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Our Authority in Christ

Brain aneurysms, a heart attack, an infection and pneumonia were not up to the challenge of one wife’s prayers...

Doctors Amazed by Pastor’s Recovery from Dementia

Pastor Richard Skoff knew something was wrong with his brain and tried to hide his symptoms. Even after he...

700 Club Interactive: Making Every Moment Count - January 26, 2015

Messages of hope – slipped into a lunchbox! We’ll take a peek at one father’s “napkin notes”!

Jindal Leads Thousands in Divine Appeal for America

Jindal Leads Thousands in Divine Appeal for America

'Answered Prayer.' Obama Calls Saeed 'Top Priority'

'Answered Prayer.' Obama Calls Saeed 'Top Priority'

Have Your Finances Stolen Your Future?

Low wages and high credit card debt made Monica feel as though her future had been stolen. Then she...

What’s Stronger Than Rock?

Many have tried and failed to dig a well in Oy’s village in Thailand. Underground bedrock always broke the...

Healed of Lifelong Allergies!

Vattana had severe allergies his whole life. The medications he took made it difficult to do well in school...

2 Parents, 8 Kids—in 2 Rooms!

Sergey and Tatiana and their 8 children lived in just two rooms—with no water, gas or electricity. They faced...

Please, Stop Her Pain!

Maria’s hernia was getting worse, and her parents, unable to afford surgery, begged God to heal her. See their...

Duke University Cancels Plans for Muslim Call to Prayer

Duke University Cancels Plans for Muslim Call to Prayer

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Finances.

Even a jack-of-all-trades like Ken suffered in the economic crash of 2008. After losing his house and hope, he...

#TheRoofTop Urges Christians to Tackle Racial Division

#TheRoofTop Urges Christians to Tackle Racial Division


Empowered 21 co-chair Billy Wilson talks about the power of prayer and the desire to bring global revival.

700 Club Interactive: The Next Target - January 9, 2015

The next wave of terrorists aren’t just coming to America – they’re already here. Erick Stakelbeck brings us the...

700 Club Interactive: To the Ends of the Earth - January 8, 2015

One lone man is bringing the gospel – to the place known as the “drug capital” of the world.

700 Club Interactive: Self Defense - January 7, 2015

Americans are under attack – every two minutes. Learn how you can protect yourself!

Pain Vanishes Two Years After Motorcycle Accident!

Diana severely injured her shoulder after a motorcycle accident but prayed for over two years she would be healed....