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Succeeding on the Keto Diet

Author Dr. Josh Axe explains the benefits of the ketogenic diet when practiced correctly.

700 Club Interactive - February 15, 2019

Arlene Spenceley, author of Chastity is for Lovers: Single, Happy and (Still) a Virgin, explains why she is saving...

700 Club Interactive - February 14, 2019

Author and speaker Mo Isom Aiken reveals why she decided to undergo an “Intimacy Fast” and what she learned...

700 Club Interactive - February 13, 2019

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson blows the lid off the lies that are destroying our country.

Is It Too Late to Save America’s Soul?

Phil Robertson believes America has allowed the lines of morality, decency, and virtue to be erased, but he believes...

True Love on Valentines Day

Dr. Coulter shares how Christians flourished in the Greco-Roman era, showing how we, too, can life a full and...

700 Club Interactive - February 12, 2019

Jamal Miller, co-founder of Married and Young, shares ways to prepare for marriage while you’re still single.

700 Club Interactive - February 11, 2019

A single millennial woman shares why she took a one-year fast from dating and how she’s helping others live...

Living Holy in a Hookup World

A single millennial woman shares why she took a one-year fast from dating and how she’s helping others live...

Transform Your Marriage with Prayer

Authors Joel and Nina Schmidgall explain what it means to pray circles around your marriage.

700 Club Interactive - February 8, 2019

A young man threatens to kill his own father if he takes his drugs away. See how a...

700 Club Interactive - February 7, 2019

An alcoholic single mom plans to kill her own daughter and herself until a neighbor shares God's love.

Andrew Chalmers

Andrew Chalmers fell into drug addiction despite growing up in a loving home. At his lowest point God sent...

700 Club Interactive - February 6, 2019

Chris Plumb grew up in a Mormon home with a low self-image. After two failed marriages he found the...

700 Club Interactive - February 5, 2019

A sex slave at 13, Chi breaks free years later but is plagued with a mental disorder, until Jesus...

700 Club Interactive - February 4, 2019

A series of miracles save a skydiver after he was nearly killed by a mid-air collision with another skydiver.

Keeping Sight of the Eternal

Widow Brittany Price Brooker shares how God can use our circumstances to change us.

700 Club Interactive - February 1, 2019

Dr. David Perlmutter will discuss the surprising truth about wheat, carbs and sugar- your brain’s silent killers.