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Find Career Success through Serving

Mark Maxwell is a sought-after entertainment lawyer who shares his new book, Networking Kills.

Conversations the Church Forgot

Author and speaker Mo Isom discusses relationships and shares her new book, Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot.

Couple Rebuilds Marriage with Freedom from the Past

When marriage to Jeff wasn't perfect, Deb turned to affairs to find acceptance. Then an affair became public, and...

Discover the Power of Community

Author Rusty George shares about the power of community.

Ross Interview

Scott and Nedra Ross were able to face everything from prejudice to cancer by praying together every day since...

The Role of the Church in Bridging Racial Divide

Pastor John Gray shares about his early life, facing racism, and how to progress with racial healing.

The Role of the Church in Bridging Racial Divide - Extended Version

Pastor John Gray shares about his early life, facing racism, and how to progress with racial healing.

A Christian Guide to Healthy Intimacy

Author and therapist Nancy Houston discusses how couples can develop healthy intimacy in their marriages.

Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Pastor and reality TV star, Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares his latest book, Friend of Sinners, and discusses why relationships...

They Gave Up Their "Perfect Match" and Found Something Better

Josh knew he had to leave his girlfriend. Ashley knew God had someone better for her. They obeyed, and...

What Does Valentine's Day Mean to You?

Scott Ross asks people what Valentine's Day means to them and what they do for those they love.

Before You Hit Send

Ministry leader, Emerson Eggerichs, presents his new book Before You Hit Send, sharing guidelines to help you avoid heartache...

TV Host Greta Van Susteren Dishes on Social Media

Author and TV news host discusses the impact of social media and how we can best use social platforms...

A Practical Guide to Loving Your Neighbor

Author Sarah Beckman shares how to both give and receive help when you or a loved one is going...

Couple Finds the Key to A Joyful Marriage

Alcohol, control, and anger nearly destroy a marriage until time apart and a deadly accident inspire an incredible change.

Navigating Love in the Modern World

Authors Jeff and Alyssa Bethke are helping millennials find life, true love, and intimacy which they discuss in their...

Reinventing Space for Simple Living

Actor Corbin Bernsen and his wife Amanda Pays discuss family and how they have designed several homes to enhance...

500 Miles, Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair

Two life-long friends experience a deeper meaning of friendship as one pushes another in a wheelchair through Spain's Camino...