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Bring It On: Pregnant Girlfriend

Hope asks: Are evil spirits omnipresent? When they "tempt" you, are you the only person in the world they're...

A 2-Year Death Sentence That Never Came

Charles Goodman suffered with Lou Gehrig's disease for years, but one day he experienced a miraculous healing.

Forgiving Yourself After Choosing Abortion

After being part of the decision to abort his child, Maurice Huff struggles to forgive himself.

This Week at CBN: Disaster Relief Around the World

Gordon Robertson shares how the ministries of CBN are in action to bring relief to areas affected by natural disasters.

CBN Global Update: August 27, 2012

CBN is at work in Niger, where heavy flooding is devastating the country.

The 700 Club - August 27, 2012

Marion Jones discusses what her incarceration experience taught her and what needs to change about our prison system. Plus,...

Bring It On: Divorce

I am addicted to porn and I am weak this way, what can I do to correct this? In...

State Meltdown: Greece on Brink of Total Failure

As European Union officials try to figure out how to rescue Greece, the Greek people continue to suffer. Many...

Convicted Killer Forgiven

Raul Dominguez thought that escaping Cuba would lead to a better life in the united States, but his criminal...

The Widow’s Double Blessing

When Aboorvam suddenly became a widow, she was afraid her children would be trapped in the same cycle of...

Mundo Cristiano: Agosto 24, 2012

Israel se alista para posible guerra con Iran. Tráfico de menores en America aumenta, varios ministerios trabajan...

This Week at CBN: Living the Christian Life

Gordon Robertson presents a teaching on living the Christian life and the importance of obedience with a look at...

The 700 Club - August 24, 2012

Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path. Plus, Abused...

The Birkeys' Broken Marriage

Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.

Navy SEAL Becomes Christian Soldier

Author and former Navy SEAL shares how God changed his life while attending a Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade.

The 700 Club - August 23, 2012

Author and former Navy SEAL Chad Williams shares how God changed his life. Plus, Decorated LSU female athlete Mo...

Heart of Texas: Dallas Churches Welcome Refugees

Dallas is a key destination for refugees, especially for Iraqi refugees. Several area churches have been rolling out the...

Female LSU Athlete Takes on the Gridiron

Decorated LSU female athlete Mo Isom shares her story of salvation and her attempt to make history as a...