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Can the Peshmerga Drive ISIS Back from Kurdistan?

The invasion of ISIS forces is threatening Iraq's Kurdistan region. But Kurdish presidential adviser Aziz Reda says their fighting...


U.S. air strikes in Iraq have halted the advance of the Islamic ISIS army, but the group is targeting...

CBN News’ Lorie Johnson on ALS

Andrew Knox talks with CBN News’ Lorie Johnson about advancements in the fight against ALS.

Jerusalem Dateline: Escalation In The Holy Land - July 11, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: As Hamas launch scores of rockets deep into the heart of Israel, the military...

The Watchman: The Brutal Rise of ISIS - June 17, 2014

On this week's episode of The Watchman, we examine the stunning rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and...

Investing in Israel: Fanning the Entrepreneur Spirit

Investing in Israel: Fanning the Entrepreneur Spirit

Bring It On-Line: Financial Disagreement

My husband thinks we should be putting the minimum into our bills, and everything else into savings. I think...


Massive protests in Thailand are growing in advance of an upcoming election. Tired of political corruption, demonstrators have been...

Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama Administration?

Egypt recently labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, banning its activities. But in the United States, some of...

The 700 Club - Nov. 27, 2013

CBN News shares the true story behind the first Thanksgiving. Plus, author Lisa Robertson chats with Terry Meeuwsen about...

Keeping Christmas About Christ

Lisa Robertson, author of Making Christmas About Christ: A 4 Week Advent Devotional, chats with Terry Meeuwsen about the...

Israel Dispatches Team to Philippines

Israel Dispatches Team to Philippines

News on The 700 Club: Oct. 28, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Oct. 28: Pressure mounts to delay Obamacare implementation, Obama security advisers 'saw Benghazi...

Obama Security Advisers 'Saw Benghazi Raid Coming'

Obama Security Advisers 'Saw Benghazi Raid Coming'

CBN NewsWatch: June 5, 2013

On Newswatch, June 5: Saeed's wife uses UN speech to 'plant Gospel,' Rice to replace nat'l security adviser Tom...

Tuberculosis in His Bone

Although most TB infections affect the lungs, four-year-old Michael got TB in his thigh bone. When his leg swelled...

ACLJ: 'Extremist' Worst Candidate to Advise Pentagon

ACLJ: 'Extremist' Worst Candidate to Advise Pentagon

President Obama Announces New

President Obama Announces New