that Bostonianswould just as soon forget.

- Boston and the northeastwere heavily involved

in the slave trade, theso-called Triangle Trade.

- [Paul] Ships sailed from Boston

to West Africa, exchanging rum for slaves.

Next stop, the West Indies,where the slaves were traded

for molasses, which wasthen distilled into rum,

back in Boston, as partof a continuing cycle.

Fast forward to 1914 and World War I,

when demand for molassesreaches an all-time high.

By then, companies wereconverting molasses

into industrial alcohol, a key component

in manufacturing weapons.

As historian Stephen Puleodescribes in his book Dark Tide,

United States IndustrialAlcohol Company, or USIA,

rushed to build a high-capacitytank in Boston's North End.

In charge of the project,Treasurer Arthur P. Jell.

- The problem is, he has noarchitectural experience,

no technical experience,is unable to read plans

and blueprints, doesn't know anything

about a factor of safety,and barely asks anything

about any of these things.

- [Paul] By the timeJell locks in a location,

he has only two months beforethe first large shipment

of molasses is due to arrive.

In the rush to finish theproject, quality suffers.

- The tank begins to leakalmost from the beginning,

so much so that children fromthe North End would go down

to the site and scoop up molasses

with their pails, and bring them home.

At one point, Arthur P. Jellhas the tank painted the color

of molasses to disguise those leaks.

- [Paul] After the warends in November 1918,

as the likelihood ofprohibition approaches,

the company switches gearsto produce as much rum

as possible, before the 18thAmendment goes into effect.

Three months later, January 15, 1919,

shortly after noon, aBoston police officer

makes a routine call to headquarters.

When he hears what he describes

as this tremendousrumbling grinding sound,

and the rat-tat-tat of what he feels

is like machine gunbullets, he turns around,

and he sees this tankdisintegrating before his eyes.

The rat-tat-tat are the rivets,

thousands of rivets inthe tank, pulling away.

- [Paul] The 160-foot-widewave of molasses travels

at a speed of 35 miles per hour,

leveling off to a height of 25 feet.

It crushes everything in itspath, tearing this firehouse

from its foundation, completelycollapsing the first floor.

The waterfront is unrecognizable.

A criminal inquest finds USIA responsible

for the catastrophe, but agrand jury files no charges.

The only hope for justice forthe victims is a civil suit.

- It really is a David versusGoliath kind of situation.

United States IndustrialAlcohol is a large industrial

corporation, up against themare these 119 plaintiffs,

who are almost exclusivelyIrish city workers,

who work for the City ofBoston, or Italian immigrants,

who worked in and around the docks.

- [Paul] The MassachusettsSuperior Court assigns one

of Boston's most well-known lawyers

to oversee the case,Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Ogden.

The son of an Episcopalian minister,

Ogden left a lucrative law practice

at age 45 to enlist in the army.

The war profoundly changed Ogden,

who would later writeof his fellow soldiers,

they did not give theirlives so the great might have

further privilege to oppress the small.

The hearings take three long years,

in part because Ogdeninsists each victim be heard.

In a decision that changesthe course of history,

he finds United StatesIndustrial Alcohol liable.

- Almost everything wetake for granted today

in the building construction industry,

that architects need to show their work,

engineers need to signand seal their plans,

building inspectors need tocome out and check projects,

almost every single oneof those comes about

as a direct result of the GreatBoston Molasses Flood case.

- [Paul] It has been saidthat God uses ordinary people

to carry out his extraordinary plans.

Such is the case with Hugh Ogden.

Although his name hasbeen lost to history,

his legacy is undeniable.

Paul Strand, CBN News.

- And what a great legacy.

If you ever wonder why youneed to get a building permit

just to modify your home,blame it on this molasses.

That's why, but it's forthe protection of all of us,

to make sure we can allbe safe in our houses,

safe in our buildings.

Building codes are an absolute necessity.


- What a fascinating story, goodness.

Well, up next, a younghusband turns to pain killers

after he's injured in a car crash.

- [Brandon] They startprescribing me opiates,

and I took the opiatesand the pain went away.

