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Marriage Not Included: The New American Dream?

The percentage of singles under the age of 40 is rising, causing some to believe that the Millennial generation...

Cruz, Perry: Change Is Coming in 2016

Cruz, Perry: Change Is Coming in 2016

Growing Up Bobby: Jindal's All-American Dream

Growing Up Bobby: Jindal's All-American Dream

Growing Up Bobby: Jindal's All-American Dream

His historic election as the first Indian-American governor catapulted Bobby Jindal into the limelight. Now the light's even brighter...

CBN NewsWatch: March 18, 2014

On CBN Newswatch March 18: Russia's deputy PM scoffs at US sanctions; Ukraine crisis raises new concerns for Iran...

GOP 'American Dream' Ad Targets Hispanics, Women

GOP 'American Dream' Ad Targets Hispanics, Women

The Downfall of Pursuing the American Dream

Steve and Leslie's young family is torn apart by the stresses of life, but Jesus brings healing.

CBN NewsWatch: March 30, 2012

On Friday's CBN Newswatch: Americans dream of a Mega Millions lottery win, Mitt Romney gets another key endorsement, governors...

An American Dream Gone Bad

A bitter divorce left Dale and Jena’s lives shattered. See how God brought hope into their desperate situation.

A War on the Middle Class?

Are these the best of times or the worst of times for middle class Americans? One of America's most...

A Home of Their Own

The Burresses were a family of four living in a cramped apartment. Little Kyle Burress told his mother, "More...

Shane Everett: Finding God in a Bar

The worship leader confesses, "At the time I was like, This is my life. It’s just destroyed. My heart...

Bring It On: June 26, 2007

Pat Robertson answers your Bring It On questions. Is Islam a peaceful religion? Is the "American Dream" too materialistic?...

Mark DeMoss and The Little Red Book

He wrote billboards for God. Now he's taking proven principles for fulfillment and packed them into a pint-size piece...

John W. Schlitt: A Rock Star Redeemed

Before becoming the lead singer of Petra, John Schlitt was caught up in the rock’n’roll lifestyle of drugs and...

700 Club Interactive - September 22, 2009

Feature Story: A Puerto Rican seeks the American dream. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman afraid that...

Ed Gibson: How to Heal a Failing Heart

Ed Gibson thought he was headed for a family vacation at Disney World. He had no idea he was...

Kate Gosselin: 'Eight Little Faces'

Kate Gosselin updates us on her family as well as life lessons from her new book Eight Little Faces.

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