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700 Club Interactive – April 7, 2011

On today's 700 Club Interactive host Gordon Robertson leads the discussion on surviving financial pitfalls.

Bring It On: Romance Novels

Is it okay for a Christian to read romance novels? Should Christians study Greek Mythology? Can people really see...

700 Club Interactive – April 6, 2011

It's a day of general ministry on 700 Club Interactive. Join us as the hosts respond to your needs...

The 700 Club - April 6, 2011

Kristi Watts begins her Spring to-do list as she builds a vegetable garden in her backyard and Nascar driver...

Racing Towards the Cross

NASCAR driver, Michael McDowell shares how he walked away from a horrible crash and how it opened the doors...

Watering the Gardens of Kenya

After a long drought, Operation Blessing delivers water to a desperate area of Kenya enabling Maria's garden to grow.

Rising Food Prices Fueling Global Problems

Global food prices have hit an all-time dangerous level, creating shortages and greater demand around the world, tough news...

Penny DeHaven’s 700 Club Interview – 2001

Penny DeHaven’s 700 Club Interview – 2001

Bring It On: Idolatry

How good of an investment is gold and oil? My friend was kicked out of her church for cohabitation,...

Bring It On: Generational Curse

How can I break a generational curse? Being in the last days, should we save and plan for the...

Kristi Plants a Vegetable Garden

The 700 Club's Kristi Watts reconnects with the land in her backyard as she plants her own vegetable garden.

700 Club Interactive – April 5, 2011

Tune in to today's 700 Club interactive for stories of hope from survivors. These people lived through amazing circumstances...

The 700 Club - April 5, 2011

Mary suffered unspeakable abuse as a young child, but she found healing for those deep wounds and Operation Blessing...

Tax Expert: Five Steps to Take Before April 15

Tax expert Daniel Pilla says the fear associated with filing your income taxes can be avoided by following a...

CBN Sports NCAA Championship Wrap-Up

Shawn Brown recaps the championship game from Houston with parting thoughts about faith from players and coaches.

Love Heals Old Wounds

After years of abuse as a child, Mary was able to find peace and healing through a relationship with Christ.

Extreme Makeover's Xzibit

700 Club producer Dan Reany interviews Extreme Makeover's Xzibit about building a new home for Beverly Hill Burdette and...

Extreme Makeover's Ty Pennington

700 Club producer Dan Reany interviews Extreme Makeover's Ty Pennington about building a new home for Beverly Hill Burdette...