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Bring It On: Smoking Addiction

I have been addicted to smoking for over 4 years, can you please help me with what I need...

News on The 700 Club: September 18, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for September 18, top headlines from CBN News: Muslim Leader: Riots Start of...

Muslim Leader: Riots Start of 'Serious Movement'

Muslim Leader: Riots Start of 'Serious Movement'

News Channel Morning Edition: September 18, 2012

Watch the September 18 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel and Efrem Graham. Muslim...


It's the greatest victory for religious freedom in years. In a surprise move this week, an Iranian court released...

New Movie Inspires 'Courage' to Stand for Liberty

New Movie Inspires 'Courage' to Stand for Liberty

700 Club Interactive: Denver Street School - September 12, 2012

Founder and President of the Denver Street School Thomas Tillapaugh discusses his movement to reach inner-city kids.

Obama Vows Justice for 'Senseless' Ambassador Killing

Obama Vows Justice for 'Senseless' Ambassador Killing

New Film 'Unconditional:' Living Beyond Yourself

Joe and Denise Bradford discuss the new movie, 'Unconditional,' which is based on their lives of helping poor and...

'Holy Roller' Comedy Uplifts Those Struggling

'Holy Roller' Comedy Uplifts Those Struggling


It’s a movie about the unusual relationship between a Christian pastor and a feisty nightclub owner. It's called, Holy...

Jerusalem Dateline: Iran’s Move To Make a Nuclear Bomb

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell covers Iran’s move to make a...

Bring It On: Seance

I am against having a seance in my commercial buliding and want to withhold permission. Am I being unreasonable?...


The U.S. presidential election season is entering the home stretch and there’s a growing movement of Christians who believe...

Making A Choice Between God and Alcohol

A stalled Hollywood career drove Brian to drink his disappointments away resulting not only in severe damage to his...


Here in America, the Tea Party movement is having a lot of success advancing conservative candidates this election year....

Stars of 'Meet the Browns' on Faith, Food, & Hollywood

Stars of Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns,' David and Tamela Mann will share the challenges and blessings of life...

Tamela Mann sings 'Take Me to the King'

Actress and singer Tamela Mann singers 'Take Me to the King' from her album entitled, 'Best Days.'