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Veteran's Day: Defending Military Religious Freedom

Veteran's Day: Defending Military Religious Freedom

700 Club Interactive: Veteran’s Day - Nov.11, 2013

Join us today as we honor our veterans.

700 Club Interactive: Hinduism and God - Nov. 8, 2013

An active Hindu debated with Christians until he became one himself. See what changed him.

News on The 700 Club: Nov. 7, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Nov. 7: Justices weigh constitutionality of town's prayers, Quake-ravaged Philippines braces for major...

700 Club Interactive: Because Mom Prays - Nov. 7, 2013

Hear how one gangster and murderer was saved because of prayer from his mother.

News Channel Morning Edition: Nov. 7 , 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 7: Justices weigh constitutionality of town's prayers, Obama seeks to reassure nervous Dems on...

Rev. Rob Schenck on Supreme Court Prayer Case

Rev. Rob Schenck on Supreme Court Prayer Case

CBN NewsWatch: November 6, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 6: Justices weigh constitutionality of town's prayers; Single payer system coming if Obamacare fails?; Sebelius...

700 Club Interactive: Under Pressure - Nov. 6, 2013

When a teenage son disappears, his parents’ nightmare became a reality. See what reunited them.

700 Club Interactive: Keep Calm and Carry On - Nov. 5, 2013

Learn the history behind the iconic phrase "Keep calm and carry on," and hear how you can make it...

My God Adventure – The Story of Orphan's Promise

The start of Orphan's Promise really begins with the story of three Ukrainian sisters and one woman's response to...

700 Club Interactive: Leaving Your Mark - Nov. 4, 2013

Ben Breedlove was a YouTube entrepreneur who became famous after posting his life story. Hear from his family and...

700 Club Interactive: Fifteen Minutes of Fame - Nov. 1, 2013

What would you do for your fifteen minutes of fame?

The 700 Club - Nov. 1, 2013

Craig is an avid mountain climber, but in 2002 he took a 100 foot plunge that changed his life...

Miracle Prayer Repairs Knee Injury

Sherry suffered a knee injury that caused her significant pain. A prayer on The 700 Club ushered in a...

700 Club Interactive: A Glimpse Into Heaven - Oct. 31, 2013

Have you ever seen heaven? Hear from one woman who did.

700 Club Interactive: Real Men Don't Text - Oct. 30, 2013

Do real men text? Hear what authors Ruthie and Michael Dean have to say about it.

700 Club Interactive: How to End Human Trafficking - Oct. 29, 2013

Hear the latest statistics on human trafficking and what the church can do to help.