Almost instantly I was hooked.

- [Terry] Watch how thisman finally breaks free

from years of drug addiction.

(inspiring music)

(joyful music)

- Brandon Henderson had a beautiful wife

and daughter that he absolutely adored.

He also had a drug habit he couldn't kick.

For years, Brandon was inand out of jail and rehab,

and through it all, his wifeand parents stood by him,

praying for the day he would be set free.

(mournful piano music)

- I said, I'm just a junkie,that's all I'll ever be.

- [Narrator] The voiceof a hopeless addict.

And the family who was trying to save him.

- He said I gotta tellyou guys, I'm shootin' up.

- We just kept saying, youknow, this is not gonna happen,

this is not what God has intended for you.

- You know, I tried to controlhim, I tried to love him,

I was angry at him, none of it worked.

I would pray for him that Godwould get a hold of his heart.

- [Narrator] Brandon Hendersonwas not always an addict.

The son of a minister, he gave his life

to Jesus when he was seven.

- So I had a strong encounterwith God at that time.

Became really, at a youngage, on fire for God,

and had a hunger for him in my life.

- [Narrator] But a storm would come

that would shape hislife for years to come.

It happened at a boys club sleepover.

- Couple of the older boys molested me,

and several of the otheryounger boys in there, and so,

when this happened in my life,it really shook my faith.

Again, I blamed myself fornot being able to stop it,

and so there was shame and guilt.

- [Narrator] Embarrassed andafraid, Brandon told no one.

By his early teens, hewas using marijuana,

alcohol, and sex to dull his pain.

- I started to do thingsto validate who I was,

and every line that Icrossed, I would begin

to feel more guilt, and more shame,

and so I just continued to spiral,

and to slip further and further from God.

- [Narrator] There was abright spot in Brandon's life.

Her name was Julie.

They met at a church camp,became high school sweethearts,

and married shortly after graduation.

He still smoked pot and drankon occasion, but in 2008,

he found something more effective.

- Got in a bad car accident,really hurt my back.

Got sent to pain management,

they started prescribing me opiates,

and I took the opiatesand the pain went away,

almost instantly, I was hooked.

- [Narrator] Within the year,

Brandon's drug use hadescalated to heroin.

He was also selling prescription drugs.

Julie had seen signs of addiction,

but then she found the needles.

- I think Lord, he istrying to kill himself,

there is no hope, I don't know what to do.

And so many times I wanted to leave,

but I thought, if I leave, he'll die.

If I stay, he'll die.

Lord, what do I do?

- [Narrator] In 2010, he wasarrested during a drug bust,

and sentenced to twoyears on house arrest.

In that time, he and Julie had a daughter,

but even becoming a father wasn't enough

to keep him from going back to drugs.

- I absolutely loved her,and I kept trying to quit

on my own and I rememberlooking at her and thinking,

this little girl's gonnabe better off without me.

- [Narrator] Over the next several years,

Brandon was in and out of jail and rehab,

unable to control his addictions.

- The reason I kept going backis 'cause I wasn't dealing

with the emotional pain thatwas driving me to do that.

I still had that hurt on the inside,

'cause I saw myself as trash.

- Every time the phonerings, you think that

this is the call, that they're gonna,

they found him, od'd, or onthe side of the road or...

- The Bible talks about God calling things

that are not as though they are.

Well, I would call himand say hey, man of God,

and he said dad, don't youknow, I'm not a man of God,

I just shot up, I'm gonnaend up dead some day.

- And I remember when he'd say that to me,

it would hit me like right in that heart,

something in my heart saidyes, I wanna be a man of God,

but I don't see how that's possible.

- [Narrator] All this time,there was Julie by his side,

crying out to God for her husband.

- I just said Lord, whatever your will is,

please, let it be done.

If it's to save him, save him now.

If it's to take him, thentake him so we're not hurting,

and he's not hurting any more.

- [Narrator] Then, in2012, Brandon was placed

in Dunklin ChristianRehabilitation Center.

One month later, he was returned

to jail for violating his probation.

When he was released,

he quickly resumed hisdestructive behavior.

