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Sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of a revival. It’s an area where Christianity is attracting followers in numbers...


Twenty years ago, a British missionary had a plan to travel to Romania, hand out food, medicine and school...

Traveling the Gospel Trail

Israel is launching a new tourism trail to let visitors get off the beaten path and literally walk where...

Serving up the Gospel in Haiti

It's been almost a year and a half since the earthquake that devastated Haiti's capital, Port au Prince. As...

Crackdown on Iran’s Christians

South Korean Christians describe North Korea's prison system as a modern-day Auschwitz. This week, they joined human rights activists...


In the southern Philippines, believers are being targeted by Muslim rebels who are seeking an independent state. But...

Solomon’s Wall

A new archaeological exhibit allows visitors to Jerusalem to step back in time and experience the Bible.

School for the Poor

Tribal children in Paraguay face deep poverty and social alienation. Now a Korean missionary is working to give them...

Washed Away

The tsunami that washed away entire towns in Japan, also washed away many churches. Now one church is starting...

The Church in Libya

Even as war rages around them, Christians in Libya are optimistic for the future.

Persecution in Afghanistan

As the U.S. draws down its troops in Afghanistan, many religious rights groups are fearful that religious freedom will suffer.


The Islamic regime in Northern Sudan is attacking border regions in the weeks before the South declares independence. A...

Amputee Soccer Team

Injured in the 2010 quake, a group of Haitian amputees is refusing to let their injuries keep them from...

New York’s Chinese Churches

Every year, Chinese immigrants flock to the U.S. pursuing the American dream. Many are finding greater riches than money.

In the Nuclear Zone

Japan’s Christians are helping victims of the nuclear disaster in Tokyo.

Flower Restoring Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

A Christian scientist is working to eliminate mosquitoes and the deadly viruses they carry.

The Power to Forgive

How would you react if you were the victim of a terrible crime?. A new movie tells a story...

Suffering for the Faith

Suffering for the Faith