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Better TV Programs May Improve Children's Behavior

Better TV Programs May Improve Children's Behavior

Obama Pitches Universal Preschool Education

Obama Pitches Universal Preschool Education

Baby Bust: What to Expect When No One's Expecting

Weekly Standard senior writer Jonathan Last warns that unless we change our views about the value of raising children,...

This Week at CBN: Life-Changing Surgeries Program

Gordon Robertson showcases the life-changing surgeries that CBN partners are able to provide for children with deformities in Asia,...

'The Drop Box' Wins Top Prize at Christian Film Fest

'The Drop Box' Wins Top Prize at Christian Film Fest

Superbook: "He is Risen!" Salvation Poem

Superbook Salvation Poem for "He is Risen!"—the ultimate story of love, sacrifice, and the power of God!


The special needs of children with disabilities are often ignored in developing countries. That's why a U.S. ministry is...

Bring It On-Line: Christ Like Living

Is it to late to ask Christ for forgiveness and is there more to existence after death? "Assuredly, I...

700 Club Interactive: Blessed Babies - January 28, 2013

Hear from the families of Down Syndrome children, as they share how their kids are blessings.

Hope for More Than Crackers

Angel supported his family by selling homemade ice cream in their Mexican village, but after a hurricane swept away...

CBN Indonesia Offers Children Free Surgeries

CBN Indonesia Offers Children Free Surgeries


CBN Indonesia is giving free cleft and hernia surgeries to suffering children, most of whom are from poor Muslim...

Trusting God In The Middle of Nowhere

When Sardana’s husband abandoned her and their four children in their remote Russian village, there was little hope of...

A Hidden Talent Becomes a Business

After her husband left, Ana worked in the fields of El Salvador for years to provide for her children....

When Hard Times Catch You By Surprise

When George’s company suddenly terminated his sales position, he and his wife Becca struggled to make ends meet. With...

“Buy Some Candy, So My Dad Can Drink…”

Although ten-year-old Paulina worked hard every day selling candy on the streets to support her family, her father always...

Please Don’t Come to My House

Ying Mei was terrified to let her friends see where she lived—a leaky shack so tiny they had to...

Who Will Take Care of My Children?

When Alivia began having mysterious medical problems that landed her in the hospital for several months at a time,...