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700 Club Interactive – October 8, 2010

Topic: Do You Know Your Bible?

700 Club Interactive – October 7, 2010

Guest: Zac Bissonnette, author of Debt Free U

Vaughan Penn: 'It's God-Esteem'

As glamorous as it sounds to write music for Hollywood, Vaughan is more interested in writing music for Jesus.

700 Club Interactive – October 6, 2010

Gordon Robertson prays for your needs.

Zana Hembree: No More Masks

A frightening car accident and subsequent DUI scared this wayward woman straight and made her face the truth of...

Stephanie Beard: Walking The Walk

She was 16 when her car hydroplaned. Doctors believed she'd never walk. Less than one year after the accident,...

700 Club Interactive – October 5, 2010

Topic: Gamers and Obsessive Gaming

700 Club Interactive – October 4, 2010

Feature: She survived her own suicide.


christians have a deep connection to Jerusalem. Indeed, Psalm 122 commands believers to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."...

Samme Palermo: Better Than A Buzz

He enjoyed pleasure-seeking the night away as a DJ, but when his wife became a Christian, his life took...

700 Club Interactive – October 1, 2010

Topic: The Domesticated Jesus

Jeff Bates's New Song

He was a talented musician high on meth until a run-in with the law changed his tune.

700 Club Interactive – September 30, 2010

Guest: Anne Jackson, blogger and author of Permission to Speak Freely

Brian Williams: Amazed by Forgiveness

He was a strung-out junkie who thought that no one would ever love him. Brian Williams was about to...

700 Club Interactive – September 29, 2010

Guest: Ron Luce

700 Club Interactive – September 27, 2010

Topic: Autism

700 Club Interactive – September 27, 2010

Topic: And Nothing But the Truth

700 Club Interactive – September 24, 2010

Topic: On the Streets with Todd White