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Turn Your Talent Into A Lifetime of Success

Author and motivational speaker Pat Williams shares how to maximize your passion and natural gifts.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Retired Navy Admiral and Senate chaplain Barry Black discusses the keys to not only surviving adversity, but using it...

“He Knew Me”

Christine Caine tells her testimony about how she came to Jesus, years before a family secret was reviled, and...

Playing on God’s Team

Actor, author and speaker T.C. Stallings shares how to remain committed to the faith and truly play on ‘God’s Team.'

When It All Comes Together

Author Riva Tims shares with how to move forward in life after unexpected circumstances cause upheaval.

The Forgotten

Kenneth Bae an American Missionary was convicted and Sentence to 15yrs of hard labor in a North Korea work...

Christian Persecution and Genocide

Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow discusses the rise of Christian persecution and...

Making America Great Again

Author of, “The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again,” Todd Starnes discusses the current political climate stifling our nation.

Ending the Pretending

In a family full of facades, Esther Fleece, learned from a young age to keep secrets and fake her...

Choose to Redefine Your Life

A convicted felon turned successful CEO, Jay Couhglan says five bold choices can redefine your life.

Now Is The Time For Fighting Fear

Author and speaker Kelly Balarie says it’s time to fight our tendency to live in fear.

Shattered Life Becomes “Unbroken"

Wendy Roache thought she was married to Mr. Wonderful, but he turned out to be her worst nightmare!

Mysterious Digestive Issue Healed After Eleven Years

Adrian had a mysterious digestive issue that caused him to develop epilepsy, tachycardia and muscular atrophy. At age 11,...

Is God Not Home?

Facebook Prayer Warrior Kellie Lane joins us to discuss that feeling of God not answering our prayers.

Kentucky Coach John Calipari and the Biblical principle of servant leadership

Coach Cal is a charismatically generous man, who because of his faith, has given millions of dollars to change...

Franklin Graham Reflects on Ebola Crisis

In the new documentary, “Facing Darkness,” experience the story of two U.S. Aid workers stricken with the ebola virus...

Recognizing the Voice of God

Pastor and author David Stine shares insights from his latest book, Hearing From God.

Through the Eyes of Hope

A mother shares the joys and struggles of raising her son born with a rare birth defect.