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CBN NewsWatch: August 4, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, August 4: Panicked GOP leadership to Trump: Get your act together – fast!; Stabbing spree...

Brave Muslim Warns of ISIS's Apocalyptic Mission

Brave Muslim Warns of ISIS's Apocalyptic Mission


Two university students and a 96-year-old American woman come together to help orphans in India.

Purpose Finds 95-Yr-Old Woman Who Prayed to Die

What do two university students, a 95 year old American woman and orphans in India have in common? How...

Joni: 'Cancer Only Wins If I Don't Cherish Christ'

The average American woman has about a one-in-eight chance of developing breast cancer. That's why cancer survivor Joni Eareckson...

Islamic 'Honor Violence' Rising in the West

Islamic 'Honor Violence' Rising in the West

Islamic 'Honor Violence' Rising in the West

As Muslims migrate to the West, and more Muslim young people adopt Western ways, honor violence is on the rise.

Christmas Bells Ring in Beijing

Although China is officially an atheist state, in recent years it has allowed people to celebrate this very significant...

Battle Brews for Black Vote in S.C.

David Brody follows Obama and Hillary on the campaign trail as they go down South to court the African...

Women Marines: The Secret Weapon in Afghanistan

To win over the Afghan people and turn the tables on the Taliban, the U.S. Marine Corp has a...

Bill Donohue: Secular Sabotage

Bill Donohue will discuss his book “Secular Sabotage”. He is the President of the Catholic League.

Fmr. Palestinian Terrorist Embraces Jesus, Jews

CBN News recently spoke to one Palestinian who laid down his weapons and is now a friend of Israel...

Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes

Nature's Flu Fighters Lower Risk of Getting Sick

This could be a very bad season for the flu and many believe that season could start early.