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Daughter Seduced by Dangerous Online Romance

Mackenzie and John Baldwin share the incredible story about the power of a father’s love to save his daughter...

The 700 Club - February 22, 2018

Hear the real-life story that sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller as a father has to rescue...

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 22, 2018


News on The 700 Club: February 22, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Feb 22.: Billy Graham left legacy and touched lives to millions of people...

How One Family Saved Their Daughter from Disappearing

An online "friend" almost lured a daughter away from her faith and family. Hear how they discovered the truth.

CBN NewsWatch: February 22, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, Feb 22nd: The world's most popular evangelist, Billy Graham, will be laid to rest in North...

700 Club Canada: February 22, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for February 22, 2018

700 Club Interactive - February 22, 2018

Actor/Producer Kirk Cameron talks about equipping kids to avoid the dangers of a digital world.

Studio 5: Meet The Manns

David and Tamela Mann are gospel music's golden couple. In this Studio 5 special, the couple shares secrets to...

Make Good Decisions Based on the Bible

Bishop Anne Gimenez explores the meaning of the word and how we can apply this to our daily lives.

Kirk Cameron Confronts Dangers of Digital World

TV star Kirk Cameron shares strategies to equip kids to avoid the dangers lurking in the digital world.

The 700 Club - February 21, 2018

TV’s Kirk Cameron talks about the ‘growing pains’ facing today’s kids. Plus, man’s best friend has become the doctor’s...

News on The 700 Club: February 21, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Feb 21.: A spokesman is reporting that evangelist Rev. Billy Graham has died...

Kirk Cameron's New Film Takes on Parenting in a Social Media World

Actor Kirk Cameron shares his upcoming documentary, "Connect."

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Bishop Anne Gimenez shares how to make decisions that will help you shape your life today, tomorrow, and beyond.

CBN NewsWatch: February 21, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, Feb 21st: Billy Graham, the man called "America's Pastor" has died at the age of 99;...

700 Club Canada: February 21, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for February 21, 2018

700 Club Interactive - February 21, 2018

Country music sensation Naomi Judd shares about her childhood, career, and struggle with depression and faith.