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Alea White: 'Looking at a Miracle'

Drug and alcohol addiction cost Alea almost everything, but God didn't give up on her.

Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer?

Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer?

Vida Dura #315

En Vida Dura, la historia de Tercio D'Costa, quien nació con innumerables problemas de salud, lo que siempre le...

Vida Dura #308

En Vida Dura la historia de Graciela Romero, quien sufrió de abuso y una mala vida de niña que...

Club 700 Hoy: Abril 15, 2012 #356

José Ordóñez, el hombre con el record de 72 horas contando chistes sin repetir ninguno, nos habla de la...

Bring It On: Christian Ethics in Sells

What is the unpardonable sin? Is it okay for a Christian to sell tobacco and alcohol in their job?...

A Homeless Heart is Healed

A victim of childhood sexual abuse, Chatman Payne's life veers off course. After living on the streets, he gets...

Norman Miller: 'I Am Second'

Norman Miller, the Chairman of Interstate Batteries, shares his story of overcoming alcoholism and finding faith in...

The 700 Club - April 4, 2012

Riva Tims shares the betrayal she experienced after her husband Zachary Tims committed adultery. Plus, Chairman of Interstate Batteries...

Teófilo Quiroz

Teófilo Quiroz

Felipe Polanco

Felipe Polanco

Coco Zurita

Coco Zurita, joven biker conocido, cuenta como era su vida antes de Dios y su transformación al haberlo conocido...

Michelle Richards: 'Castle in the Sky'

After being molested at age 6, Michelle Richards attempted suicide. The trauma left her emotionally shattered for years.

A Drunk Driver's Road to Redemption

Kenneth socred his dream job as a sports anchor, but a drunk driving car accident landed him in prison...

Caesar: Despite Her Demons, Whitney Wanted Jesus

Caesar: Despite Her Demons, Whitney Wanted Jesus

CDC Says Binge Drinking on the Rise

CDC Says Binge Drinking on the Rise

Carmen Armero

El Matrimonio de Carmen Armero estaba en problemas. La falta de amor de su marido mas su lucha con...

Kimberly Ray: Robbed of Innocence

Kimberly became a victim of sexual abuse at age three. The abuse continued for years and derailed her life...