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New Gun Laws Spark Debates Nationwide

New Gun Laws Spark Debates Nationwide

New Gun Laws Spark Debate Nationwide

In light of the deadly Sandy Hook massacre, tough new guns laws are popping up across the country.

American, Baseball History a Homerun at the Box Office?

American, Baseball History a Homerun at the Box Office?

Home Run: God Gives Second Chances

Producer Carol Mathews shares about her first experience working on a feature for the big screen with the new...

Author Debbie Macomber Shares Her Triumph Over Dyslexia

Celebrated author Debbie Macomber talks about how she made it to the top of the writing profession while being dyslexic.

Christian World News: March 29, 2013

This week on Christian World News, a Good Friday miracle. A plane crashes into an apartment complex, yet no...

Our Good Shepherd: The Life of Christ by The Skit Guys

Easter is all about God’s redemptive plan for the world. Watch this moving piece that illustrates the life and...

Spirit of Adoption Sweeps across Ukraine

A powerful movement is sweeping through Ukraine. Thousands of Christians are coming together to care for the fatherless.

The Brody File B-Block: Obama's Trip to Israel - March 14, 2013

President Obama is preparing to make his first trip to Israel as Commander-in-Chief. One of the top issues on...

Operation Blessing Protects a Single Mother's Business

A single mother sells jewelry to support her family on the dangerous streets of Peru. She has been robbed...

States Move to Fight 'Designer Babies' Trend

States Move to Fight 'Designer Babies' Trend

CBN NewsWatch: March 4, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, March 4: States move to fight 'designer babies' trend; Cardinals begin process of choosing new pope;...

Determined to Serve: Black Doctors in the Civil War

During that American Civil War, many freed blacks enlisted in the Union Army, including several doctors. Little is known...

Legal Pot: Marijuana-Friendly Laws Threat to Kids?

Colorado and Washington's legalization of pot has led the states to become the epicenter of a national movement to...

Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ

Missionaries to the Muslim world say dreams and visions, along with satellite television, are introducing Muslims to Jesus in...

Justin Bieber's Mom Promotes Pro-Life Movie

Justin Bieber's Mom Promotes Pro-Life Movie

Waiting Three Years to Fix a Broken Leg

Eleven-year-old Long Qui fell and broke her leg, but her parents couldn’t afford the surgery she needed. Leaving the...


Several years ago, Ami Ortiz nearly died when he opened a package bomb disguised as a Purim gift. His...