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Bring It On-Line: Holy Spirit Evidence

How do you know that you have the Holy Spirit? In the Bible, David pleads with God not to...

Praying For Your Needs: November 7, 2014

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for...

Best-selling Author Reveals the Truth behind Science, Faith, and Miracles

Best-selling author Eric Metaxas will not only explain how miracles are scientifically possible, but how they can happen in...

The 700 Club - November 7, 2014

Best-selling author Eric Metaxas will explain how miracles happen and how they can change your life. Also, Dann and...

700 Club Canada: November 7, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for November 7, 2014.

700 Club Interactive: I’ll Be Me - Nov. 7, 2014

The wife of legendary singer Glen Campbell opens up about the singer’s life and goodbye tour.

Glen Campbell’s Brave Goodbye

Kim Campbell shares about the new movie, “I’ll Be Me,” which chronicles the farewell tour of her husband Glen Campbell.

CBN NewsWatch: November 6, 2014

CBN NewsWatch: November 6, 2014 Obama vows to press on despite midterm referendum; Jerusalem terror, rioting part of...

Helping the Home Front Helps Dream Come True for Disabled Veteran

Severely injured while serving in Iraq, Marine Brandon Burns miraculously recovered and is now able to work part-time. CBN’s...

The Brody File: Midterm Rejections For Democrats - Nov. 6, 2014

The Brody File team breaks down the results of the 2014 Midterm Elections. Plus, Ralph Reed joins us to...

News on The 700 Club: November 6, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," Nov. 6: Obama vows to press on despite midterm referendum; Jerusalem terror, rioting...

American WWII Veteran Tearfully Remembers War

Ralph Davis carried his Bible on many of his missions as a soldier in WWII. Though he lost many...

Bring It On-Line: Video Games

Is it a sin to play video games? Most of the games are violent, have sexual content, blood, and...

Music Legend Glen Campbell’s Wife Kim Helps Him Say Goodbye

When music legend Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, his wife Kim made sure his life was celebrated...

The 700 Club - November 6, 2014

Kim Campbell will discuss a new movie documenting her husband Glen’s life and goodbye tour as he battles Alzheimer’s...

700 Club Canada: November 6, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for November 6, 2014.

700 Club Interactive: Success Is… - Nov. 6, 2014

What is true success? Discover how to produce long-lasting and unstoppable success in every aspect of your life.

What is Unstoppable Success

Author Antipas Harris explains the truth behind his book, “Unstoppable Success.”