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News on The 700 Club: November 11, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," November 11: Protests continue as Donald Trump gears up for The White House;...

CBN Global Update: August 31, 2015

CBN’s Superbook is being used in an after school program in the United Kingdom, reaching over 650 kids in...

Former NFL Player Finds Purpose in Food Ministry

Cut from the NFL and bankrupt, Greg Scott found purpose in helping others eat.

A Blind Father’s Dream

As a blind beggar on the streets of India, Labo dreamed of sending his son to school. But as...

Helping Children Below the Poverty Line in Ohio

An after-school program in Ohio changes the lives of many children living under the poverty line.

Student Drops Suit after School Scraps RFID Program

Student Drops Suit after School Scraps RFID Program

CBN Afterschool Program Brings Family to God

CBN India comes to the aid of a young girl and her sick mother by providing medications and livestock...

What Hindu gods Could Never Do

Abandoned by her parents, little Blessie was taken in by her grandparents. When their farm didn’t provide enough income...

Murdered By Radicals

When Hindu radicals attacked the Christians in Govinda’s village, his son and daughter-in-law were killed. Govinda hid his grandchildren...

Micro-business Lifts Family Out of Poverty

Laxmi's children didn't have the necessary supplies needed to attend school in India. CBN International was able to provide...

The Widow’s Double Blessing

When Aboorvam suddenly became a widow, she was afraid her children would be trapped in the same cycle of...

A Rickshaw to the Rescue in India

Kajendran lives in poverty with his family in India. CBN provided him a rickshaw so that he could transport...

Jewish Community Unites After School Shooting

Jewish Community Unites After School Shooting

Too Hungry To Learn

Imagine being so hungry you couldn’t concentrate on anything else. That’s all 10-year-old Arely could think about when she...

Young, Widowed, with a Baby in Desperate Trouble

Marni, a widow raising four children, knew she couldn’t afford the surgeries her infant son needed to survive. See...

Is there Life After a Broken Heart?

Is there Life After a Broken Heart?

Dr. Gregory Jantz: Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

In today's fast food culture, eating right can be difficult even for the most attentive parent. Dr. Gregory Jantz...

Jim Reed: The Ultimate Storm Chaser

Photographer and veteran storm chaser Jim Reed says he is no adrenaline junkie. He's a man with a mission.

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