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CBN Global Update: July 7, 2014

CBN's Orphan's Promise is helping needy Roma families through the seed program in the Ukraine.

Thriving Military Families

Author and military spouse Sara Jane Arnett discusses the importance of faith and how to thrive as a military family.

The 700 Club - July 7, 2014

Shay turned to a life on the streets to escape an abusive home, but she never found peace. Plus,...

700 Club Canada: July 7, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for July 7, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Fifteen Minutes of Fame - July 7, 2014

What would you do for your fifteen minutes of fame?

Britain's Lost Freedoms: 'We're Living in a Mad House'

The calendar might say it's 2014, but in Britain it's starting to feel like George Orwell's "1984" because officials...

Finding Hope in a Dark World

Their world is filled with kidnapping and violence, but you gave these girls hope for their future and peace...

Attempted Murder Conviction Paves the Way to Peace

Shay turned to a life on the streets to escape her abusive uncle. Drugs, prostitution, and an attempted murder...

News on The 700 Club: July 4, 2014

As Seen on The 700 Club, July 4: Anne Graham Lotz issues urgent call for prayer; Hurricane Arthur delivers...

700 Club Canada: July 4, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for July 4, 2014

Bring It On-Line: Is America changing for the worse?

I feel like America is changing rapidly for the worse. As Americans, what can we do to help turn...

The 700 Club - July 4, 2014

Celebrate the nation’s birthday with The 700 Club. Jessica Lynch shares about keeping the faith as a POW. Also,...

Iraq War POW Jessica Lynch is Unapologetic About Faith

Jessica Lynch discusses her time in the military, her experience of being a POW and how faith played a...

The Star Spangled Banner

From the shores of Fort McHenry in Maryland, learn the history of our national anthem.

700 Club Interactive: Independence Day 2014 - July 4, 2014

We celebrate our nation’s birthday! Edgar Harrell was in the Pacific when his ship went down. He...

News on The 700 Club: July 3, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," July 3: Evacs underway as Arthur strengthens to hurricane; Sudan mother: baby harmed...

The 700 Club - July 3, 2014

As a teen, Chris lost his direction in life with the untimely death of his father. Plus, A torn...

700 Club Interactive: Future of America - July 3, 2014

Is America in a moral tailspin? Hear how some are planning to spark a revival this summer!...