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Be Prepared: What the Fiscal Cliff Means for You

Will the economy drop off the fiscal cliff come Jan. 1? Frank Nico, CBN's director of Planned Giving, offers...

Voice of Hope: Overcome Loneliness

A Voice of Hope features author Leslie Haskins discussing how God helped her navigate through loneliness.

700 Club Canada: December 12, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for December 12, 2012.

The 700 Club - December 12, 2012

Author Leslie Haskins shares how God helped her navigate through loneliness. Plus, The Johnsons adopt a baby from Africa...

700 Club Interactive: Dirty God - December 12, 2012

Author, pastor, advisor, professor of religion and a VP at Liberty University Johnnie Moore shares about God's greatest quality...

News on The 700 Club: December 11, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" Dec. 11: Retired Dutch official facing child rape allegations, Experts warn Christianity being...

Christmas with the Irish Tenors

The Irish Tenors join us to singe the Christmas standards, "Silent Night" and "We Three Kings."

Bring It On: God's Origin

Did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah? We know Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but where did God come from? I've noticed...

Being More Than An Overcomer

Author Bonnie St. John shares her experience of medaling in the Paralympics and her mission to inspire others to achieve.

700 Club Canada: December 11, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for December 11, 2012.

The 700 Club - December 11, 2012

Author Bonnie St. John shares her incredible journey of overcoming challenges while purposing to inspire others. Plus, The Irish...

700 Club Interactive: The Father’s Heart - December 11, 2012

Pastor, author, speaker and songwriter Chris DuPré shares his testimony and music with Interactive.

Educators Hopeful over Future of Christian Colleges

Christian higher education finds itself in a spiritual fight because of an America that's becoming increasingly secular. These schools...

Hugo Pizano: Sin Vida detrás del escenario.

Este es el testimonio del actor mexicano Hugo Pizano. Su vida comenzó a decaer desde la infancia, luego del...

Norma Pantojas: "lo que pasó, pasó"

La autora y consejera, Norma Pantojas, nos presenta su nuevo libro: “Lo que Pasó, Pasó”, en el que describe...

La empresa de Lourdes Paz.

Lourdes Paz nunca imaginó lo que una llamada telefónica iba a significar para su vida. Su esposo había sido...

El Bandoneón Argentino

El tango, la música popular argentina que llegó a todo el mundo tiene un instrumento muy especial. El bandoneón....

This Week at CBN: Southeast Asia Benefit Concert

Gordon Robertson takes us to Southeast Asia where CBN sponsored a benefit concert to provide a medical clinic for...