That's when Julie knew it was time

to take their daughter and leave.

On her way out, she sadly reported Brandon

for violating his probation, again.

- I finally just cried out, was like God,

I don't care what it looks like, you know,

if I go to jail, if I go to prison,

for however long, I can't keep doing this.

You know, with whateveryou want from my life,

I'm gonna serve you.

- [Narrator] The next day,Brandon stood before the judge.

- So I go to court, and you know,

I had that surrender moment.

Even still though, I'mstanding there shackled,

and I'm more nervous,because I had a daughter now,

and I felt somethin', apresence settle on my shoulders,

and just heard a soft whisper, I got this.

The judge came back fromthe sidebar conversation,

he's like, I don't knowwhy I'm doing this.

He said, I'm gonna giveyou your prison sentence,

but I'm gonna suspend it,in lieu of you going back

to Dunklin, and gettingyour life back together.

- [Narrator] It was there,with a Christian counselor,

Brandon was finally able totalk about his molestation,

and break the bondskeeping him in addiction,

and learn his true value in Christ.

- And when I walked through forgiveness

for the guys who did that,and forgiveness with myself,

and my parents, and with God,

there's so much freedom in forgiveness.

I caught a glimpse ofmyself in the mirror,

and no longer saw ajunkie, but I saw somebody

who was a father, and a husband and a son,

and somebody who actually had hope.

- [Narrator] Brandon is still drug free,

and is a sales manager

for a national telecommunications company.

He spends most of his free time

with his beautiful wifeand three children.

- Today, he's the son that we lost

during those span of years.

The little boy that was full of joy.

- And God was just restoring my identity,

and he was telling me you areprecious, you are valuable.

And see, he was takingthe mess that I made,

and he was making it something beautiful,

into his own masterpiece.

- You are his masterpiece.

Realize that.

Right where you are,you are his masterpiece.

Now don't laugh atthat, don't reject that,

because that's who you are.

The Bible says that you'refearfully and wonderfully made.

The Bible also says thatbefore the foundation

of the world was laid,he thought about you.

He created good works, goodthings for you to walk into,

that would satisfy yourheart, give you a purpose,

give you a hope, give you a future.

He did all of these things just for you.

Now, if you're likeBrandon, and you're caught

in addiction, here's something for you.

It's from the book of Hosea.

And it's an interestingparallel, where the Bible says

that new wine, and harlotryand idolatry are all the same,

and the problem with it isthat they enslave the heart.

So your heart starts to long

for the very thing that's killing you.

And you want that feeling,you want that comfort.

You know it's destructive,you know you can die from it,

but you keep going back toit, you keep going back to it.

Why, because your heart is enslaved.

But I've got good news for you.

He can break that, he can change that,

and he can change you back towhat he originally intended,

all the good things he originally intended

for you, you can have again.

And the wonderful news,it's all free of charge.

He doesn't charge anything for it.

He loves you so much that hewas willing to die for you.

He was willing to takeall the consequences,

all the sin, all therejection, all of that.

He took it all, so thatyou wouldn't have to.

Now how do you get this?

How do you break free?

How do you unslave your heart?

Well, you turn to Jesus.

What is he looking for?

He's just looking for a little sign,

and just what Brandon did.

God, I'll serve you, I'm tired of this,

I want something different.

It's not going to beon your own willpower,

it's going to be on hiswillpower, his ability.

And when he fills you withhis love, and shows you

who you really are, thatyou really are his child,

he really loves you, he's not mad at you,

he's not rejecting you,

he's anxiously waitingfor you to come home.

All you have to do is show him.

With the prodigal sonin the Bible, all he had

to do was come to himself, andturn and say, I'm going home.

And the father saw himfrom a long way off,

and ran out to him, andembraced him, and said,

let's have a big party,because my son has come home.

The same thing happens inHeaven, all of Heaven rejoices,

and is waiting to rejoice over you.

All you have to do is turn.

So if you want to do this,if you want a fresh start,

all you have to do is askfor it, so let's do that.

Let's pray together, andlet Jesus do all the rest.

