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The 700 Club - Oct. 8, 2013

Pat Boone and his daughter Lindy discuss the tragic accident that left Pat's grandson Ryan brain damaged. Plus, see...

Heaven Hears Our Cries for Help

Pat Boone and his daughter Lindy discuss the tragic accident that left Pat's grandson Ryan brain damaged.

News on The 700 Club: Oct. 3, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Oct. 3: Blame game continues on day three of shutdown, Tearful witness: Church...

Tearful Witness: Church Bus Accident 'Very Bad'

Tearful Witness: Church Bus Accident 'Very Bad'

700 Club Interactive: The God of Snowboarding - Sept. 13, 2013

A snowboarding accident could have ruined Joel Parker's life. Instead, his injury lead to a major community outreach.

Standing Up to Receive a Miracle

A car accident left Jean paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Drew had never met Jean until the day he...

Eva Piper's Walk Through the Dark

Author Eva Piper shares what it was like when her husband Don experienced 90 minutes in Heaven after a...

The 700 Club - July 19, 2013

Bad relationship decisions cost Tomasa her identity and sense of self worth. Plus, a motorcycle accident leaves a worship...

The 700 Club - July 15, 2013

Suicide seems like the best end to a life of drugs and crime, until God speaks to Phil. Plus,...

Bring It On-Line: Negative, Depressed and Lonely Mother

I was in a car accident on Easter. I broke my right hip, right knee and fractured my back....

The 700 Club - July 12, 2013

Television news anchor Les Smith battles depression and alcoholism in secret for decades until he finally breaks. Plus, after...

The 700 Club - June 26, 2013

Greg was attracted to the easy money that came from dealing drugs, but he wasn't prepared when the consequences...

700 Club Interactive: The Power of a Family in Prayer - June 26, 2013

A late-night boating accident threatened to destroy a family and challenged one woman's faith.

Clinging to the Word for a Miracle

Cathy Ward clings to scriptures through her husband & son's boat accident and hospitalization.

Child's Miracle Healing Beats Outrageous Odds

A dive into the pool's shallow end left nine year-old Josiah with four broken vertebrae and a 1% chance...

An Accident - Then Blind!

Amit’s parents arrived home to discover their five-year-old son had injured his eye while they worked as poor day...

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Riding out a hurricane in a car became deadly for Morganne when a tree fell on the roof.

Surviving a Fall at 70 MPH

After falling out of a minivan traveling at 70 mph, Kenny was given little hope of survival. Family and...