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Heartlight Ministries: A Refuge for Hurting Teens

Heartlight Ministries: A Refuge for Hurting Teens

The 700 Club - September 27, 2016

One hit and she was hooked. Confessions of a meth addict and her journey to freedom. Plus, his business...

700 Club Interactive - September 8, 2016

A Los Angeles police officer serves the homeless and addicted on Skid Row and helps them reclaim their lives.

The 700 Club - September 1, 2016

She was addicted to stripping, but find out what scared her off the stage. Plus, the doctor’s treatments just...

700 Club Interactive - August 5, 2016

A drug addicted offender is set free in more ways than one.

Matthew West: The Incredible Real-Life Story behind

Four-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew West shares the God-orchestrated story behind meeting Rob, the drug addict who inspired his radio...

Kidnapped Teenager Speaks About Years of Captivity

Sold to her mother’s drug dealer at age 14, Felicia spent 8 years as a prisoner in an isolated world.

He Had Everything, But Gave it Up

Steve had all the drugs, booze, and women he could ever want, but when his lifestyle nearly cost him...

The 700 Club - June 8, 2016

Championship shooter Amanda Furrer shares how she’s helping vets. Plus, his father was a killer and his mother a...

A Thief Stolen By Love

After a childhood spent trying to gain the love of his father, Neal turned to drugs to numb the...

Sick and Tired of Dying

Donald was addicted to drugs for 34 years, and after a miraculous encounter, walked away from his addiction. Two...

Light in Our Darkness

Lisa Kratz Thomas shares about her journey through addiction, prostitution, incarceration and ultimately, salvation.

Bring It On-Line: Grace for Drug Abusers? - May 19, 2016

In the town next to mine, drug addicts are deliberately overdosing near hospitals so they can be revived by...

A Life of Drugs, Prison and…Ministry?

Exposure to drugs while in sixth grade piqued Jim’s interest. By the time he was an adult, he was...

700 Club Interactive - America’s Addiction - May 16, 2016

Is America addicted to prescription meds? Find out how popping pills is leading to a dangerous rise of heroin use.