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700 Club Interactive - August 17, 2018

Lisa Leake is a wife, mother, foodie, blogger and author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller, 100...

700 Club Interactive - August 16, 2018

An Iranian man privately questions his Muslim beliefs, and a Christian program on TV inspires him to find a...

700 Club Interactive - August 15, 2018

A young woman with bleeding on her brain shares her miraculous story.

700 Club Interactive - August 14, 2018

Kevin Smith was an addict and drug dealer who thought he was invincible. Angie, his ex-wife, still loved him....

700 Club Interactive - August 13, 2018

Growing up amidst her family’s drug and gang activity, Grace became a drug and alcohol abuser—until an accident that...

700 Club Interactive - August 10, 2018

Captain Ron Johnson shares how his faith in God sustained him and brought healing to the community after the...

700 Club Interactive - August 9, 2018

Two brothers are born with a rare, fatal, incurable genetic liver disorder. See how both were rescued from...

700 Club Interactive - August 8, 2018

Bishop Joseph Walker and how to reach the masses with the Gospel through social media.

700 Club Interactive - August 7, 2018

Gilbert Gonzales grew up idolizing gang members and became a King Kobra member at 16. See his initiation...

700 Club Interactive - August 6, 2018

Psychologist Ramona Probasco shares how she came out of an abusive marriage and received full healing in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - August 3, 2018

Abused by his father as a boy, a man addicted to alcohol and crack hears God speak to him...

700 Club Interactive - August 2, 2018

With a pistol at his temple, Jay Lowder considered suicide; but his attempt came to an abrupt halt. See...

700 Club Interactive - August 1, 2018

In our divided political time, legendary newsman Dan Rather discusses the things that unite Americans.

700 Club Interactive - July 31, 2018

A wife and mother of four is sidelined by migraines for 14 years, see how she gets a supernatural...

700 Club Interactive - July 30, 2018

How one family found joy in the midst of sorrow and faith in the midst of loss.

700 Club Interactive - July 27, 2018

Can you imagine a world without orphans? A new movement hopes to put children in safe, stable, and nurturing families.

700 Club Interactive - July 26, 2018

When parents discover their son is a serial arsonist, their world is shattered; a prayer of surrender leads to...

700 Club Interactive - July 25, 2018

Cortney Donnelson thought her husband Marc could do no wrong. Then, after 13 years of marriage he confessed something...