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700 Club Interactive - June 21, 2018

When doctors tell parents their daughter will die before birth, a couple believe God will give her life.

700 Club Interactive - June 20, 2018

How one family found joy in the midst of sorrow and faith in the midst of loss.

700 Club Interactive - June 19, 2018

Jose Altuve is the smallest player in Major League Baseball, yet commands gigantic admiration from fellow players for his...

700 Club Interactive - June 18, 2018

Minister Katherine Ruonala will share how God works through miracles.

700 Club Interactive - June 15, 2018

Couch bound for almost 3 years, former ballet dancer Donna learns to trust God for her healing.

700 Club Interactive - June 14, 2018

Studio 5 Host, Efrem Graham discusses the biggest stories of the week in entertainment.

700 Club Interactive - June 13, 2018

American Idol finalist and former Miss Mississippi & Top 10 Miss America 2015 will discuss her faith and overcoming...

700 Club Interactive - June 12, 2018

Christian singer Russ Taff opens up about his career; overcoming years of physical and emotional abuse from his parents...

700 Club Interactive - June 11, 2018

A suicidal man finds hope and purpose after receiving a similar message from several strangers.

700 Club Interactive - June 8, 2018

Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee share compelling stories of courageous woman who challenged the status quo and changed history.

700 Club Interactive - June 7, 2018

After a deadly diagnosis of Ebola and Malaria, a missionary fights for his life. See what brought him “back...

700 Club Interactive - June 6, 2018

Detroit Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris is described as an unconventional non-conformist, occasionally living in his 1978 Volkswagen van as...

700 Club Interactive - June 5, 2018

Hall of Famer, Jonathan Cain from the band Journey shares how he came to faith in the world of...

700 Club Interactive - June 4, 2018

A former lesbian feminist who fought for LGBTQ equality, Rosaria Butterfield shares how she was radically changed when she...

700 Club Interactive - June 1, 2018

Roman Catholic Bishop Barry Knestout shares how he believes the Catholic Church is fulfilling the great commission.

700 Club Interactive - May 31, 2018

Pastor and worship leader, William McDowell shares how God is moving through revival and miracles and how we can...

700 Club Interactive - May 30, 2018

Rory Feek shares how God used a blend of bitter and sweet moments from his past and marriage to...

700 Club Interactive - May 29, 2018

Can you imagine a world without orphans? A new movement hopes to put children in safe, stable, and nurturing families.