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700 Club Interactive - March 20, 2017

Born without legs, Jen Bricker is a successful acrobat and aerialist who lives by a simple rule, “never say can’t.”

700 Club Interactive - March 17, 2017

Jane Hamon shares how to understand and interpret dreams and visions.

700 Club Interactive - March 16, 2017

She’s the most awarded female gospel artist of all time and considered “the first family” of gospel music, CeCe...

Gospel Music’s CeCe Winans Shares Her Heart

She’s the most awarded female gospel artist of all time and considered “the first family” of gospel music, CeCe...

700 Club Interactive - March 15, 2017

Rebecca Bender’s remarkable story of overcoming a life of sex trafficking prompted her to dedicate her life to positively...

Sex Trafficking Victim Making Positive Impact

Rebecca's story of overcoming a life in the sex trafficking industry has the power to change the world.

700 Club Interactive - March 14, 2017

Bestselling author Joel Rosenberg will talk about the current situation in the Middle East and his new thriller "Without Warning."

Author Joel Rosenberg’s New Thriller, “Without Warning"

Bestselling author Joel Rosenberg discusses present day Middle East tensions and his new thriller "Without Warning."

Rebecca Bender

After being manipulated into serving in Vegas’ sex industry, Rebecca Bender speaks out to increase awareness of human trafficking...

700 Club Interactive - March 13, 2017

While serving a 25 year prison sentence for dealing drugs, Jaime Torres found the freedom and acceptance he always craved.

700 Club Interactive - March 10, 2017

A teenage girl is known for her faith and then killed for it. Mother of Columbine victim, Rachel Scott,...

Ricky Mena: Spider-Man Fights Cancer

Not all heroes wear mask, but sometimes they do. Meet Ricky Mena, the man behind Heart of a Hero....

700 Club Interactive - March 8, 2017

The six-year-old who became a civil rights hero, just by walking to school. Ruby Bridges shares about the day...

Helping the Whole Orphan in Africa

Pastor of Victory Faith Church in Kenya, Carla Porter discusses what her church is doing to help bring healing...

Beth Nimmo finds healing after Columbine

In 1999 Beth Nimmo’s Daughter, Rachel Scott, became a victim of the Columbine shooting. Beth shares her personal...

700 Club Interactive - March 7, 2017

A man admits himself to the ER only to fight for his life. That’s when a miracle occurs.

700 Club Interactive - March 6, 2017

When a 6-year old girls suffers a serious brain injury, her family and friends pray for a miracle.

700 Club Interactive - March 3, 2017

A couple forgives their daughter’s killer and his life is changed by their grace.