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Living in a House of Sticks

Gerardo quit school at age 12 to earn money to care for his hardworking mother, but still they couldn’t...

How Not to Lose the Little You Have

When money’s tight, we sometimes want to hold onto it even tighter. That’s what Steve did… but it never...

Get Out of Your Financial Rut!

Brian wanted to start his own business but couldn’t with $80,000 of debt. Paying bill minimums was paying off...

Does Paying Off Your Debt Seem Impossible?

Who wants to wait to buy the thing they want when they can charge it now? This is how...

Eating on 20 Cents a Day!

Abandoned by his mom, Chandan had to climb trees to find fruit to sell so he could eat. He...

Can You Trust God With Your Heart’s Desire?

Nine-year-old uses a surprising strategy to obtain his heart’s desire.

Relief from Financial Insecurity

Dana is raising three children alone when a quirky TV set suddenly alters her life.

From Part-Time Passion to a Job—10 Times the Income

Ryan sees his coaching business take off after trying a new strategy.

Bring It On-Line: Rise of Islam

As a follower of Christ, don't I have an obligation to turn the other cheek and accept my enemies...

Kimberly Foss: Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Return

Financial expert and author Kimberly Foss offers tips on how to save money this tax season.

The 700 Club - April 2, 2014

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas and her mother Natalie share about their faith and how it has sustained...

Business Secrets from the Bible

Author of “Business Secrets from the Bible,” Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals the clear link between financial success and staying...

Colo. Pot Users Getting High on Colorado's Dime?

Colo. Pot Users Getting High on Colorado's Dime?

Bring It On-Line: Proper Use Of Tithe

I have a family member who is struggling, a single mom living in government housing and her second baby...

Michelle Singletary Talks Financial Freedom

Finance author and columnist Michelle Singletary talks about breaking bad spending habits and getting on the road to financial health.

Bring It On-Line: Use of Tithe

I met a couple who say they are Christians but they don't believe in the Trinity. How can I...

Three Answers to a Young Girl’s Prayer

Raising her six children on her own, Lola often didn’t have enough money for food. Then her daughter Sabina...

Bring It On-Line: God of Wrath

I know my time is drawing near. Instead of wasting Medicare money or my savings, I'd just like to...