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The Steps to a Comfortable Retirement

Corry and Ray worked hard for 45 years and now live a comfortable life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains....

Take Your Pick: Food or Water?

In the region of Uganda where Moru and her family live, it’s so dry that they have to put...

A Mother’s Heartbreak Turns to Hope

Mrs. Li had almost given up her dream of having a child when a friend told her about an...

From Zero to Millionaire! It’s All About the Test

When Rita’s husband walked out, she was left with a broken heart, no job, and no financial means. But...

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did...

When Hardship Brings Unexpected Blessing

Joan was struggling to support two kids on her tiny income, often borrowing powdered milk by the scoop from...

Earning $1.50 a Day, Paying on a $1,500 Debt

Grandma Myint was raising her two grandchildren in Myanmar by selling rice cakes. When a flood destroyed their home,...

The 700 Club - January 21, 2019

Talaat went into marriage ashamed of the $30,000 of debt he had accrued. After becoming debt-free, he and his...

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700 Club Canada: January 21, 2019

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 21, 2019

700 Club Interactive - January 21, 2019

A woman diagnosed with a tumor is told she will never conceive. Through prayer and faith, she miraculously...

The 700 Club - January 18, 2019

Joe always wanted to provide a life he and his wife could enjoy—even through retirement. His prayer was for...

News on The 700 Club: January 18, 2019

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Healthy Living - January 15, 2019


700 Club Canada: January 18, 2019

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 18, 2019

700 Club Interactive - January 18, 2019

Heidi Baker gives personal insight into living from the presence of God and the lifelong continuous influence of the...

The 700 Club - January 17, 2019

Seventeen and pregnant, Chenel married and later divorced at a young age. Through the kindness of a friend and...

News on The 700 Club: January 17, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 17, 2019.: