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Will Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Be Booted from the Bench?

Will Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Be Booted from the Bench?

School Bathroom Policy Blocked by Federal Judge

School Bathroom Policy Blocked by Federal Judge

CBN News Minute - June 6, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: Tropical Storm Colin Aimed at Florida, Georgia, Alabama… Planned Parenthood Seeks Special Protection...

CBN NewsWatch: May 9, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, May 9: Trump pivots on tax plan, takes aim at Paul Ryan; Alabama Chief Justice Roy...

Tornadoes Sweep Across Southern States

Tornadoes swept across Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Thursday night.

Alabama Church Rebuilds After Devastating Tornado

A town near Birmingham, Alabama, is picking up the pieces after an F-2 tornado struck Tuesday night, leaving at...

CBN NewsWatch: March 03, 2016

Mitt Romney leading the GOP charge to 'Stop Trump'; Alabama church rebuilds after devastating tornado; North Korea Launches projectiles...

Severe Storm Delivering Split-Personality Weather Across the States

A severe storm system in the midwest is producing blizzard like conditions to the north, closing roads, schools and...

Mom gets life-changing advice from her 4-year-old.

After years of physical abuse from her father, Lisa “Roxanne” Richardson finally had enough and left home; but the...

CBN News Minute

Check out the CBN News Minute to get your daily news download in a flash! Here are the top three...

Serving up hope from an old food truck

How this church is using an old food truck will warm your heart.

Set Free from the Darkness of Nightmares

From a young age in her native Uganda, Jahan’s world encompassed witch doctors, fear, and death. Her nightmares would...

'Woodlawn' Impacting Lives Beyond Box Office Numbers

"Woodlawn" is earning impressive numbers at the box office and postive reviews from critics.

'Woodlawn' a Right Message for the Right Time

"Woodlawn" is the latest faith film looking to score at the box office and in people's hearts. Hollywood's Mark...

Perfect Stranger: How Social Media Led to Her Daughter's Death

She didn't know who her daughter was talking to online. Now, Jennifer Sellers is warning others of the dangers...

Officials Defend School Prayer in Oklahoma, Alabama

Oklahoma's Attorney General Scott Pruitt has taken a high profile stand for religious freedom, and a school superintendent in...

Three Injured in Alabama Church Shooting

Three people were wounded when a gunman opened fire at a church in Alabama this weekend.

CBN NewsWatch: September 21, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Sept. 21: Pope to Cuba: serve each other, not ideology; More mideast refugees to find haven...