Pray with me.

Jesus, that's right, just say his name,

say it out loud, Jesus.

I come to you, and Lord, I need

to break free from what I'm doing.

These things that enslaveme, I need to break free.

And Jesus, I confess I can't do this,

but I know that you can.

So come into my heart, forgive me

of all the things that I've done wrong.

Set me free.

And Jesus, if you do thisfor me, I want to follow you,

I want to serve you,all the days of my life.

Hear my prayer, fill me with your love,

for I ask it in Jesus' name.


Father, for those who just prayed,

I ask that your presencejust come upon them,

breathe on them Lord God, baptize them

in your spirit and in your love.

And let them know rightnow, that their prayer

has been heard and hasbeen answered today.

Lord, do it, change lives, do it Lord,

for we ask it in Jesus' name.

Amen, and amen.

If you prayed with me,

there's one more thing I want you to do.

I want you to get a freepacket, it's called A New Day.

What do you do now?

How do you live the Christian life?

What are the important verses

in the Bible to help guide you?

It's all free, all you have

to do is call us, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, I prayed with thatguy on TV, and I want this.

It's called A New Day, so youcan ask for it when you call.

I also encourage you to get a Bible,

start reading it every day.

It's through the word of Godthat you renew your mind,

and stop the old way of thinking

and get into the newway of God's thinking.

But start with that phonecall, 1-800-700-7000.

Terry, over to you.

- Still ahead, a militaryfamily loses everything

when a hurricane floods their home.

- We had nice things, and a nice house,

and now it's all gone,and we have to start over.

- We finally didn't owe anyoneor any bank or anything,

and just in a blink of an eye,now we're facing that again.

- [Terry] See how this couplereceives an extreme blessing.

That's coming up.

(inspiring music)

(epic music)

- Welcome back to Washington,for this CBN News Break.

The father of an Americanwoman who went to Syria

to join ISIS, is suingthe Trump administration

to allow her to return.

Hoda Muthana said she wantsto come back to America.

President Trump tweetedWednesday, writing,

I have instructed Secretaryof State Mike Pompeo,

and he fully agrees not toallow her back in the country.

The State Department arguesshe is not a U.S. citizen,

a claim her family's attorney disputes.

Muthana says she was radicalized online

and ran away to join ISIS in 2015.

Meanwhile Britain is alsobanning an ISIS bride

from returning to that country.

Well, Operation Blessingis providing assistance

to pregnant women in Honduras.

A health center was indesperate need of supplies

to help care for women and children.

Operation Blessing steppedin to provide supplies,

including bed sheets, baby towels,

baby clothes and patient garments.

Thanks to Operation Blessing's efforts,

the women are receivingnecessary attention

to care for their pregnancy and delivery,

in a safe and comfortable place.

Well, you can find out moreabout Operation Blessing

by going to its website,

Gordon and Terry will be back with more

of The 700 Club, right after this.

(epic music)

(inspiring music)

- After Hurricane Florenceflooded their rental home,

Jim and Rose Langwell began living

in a camper with their three children.

All the family's belongings were ruined,

and to replace them, the couple would have

to go deep into debt.

At least, that's what they thought,

until they received some great news

from CBN's Helping the Home Front.

- [Narrator] Jim Langwell andhis wife Rose are dedicated

to serving their community and country.

She's in the U.S. Air Force,he works as a sheriff's deputy

in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

They never imagined they'dbe the ones needing help,

after Hurricane Florence flooded

their home they were renting.

All of their belongingswere destroyed by the storm.

- It's hard.

We've both worked our wholelives to get where we are.

And we had nice things and a nice house,

and now it's all gone,and we have to start over.

- [Narrator] Rose andtheir three kids lived

in this borrowed camperon her sister Don's

and her husband Randy's property.

Despite that part ofRandy and Don's roof blew

off their own home, and themaster bedroom destroyed,

they took the Langwells in.

- I'm eternally grateful for it.

I will do anything to tryand repay them for this,

I mean it's just huge.

