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Forgiveness and Angry Birds

Pastor and Author, Hebert Cooper, shares what the game Angry Birds can teach you about unforgiveness

Embraced by True Love

Shana was angry and couldn’t understand why she had to go to a foster home. Her life eventually headed...

Guatemala Gov't Corruption Sets Off Angry Protests

The unrest in Guatemala comes after a string of graft scandals that resulted in the ouster of several cabinet members.

Christian World News - June 5, 2015

This week on Christian World News: Is ISIS turning away the Muslim faithful? How radicals are driving them into...

Overwhelmed by the Stress of Infertility

David and Shannon desperately wanted a child, but as the stress and frustration of failed fertility treatments mounted, David...

Bring It On-Line: Second Coming

I am a born-again believer who is becoming more & more distressed about my husband's lack of self-control over...

Overcoming Fear: One Church and an Ebola Outcast

Thomas Eric Duncan made headlines when he travelled from Africa to the U.S., bringing Ebola with him. His fiancée...

They risked their lives for a drink of water!

An angry neighbor threatened to shoot Manuel and Lilliam if they took water from his property. So they only...

Violent Sport Becomes Pressure Valve for Angry Youth

Charles’ father thought Rugby would be a good way for his son to make friends, but it became more...

Ben Carson on Not Getting Angry

Ben Carson on Not Getting Angry

Angry Leaders Call Bergdahl Swap ‘Wrong Message’

Angry Leaders Call Bergdahl Swap ‘Wrong Message’

When Running From Heartbreak Turns Deadly

Amy’s heart broke when her parents divorced and she turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. A...


The Ukrainian people are feeling anxious about their future, particularly religious and ethnic minorities, who could face persecution. Recently,...


2013 was a harsh year for one of the world's oldest churches. Egypt's Christian community dates back to the...

Wastebook Highlights $30 Billion of 'Stupid Spending'

Wastebook Highlights $30 Billion of 'Stupid Spending'

Jerusalem Dateline: Prisoners For Peace - Nov. 1, 2013

This week: Swapping prisoners for peace talks. Israeli families are angry that killers are going free, while others fear...

An Angry Dad Meets a Forgiving God

Dave's harsh treatment of his son resulted in a life-changing journey to find a runaway child.

CBN NewsWatch: October 15, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 15: Angry Reid says House trying to 'torpedo' debt deal; India cyclone victims return to...