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Stephen Mansfield: Be Your Most Masculine Self

Author Stephen Mansfield highlights the habits and virtues of 'manly’ men as he encourages men to resurrect their inborn,...

Are You Starving Yourself into Obesity?

Starving yourself into obesity? Authors, Mira and Jayson Calton, warn about the dangers of micronutrient deficiency in their new...

The Watchman: Russia Set to Implode? - December 17, 2013

On this week's episode of The Watchman, we sit down with author Ilan Berman to discuss his new book,...

Joel Osteen: Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Pastor Joel Osteen visits The 700 Club to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended.

Decorating in Grand Style with 'Mr. Color'

Renown decorator Carleton Varney visits the 700 Club studio to demonstrate some of his favorite ideas for classy Christmas decorations.

Experience a "Magical" Christmas at The Greenbrier

Decorator Carleton Varney presents a "magical" Christmas experience from The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

William Federer: The History of Christmas Traditions

Historian and author William Federer discusses the history of St. Nicholas and digs deeper into other familiar Christmas traditions.

'Love Boat' Captain Committed to Christ

Veteran Hollywood actor Gavin MacLeod reflects on his career and Christian faith.

Bill Wiese: What Happens When I Die?

Author Bill Wiese discusses the impact of near-death experiences on our faith and his new book tackles the age-old...

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children

Author Jodie Berndt shares insights on praying God's protection and blessing for your children by using God’s Word.

Belinda Moss: Finding Victory Over Depression

As an Air Force officer Belinda Moss was afraid to seek help for her depression.

Rev. Billy Graham Hospitalized with Respiratory Issue

Rev. Billy Graham Hospitalized with Respiratory Issue

The Watchman: "Dateline Jerusalem" - November 19, 2013

On this week's edition of The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck, we're joined by CBN's Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell,...

Natalie Grant: Dare to Be a World Changer

Christian Music's Natalie Grant and author Charlotte Gambill discuss their work to help victims of human trafficking.

Early Look at 'Heaven Is for Real' Movie Trailer

Early Look at 'Heaven Is for Real' Movie Trailer

Movie Review: 'Book Thief' Is Inspiring, Family Friendly

Movie Review: 'Book Thief' Is Inspiring, Family Friendly

The Brody File: Seeing Stars In The Big Apple - November 14, 2013

This week’s Brody File show travels to New York City where we sit down and speak with Sarah Palin...

End of Days: A New Light on JFK's Final Moments

It was a generation-altering event that still stirs up strong emotions half a century later. Author James Swanson takes...