- [Narrator] Jim and Rose planned to move

into another rental homeas soon as possible,

but they wouldn't have any furniture,

unless they bought whatthey needed on credit.

- We finally didn't owe anyone,or any bank, or anything.

We were in a really good spot,a really comfortable spot,

and then just in a blink of an eye,

now we're facing that again.

- We struggled before andGod always pulled us through,

so, I'm hopeful.

- [Narrator] Their situation changed

because the Lord's Table Church contacted

CBN's Helping the Home Front.

- We want to make surethat you can replace a lot

of the things that youlost, so we wanna give you

some commissary and exchange gift cards.

So $2,500 worth of that, so...

- Thank you.

- And a way to help youguys get back on your feet,

we wanna take care of your deposit

and first month's rentwhen you find a place.

(both laugh)

And then later today, we're gonna take you

to Ashley Furniture, and theywant to make sure you guys

have all the furniture youneed for your new house, so,

putting your heads on realbeds, sitting on real couches.

- I'm speechless.- It's awesome.

- [Narrator] It was thenthat Pastor Ken told them

CBN's Operation Blessing was going

to help Rose's sister and brother-in-law.

- They have gotten some helpfrom Operation Blessing,

so that they can help your family as well.

- It's amazing, I can't believe it.

- [Narrator] Back outside,they told Randy and Don

that Operation Blessingwas going to pay to fix

all the damage to theroof and master bedroom.

- Man, that's...- Get you where you need

to go man.- I don't even know

what to say, I really don't.

Thank you man.

(all laugh)

How 'bout that (laughs)?

Thank you guys so much.- It's good for me.

It's good for me man.

- [Terry] Afterwards,they headed to Ashley's

to pick out furniture for their new home.

Ashley's was more than happyto provide a deep discount,

to honor the couple's service.

Today, the Langwellsare in their new home,

with all the furniture they need,

thanks to Helping the Home Front.

- I'm grateful for CBN becausethis really means a lot.

- You know, when people arein situations that are out

of their control, and it's devastating,

and they've lost everything,700 Club members,

that's when you show up.

I love that, I love thatyou go right into the midst

of their need, and youprovide, not just a little bit,

but what they need to really flourish

and to thrive and to move forward.

We say thank you.

You know, to those of youwho haven't yet joined

The 700 Club, I want you toknow it's a 65 cents a day,

$20 a month commitment, andwhile that might not sound

like a lot, when we alljoin hands together,

it really does touch lives bythe thousands and thousands,

not just here at home,but all around the world.

Will you go to your phoneand join with us now?

We need you to be apart of what's going on,

in the move to touch peopleright at their point of need.

So there's our phone number,

even it's toll-free, 1-800-700-7000.

Call us and just say, I'dlike to join The 700 Club.

When you do, if you'll use Pledge Express,

that's electronic monthly giving,

it means your bank does allthe work, I really love it,

no stamps, no envelopes on hand,it's all just done for you,

we wanna send you Powerfor Life teachings.

You'll get one of theseevery single month,

and we think they'll bea real blessing to you,

even as you're blessing others.

And you know, we live in a day and age

where we all wanna say to our military,

thank you for your service.

Well there's a wonderfulway you can do that,

support the work ofHelping the Home Front.

You know, we're reachingout on a regular basis.

This is one story of afamily whose life was changed

by your kindness and generosity.

If you'd like to be a partof that, just send your gift

to Helping the Home Front, CBN Center,

Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23463.

You can also give bycalling 1-800-700-7000,

or you can give online at

We say thank you in advance,

you really are making a difference.


- Well up next, a basketball coach

is sidelined by neck pain.

- I kind of pride myselfon being a good passer,

and I went to throw a pass,and it just fell out of my arm.

- [Gordon] Watch what gets her back

in the game, pain-free, after this.

(joyful music)

(epic music)

- For six months, HeatherKelly had a problem

in her neck that affectedevery aspect of her life,

especially her job as ateacher and basketball coach.

Heather saw severaldoctors, and spent thousands

of dollars getting massages,but nothing helped.

Until the day she cameacross The 700 Club.

