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Developing Character in the Face of Challenges

Author and speaker Sheryl Brady will join us to discuss how overcoming challenges can develop faith and character.

In The Green Room with Sheryl Brady

The 700 Club's Social Media Marketing Producer Lakesha Gadson goes behind the scenes with Pastor Sheryl Brady of The...

Stakelbeck on Terror: Inside Jihad with Tawfik Hamid

Dr. Tawfik Hamid not only knows the enemy of radical islam—as a young man, he was a follower of...

God Loves Ugly

Author and songwriter Christa Black shares her personal story of triumph over an eating disorder and her discovery of...

Benny Hinn: Standing with Israel

Benny Hinn visits the Virginia Beach studios of The 700 Club to talk about the spiritual impact of current...

Balance Your Life and Lose Weight

Fitness expert Jennifer Tuma-Young shares secrets to keeping balance in life.

Super Book TSP Miracles English TSP 101812

Super Book TSP Miracles English TSP 101812

Superbook 109 Sower

Super Book 109 Sower

Superbook 109 "Satan"

Super Book 109 "Satan"

Superbook 109 "Jesus, Son of God"

Super Book 109 "Jesus, Son of God"

Superbook 109 Peter

Super Book 109 Peter

Deep in the Arms of the Lord

After her husband abandoned their marriage for another man, best-selling author Rhoda Janzen struggled to find joy in life.

700 Club Interactive: Blaming Eve - October 22, 2012

Author Susan Foth Aughtmon encourages women to find freedom from perfectionism, manipulation and gullibility in her new book "I...

In The Green Room with Delilah

America's most-listened-to nighttime radio host - Delilah - tells us what her typical day is like as a...

Radio Host Delilah: Choosing to Forgive

Author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Delilah shares her story of success and faith.

CBN NewsWatch: October 16, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 16: Second presidential debate crucial to convince swing voters; Romney rises in support among women;...

Top 100 Government Waste Offenders Listed in Book

Top 100 Government Waste Offenders Listed in Book

The 700 Club - October 12, 2012

Best-selling author Josh McDowell shares his story of a tragic childhood that laid the foundation for his latest book...