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The 700 Club: January 26, 2011

Discover the strategy one couple used to carve out new jobs for themselves.

The 700 Club: January 25, 2011

While businesses across the country have been hurting financially, One air freight company has remained strong and prosperous. Discover...

The 700 Club: January 24, 2011

On couple committed to a strategy that brings them financial increase. Find out their secret—it can work in your...

The 700 Club: January 21, 2011

Find out how one couple got better jobs and higher income virtually overnight and how you can apply their...

The 700 Club: January 20, 2011

One couple's business was dying, find out the story behind their extraordinary recovery.

The 700 Club: January 19, 2011

Learn how one couple faced their financial fears and why they’re no longer afraid.

The 700 Club: January 18, 2011

One couple's trust in God turns into a thriving business.

The 700 Club: January 17, 2011

See how couples went from struggling to thriving with these Kingdom secrets.

The 700 Club: January 14, 2011

Author Lysa TerKeurst talks about cravings. A young woman grows up in a family with a dark secret. Also,...

The 700 Club: January 13, 2011

Learn how to use everyday items to clean your house. A pastor suffers a stroke that almost kills him....

The 700 Club: January 12, 2011

Four teenagers describe how divorce affected their lives. Plus, CBN News interviews a Haiti earthquake survivor.

The 700 Club: January 11, 2011

A former Planned Parenthood leader shares why she is pro-life. CBN Sports talks to a Defensive End for the...

The 700 Club: January 7, 2011

A man lives under a bridge while addicted to crack. A woman receives a healing after watching The 700...

The 700 Club: January 10, 2011

A man witnesses his own mother's murder. An abortion survivor shares her story. Also, CBN News reports on Christian persecution.

The 700 Club: January 6, 2011

Financial expert Ellie Kay talks about her 60-Minute Money Workout. A survivor from Ruby Ridge talks about forgiveness. Also,...

The 700 Club: January 5, 2011

Dr. Barry Sears discusses the Zone Diet. A woman considered suicide to get out of an abusive marriage. Also,...

The 700 Club: January 4, 2011

Our guest led a blind man to the top of the world's highest mountain. See a testimony from a...