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Financial Happiness Can Be Yours!

Joanne enjoys satisfaction and happiness in the way she invests her money. And she sees the eternal impact of...

“Who Will Save My Brother?”

She could hardly wait for her little brother’s birth. But her heart broke when she saw that Sunsong had...

“My Income Just Tripled.”

Randy and Karen worked hard to build their careers and live debt-free. But they say it’s applying specific principles...

“I saw the river coming towards us—right through the house.”

Before Timmy knew it, water was rising in his backyard and a river was running through Jacqueline’s house. The...

Do You Follow a Selfie or Success Mindset?

Jordan and Erin are thriving in their real estate business. They give credit to one important strategy that has...

Pray For America- Gordon Robertson- Friday, September 9, 2016

Gordon Robertson - Executive Producer and co-Host of the 700 Club

The 700 Club - September 9, 2016

A NYC cop is called to be downtown after 9/11. Plus, haunted by a crash, one sheriff goes searching...

Bring It On-Line: Forgiven or Fooled? - September 9, 2016

How do we know when we've truly forgiven someone? My daughter heard a preacher say it was imperative...

In-Lawfully Yours Offers 21st Century Take on Bible Story of Ruth

Actor Corbin Bernsen shares about his role in the new faith-based romantic comedy, In-Lawfully Yours, filmed in partnership with...

Week of Prayer 2016 – Day 4: Mark Strong

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from September 8, 2016 with Mark Strong.

Pray For America- Mark Strong- Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mark Strong - Lead pastor of Life Change Church

The 700 Club - September 8, 2016

Hit head on by a drunk driver and trapped inside her car, one teen sends a prayer call heard...

Bring It On-Line: Spirit of Fear - September 8, 2016

I know God does not give us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Why isn't my...

America And The Power of Prayer

Pastor Mark E. Strong discusses prayer, racial reconciliation, and praying for the nation.

Military Family Faces Financial Challenge of Adoption

The events of 9/11 compelled Billy to join the military. Deployments were tough on the family and the addition...

Week of Prayer 2016 – Deon Joseph

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from September 7, 2016 with Deon Joseph.

Pray For America- Deon Joseph- Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Deon Joseph - Senior Lead Officer of the LAPD

The 700 Club - September 7, 2016

A terrible car crash an no one is around to help. The amazing rescue on today’s 700 Club.