- [Narrator] In additionto being a wife and mother,

there's something elsethat defines Heather Kelly,

her love for coaching high school sports.

- This is my livelihoodand my calling I feel.

I love it, without adoubt, it's my passion.

- [Narrator] And for Heather,being a successful coach

includes scrimmaging with the athletes.

But when she startedfeeling neck pain in 2015,

she found it difficult to do her job.

- It really hit me in basketball practice,

when I kind of pride myselfon being a good passer,

and I went to throw a pass,and it just fell out of my arm.

- [Narrator] Eventually, shecouldn't participate at all.

Even the most simple movementscaused excruciating pain.

- I would get to a stop sign,I would get so frustrated,

because I didn't have thatmobility to look left and right.

So I'd stop, and I'd literallyhave to turn my whole body.

- [Narrator] Before long,

the pain was affectingher home life as well.

- So I felt like I wasdefinitely letting everybody

around me down, especiallywhen I got home,

I felt like I was letting my family down.

I didn't wanna cook, I didn't wanna clean,

I didn't wanna be the wife or the mother

I was supposed to be.

- That's actually all she reallytalked about, was her neck.

My neck, my neck, justseeing her being depressed

like that was just,you know, awful to see.

- I went to several different doctors,

and they kept giving mepills to mask the pain,

and help me with the pain,

but we really couldn'tfigure out what was going on.

I spent thousands ofdollars getting massages,

trying to work it out.

I was trying to do everything I knew,

using every resource I knew how,

and just not seeing any type of results.

I prayed all the time.

I felt like God was not hearing me at all,

and I didn't understand.

I remember one time, getting so depressed,

and just sitting on the floor,and just crying and saying,

I don't know what to do anymore, I'm just over this.

- [Narrator] Heather had beenin pain for about six months,

when she stumbled on to The 700 Club.

Terry and Gordon weregiving words of knowledge.

- [Heather] I honestly thoughtit was all hocus-pocus.

I thought, you know, thisis really weird, but,

I had folded my hands,and sitting on the couch,

and I bent my head, whilethey were praying for people.

And Terry came on and said...

- Someone else, youhave a problem with some

of the vertebrae at the top of your spine,

and it makes your neck tight.

God is just healingthat for you right now.

You're gonna feel a kind ofa warmth in that upper part.

Just move your head around,

and there's freedom there for you.

- I was so overcome, I said,God, she's talking to me.

And as soon as I lifted myhead, it was like a snap,

and a release from my body.

I was so overcome withjoy, I started crying.

I remember the first thing Idid was moving my head left

to right, 'cause I couldnot do that for so long.

I knew I was healed.

First, I said thankyou God for healing me,

thank you, and I just started crying.

- Then my wife calledme and she said, Shane,

I've been healed, I've been healed,

and I was like, whatdo you mean, she goes,

I can move my neck, Jesus healed me.

I mean, as soon as she washealed, it was, she got back

to her old self, she startedto, you know, wanna get back

to work, and do things likeshe couldn't do before,

and it was just, yeah, itwas an immediate change.

Just to see her back to her normal self

was just amazing to me.

- [Narrator] Heather has beengoing full speed ever since.

- I can get back out there, Ican play with the kids again.

I'm not very good, but I can get out there

and be a part of it.

Being able to pass andjust little stuff you take

for granted every day, what a blessing.

That was the biggest thingfor me, is he knows my name,

he knows Heather, and howamazing that is to know

that God really does knoweach and every one of us,

and how much he loves us, andreally does care about us.

- He knows your name, henumbers the hairs on your head.

He knows your beginning,he knows everything,

you're written in his book of life.

It's not hocus-pocus, it's God.

If we can understand it,well then it's not God.

You know the reason it seems

so mysterious is because it's God.

If we can explain how miracles happen,

well then, it's not God.

But when God comes in, andyou see the transformation,

and you see the healing,well then it's undeniable.

You just go wow, yeah God,what a wonderful thing

to do for your children.

Now, if you think thatsomehow or other you have

to bargain with God, oryou have to plead with him,

or you have to live life acertain way to get his attention,

or any of that, get ridof all of those thoughts.

