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From Poland to the United Nations and Israel, millions around the globe marked international Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ceremonies commemorated...

Are You Waiting for Your Financial “Hallelujah Moment"?

Latisha was a single mom with no job, who struggled to care for herself and young daughter. But even...

Religious Hostilities Worse Around the Globe

Religious Hostilities Worse Around the Globe

No More “Rabbit Lips”

Every time Jun Ho tried to make friends, the other children just mocked him. Learn what special gift turned...

Miss Kay Prays for Marriages

Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay offers a prayer from her heart for marriages around the world.

700 Club Interactive: Turn Your Life Around - Nov.25, 2013

Co-founder of Dare to Be Charlotte Gambill shares how we all can turn our lives around.

Rid Your Home of Youth Entitlement

Author and mother Kay Wyma discusses how to make your children more responsible around the house.

The 700 Club - Nov. 20, 2013

Author Kay Wyma discusses how to make your children more responsible around the house. Plus, Washington Huskies men's basketball...

Her Miracle Was Around the Corner

A rare condition left Angela immobilized and the prognosis was not hopeful, but her praises to God never wavered...

NSA Harvesting Info from Address Books Worldwide

NSA Harvesting Info from Address Books Worldwide

Gypsy Family Gets a Firm Foundation

A gypsy family lived in a one room shack in the Ukraine that was falling down around them until...

Jerusalem Dateline: The Priestly Blessing - Sept. 27, 2013

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Receiving a priestly blessing. Thousands of Israelis and Jews from around the world flock...


This week, Christians around the world held prayer vigils for Pastor Saeed Abedini to mark the one year anniversary...

Can you change the world from your living room?

Preaching the gospel, feeding the hungry, helping orphans, providing clean water and disaster relief… discover how CBN Partners like...

A Creative Way to Pay Off $40,000 in Debt

Mark was a freelance artist when he met and married his wife, Rhandi. Despite his talent, business was...

Orphan's Promise Today

A look inside this outreach to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.


An Ohio man comes back to life after being dead for 45 minutes. Tony Yahle's story astounded the medical...


Syrian Christians say U.S. military action against the Assad regime will only bring them greater hardship and suffering. They're...