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What if kids acted like you?

Kids Saying Things Parents Say

Can Insulin Pills Prevent Diabetes?

Doctors are looking at the effects of an insulin pill for treating potential diabetics.

CBN Global Update: June 29, 2015

Superbook’s Gizmo recently appeared at the Alegria Fest in Mexico sharing God’s Word to over 5000 children and adults.

Radical for Jesus a New Kind of Legalism?

For many years, Christian legalism meant no drinking, smoking or dancing. Today, young adults struggle with a new form...

Bring It On-Line: Life Insurance

What's your advice on a whole life insurance policy? I recently found out that a church I used to...

The 700 Club - June 12, 2015

Neither the threat of prison nor the fear of overdosing kept Houston from returning to the master of his...

El testimonio de Anwar Ávila

Anwar desarrolló un asma terrible en su niñez. Debido a ese padecimiento, muchas veces recibió malos tratos de sus...

Puberty Blockers: What Parents Should Know

Gender dysphoria isn't limited to adults like Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner but it is also affecting children.

Buyer Beware: The New World of Adult Stem Cells

Stem cells: pro-life groups object to their use when they come from human embryos because it involves destroying the...

'Free Range Parenting' Gaining Ground

"Free range parenting" has become a hot topic after a Maryland couple was investigated and charged for allowing their...

Making a Life or Death Deal with God

Heidi’s grandparents offered her a safe place which her own parents failed to provide. As an adult, she struggled...

Bring It On-Line: Scientology

How can you know if you have a certain gift? What is your opinion about Scientology? Should parents control...

Sharing the Blessing of Superbook

Andrey was touched by Superbook growing up in an orphanage years ago. As an adult, he is filled with...

Jorge dejó las drogas

Jorge comenzó a fumar en la adolescencia, pero en la edad adulta, se volvió adicto a la cocaína. La...

Being the Beloved of God

Stasi struggled with body images from childhood. It wasn’t until adulthood that she learned about being the, “beloved of...

Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep Challenge Kids in 'The Giver'

Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep Challenge Kids in 'The Giver'

New Show Stars Cussing, Pot-Smoking Jesus

New Show Stars Cussing, Pot-Smoking Jesus

Unprecedented Surge of Kids Crossing Southern Border

Unprecedented Surge of Kids Crossing Southern Border