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700 Club Interactive – January 28, 2011

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett

The 700 Club: January 28, 2011

Learn how one family erased $160,000 of debt in just two years. His plan can work for you too.

Moving from a Motel to a Hospital

Shanta Wallace and her two kids experienced the love of Jesus when CBN helped fund a project to provide...

Are Your Finances Way Behind or Going Strong?

$20,000 in debt - Joann could never seem to get ahead financially. Then she found the help that...

Debt-Free in Two Years

“I don’t stress out about our finances anymore,” says Mike Richins. Learn how the Richins erased $160,000 of debt...

The Three Gifts

Stomach aches were a daily occurrence for A Ji. See the three gifts A Ji received through Operation Blessing...

700 Club Interactive – January 27, 2011

Topic: Debt Free. Gordon talks with author of "Debt-Free U," Zac Bissonnette.

The 700 Club: January 27, 2011

This single mom found a way to make an uncertain income meet all her needs. Do you have a...

Raising Animals to Raise a Family

When Ana’s chicken business nearly failed, you helped Ana get exactly what she needed -- and so much more.

Stretching Ends that Don’t Quite Meet

Allen and Gwana were hard-working, but still needed help for life’s basics. Find out what you did for them...

Buying a House that Pays Its Own Mortgage

Gary and Saundra were looking to finally settle down. Rejected for a loan, see what they discovered in the...

When God Gives a Promotion

Margie and Russell needed a new source of income. They made a strategic decision that led to promotion...

When Your Financial Future Seems Impossible

This single mom found a way to make an uncertain income meet all her needs. Do you have a...

Now She Sings a Song of Love

Cold, hungry and alone, Galya and Kolya lived on the streets in Moldova, never knowing a parent’s love.

The 700 Club: January 26, 2011

Discover the strategy one couple used to carve out new jobs for themselves.

700 Club Interactive – January 26, 2011

Guest: Tamara Laroux

Fleeing with Nothing

When Gladys and her family had to abandon their home for a safer place to live, they had barely...

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Life has been more than unfair to brother and sister Shintoo and Rekha. But through the kindness of Orphan's...