And here's a thought to replace them.

If you're a parent,and your child is sick,

what would you do?

You would do anything, youwould pay any doctor bill,

you would do anythingfor that child to recover

and to be normal and to behealthy, you would do anything.

Well start thinking ofyour Heavenly Father,

that's exactly how he feels about you.

He would do anything, and he proved it

on a cross, 2,000 years ago.

He would do anything for you.

He gave his life, so thatwe wouldn't have to suffer

any more, and by hisstripes, we are healed.

The Apostle Peter changes that verse.

He says by his stripes, we were healed.

It's already accomplished,it's past tense,

he's already done it, sowe don't have to beg him

for what he's already done.

Now Jesus gives us the key to miracles.

When you stand praying,

believe that you have already received,

and you will have it.

So when did your healing happen?

Well, ask yourself this question,

when were your sins forgiven?

Well, they were forgiven 2,000 years ago,

before you even committed it,

which is a pretty amazing thought.

When were your diseases healed?

Same time, 2,000 years ago.

So in God's universe,it's already happened.

In Heaven, it's already happened.

All we have to do is say,may God's will be done

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

When we pray in accordance with that,

realizing these are great facts,

then faith gets very easy,healing gets very easy.

Do we every understand it, no,

'cause if we did, it wouldn't be God.

But realize he loves you,he loves you infinitely.

Now Terry and I are going to pray for you,

and before we pray, we'vegot some wonderful miracles,

other people who have been healed

by watching a television show.

So here is Isabel fromOlympia, Washington.

She had cataracts.

The implant surgery she underwent failed

due to a wrinkle in her cornea.

Her doctor suggestedmore aggressive surgery.

Well, one day, watching this program,

Isabel heard Terry say, Godis healing you right now,

and Terry specificallycalled out her condition.

Well, Isabel knew it was forher, and by faith believed,

and when Isabel returned to her doctor,

he confirmed, she's healed.

- Praise God.

Well, this is America.

At the age of 25, fromPuyallup, Washington,

she was diagnosed withEpstein-Barr disease,

and spent seven days in the hospital.

After being released, shewas watching this program,

she heard you, Gordon, pray in detail

for someone with her exact symptoms.

She said she felt her body healing.

When America went back toher doctor, it was confirmed.

The disease is no longerin her bloodstream.

That's a miracle.

- Hallelujah (chuckles)God performs miracles,

can we explain them, no, butcan we believe in them, yes.

And when we believe thatwe have already received,

we will have it.

So let's pray, and I justchallenge you right now,

believe that it's already been done.

Believe that it was done2,000 years ago, and now,

let it manifest in yourbody right now, let's pray.

Lord, we lift the needsof the audience to you,

and as people are believing,and believing in you,

we look to you, the authorand the finisher of our faith.

We look to you.

And now we say out loud toour bodies, be healed now,

in Jesus' name, and berestored and made whole.

No more disease, no morepain, no more suffering,

for by his stripes I am healed,

and I was healed 2,000 years ago.

So I receive it now, in Jesus' name.

There's someone watching,you heard that story

about Epstein-Barr, youhave a blood condition,

and it's in your red bloodcells, God is healing your blood.

He's restoring, giving you energy

and vitality that you'venever experienced.

You're going to be a new creation now,

in Jesus' name, receive it now, Terry?

- There's someone named Dan,

you've had recurring healthproblems, and God wants you

to know he's got it, he has got it.

He's got your back, he knowsyour name, he's in the midst

of your circumstances, do not be afraid.

And there's also someone named Danielle,

and this is not a health,not Danielle, but Daniel,

this is not a health issue,but God would say to you,

hold fast to the vision he's given you,

because though it maynot happen immediately,

it is going to come to pass for you.

- And there's someone, you've got a virus

that causes blistering around your mouth,

and God is healing, he's takingaway all the embarrassment,

all the shame, in Jesus' name,be healed now, amen and amen.

If you need prayer, we're here for you,

all you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word from Jeremiah.

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed.

Save me, and I shall besaved, for you are my praise.


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