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Most US Kids Don't Meet Fitness Standards

The vast majority of America's kids need to exercise more, according to a new study released by the NFL's...

Andrés Panasiuk y Zumba.

Andrés Panasiuk nos da importantes consejos de salud que a su vez nos ayudan a ahorrar dinero, luego vemos...

Busting a Gut: Keys to Burning Dangerous Belly Fat

Scientists say all fat is not created equal. It all comes down to location, and the most dangerous place...

Busting a Gut: Keys to Burning Dangerous Belly Fat

Busting a Gut: Keys to Burning Dangerous Belly Fat

Donna Richardson-Joyner: A Fit Body, A Sound Spirit

Buns of Steel and Sweating in the Spirit fitness queen Donna Richardson-Joyner is a certified trainer with a proven...

Dino Nowak: The Gym-Free Workout

For this holiday season, the fitness expert demonstrates how to exercise using common household items.

Strengthening Our Youth

Certified exercise trainer Fred Hahn discusses how parents can have healthy, fit kids and increase their strength and fitness...

Mike Levinson: Be a Buff Dad

Mike Levinson, author and father of five, explains how dads can stay healthy and fit.

Overcome Your Exercise Plateau

Celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson demonstrates simple exercises to get you buff.

Get Your Fitness Breakthrough with Sean Foy

Don't have a lot of time to get fit? Exercise expert Sean Foy gives you a workout that works...

Christine Avanti: Skinny Without Starving

Christine Avanti discusses how to eat different kinds of healthy foods to stay fit.

Active Pregnant Women Have Slimmer Babies

Active Pregnant Women Have Slimmer Babies