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El trauma después de la guerra

Teófilo, sobrevivió a la guerra de Malvinas, que enfrentaron a Argentina e Inglaterra en 1982, pero no pudo superar...

Luz en la calle y oscuridad en la casa

Felipe Polanco es un reconocido comediante de República Dominicana. En la televisión, parecía un hombre alegre, pero cuando el...

Campeón de bicicletas

Coco Zurita, un reconocido ciclista, cuenta como era su vida antes de conocer a Jesucristo y cómo es ahora....

Michelle Richards: 'Castle in the Sky'

After being molested at age 6, Michelle Richards attempted suicide. The trauma left her emotionally shattered for years.

A Drunk Driver's Road to Redemption

Kenneth socred his dream job as a sports anchor, but a drunk driving car accident landed him in prison...

Caesar: Despite Her Demons, Whitney Wanted Jesus

Caesar: Despite Her Demons, Whitney Wanted Jesus

CDC Says Binge Drinking on the Rise

CDC Says Binge Drinking on the Rise

Un matrimonio que se ahoga en el alcohol

El Matrimonio de Carmen Armero estaba en problemas. La falta de amor de su marido mas su lucha con...

Kimberly Ray: Robbed of Innocence

Kimberly became a victim of sexual abuse at age three. The abuse continued for years and derailed her life...

Teresa Richenberger: Sold to the Highest Bidder

An advertisement for a dancing job led Teresa into the sex industry. Years later, an ad for a...

Tracy Judkins: Cry Out to 'The God That Can'

When talking about her old life, Tracy says, 'I felt as though I hadn’t just hit the bottom, but...

Lonely For His Sister

After their mother died, nine-year-old Kuaon and his little sister Nang were neglected by their alcoholic father and eventually...

Agus Finds Hope

Agus turned to drinking after he was fired from his job under false pretenses, but he found hope when...

Chip LaPole: Looking Up At the Bottom

Drug addiction caused Chip LaPole to lose everything. It was then that he surrendered his life to Jesus.

Life of Miracles: Freedom From Alcoholism

Freedom From Alcoholism

Jennifer Maggio : Secrets in the Dark

An abusive childhood with no mother to protect her left Jennifer hopeless, Could God redeem her broken life?

Whitney Houston's Faith

The passing of pop superstar Whitney Houston shocked the world. Family and friends gathered at the New Jersey church...

Jeff Allen: Jesus Laughs

Before coming to Christ, comedian Jeff Allen's life was anything but funny.