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700 Club Interactive - March 8, 2018

Operation Smile Founders, Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee, make a difference by bringing smiles to children's faces around the world.

700 Club Interactive - March 7, 2018

New York Times bestselling author Joel Rosenberg discusses his new novel “The Kremlin Conspiracy”.

Joel Rosenberg Sets New Book in Moscow

New York Times bestselling author returns with a high-stakes political thriller set in Russia.

700 Club Interactive - March 6, 2018

A little Ugandan orphan suffering from cerebral palsy captured the affections of an American family. Meadow Merrill shares how...

The Only Cure

Ron Larson’s rebellious nature led to a methamphetamine addiction and eventually a prison sentence. But a persistent inmate convinced...

Uncovering the Power of an Ancient Prayer

Evangelist Warren Marcus shares the ancient secret of the prayer from the book of Numbers.

Actress Shares New Film ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Actress Madeline Carroll discusses her film ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ and how she landed the role of Shannon.

Saying Yes to Ruth

When Meadow Merrill dreamed of adoption, she never thought that would include a little girl from Uganda with cerebral...

700 Club Interactive - March 1, 2018

Emmy Award-winning producer Caleb Kinchlow shares tech ideas that can help simplify your life.

Family Friendly Gadgets You Missed

With literally billions of new devices being sold and developed each year it's hard to keep track. Tech Lifestyle...

700 Club Interactive - February 28, 2018

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs wrote “Love and Respect" to help couples save their marriages. It has since sold more than...

Cultivate a Stronger Marriage

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs shares his book, Love and Respect, and teaches couples how they can save their marriage.

700 Club Interactive - February 27, 2018

Media executive and author, Kathleen Cooke shares the hidden truth that will change your life.

Change Your Life Today

Media executive and author, Kathleen Cooke shares the hidden truth that will change your life.

700 Club Interactive - February 26, 2018

A woman is haunted by darkness and paranormal activity, until she is delivered from demonic spirits.

700 Club Interactive - February 23, 2018

An online "friend" almost lured Mackenzie Baldwin to Kosovo & away from her faith and family thru deception. See...

Daughter Seduced by Dangerous Online Romance

Mackenzie and John Baldwin share the incredible story about the power of a father’s love to save his daughter...

700 Club Interactive - February 22, 2018

Actor/Producer Kirk Cameron talks about equipping kids to avoid the dangers of a digital world.