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IDF Deputy Chief on Mideast Turmoil: Prepare for the 'Unexpected'

IDF Deputy Chief on Mideast Turmoil: Prepare for the 'Unexpected'

Gulf Arab Nations Declare Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

The Gulf Arab nations have officially declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

Jerusalem Dateline: Russian Air Strikes Tip Mideast Balance in Syria 02/19/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Russia's air strikes tip Mideast balance: Putin, Assad grow stronger, US looks weak; plus...

Why Russia Could Emerge the Victor in Syrian Civil War

Despite a ceasefire agreement inside Syria, the reality on the ground has not changed. In fact, some believe the...

Refugee Conundrum: Serve ISIS, Serve Assad - or Die

CBN's Operation Blessing is on the ground in the war-torn nation of Syria. They're bringing us a voice missing...

Turkey, Russia Headed for a Military Face-Off?

The confrontation between Russia and Turkey entered its second day after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on...

CBN NewsWatch: November 25, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 25: FBI issues warning as holiday travelers hit the road, Refugee conundrum: serve ISIS, serve...

Turkey Downs Russia Jet, Putin Warns of Major ‘Consequences'

A Russian SU-24 warplane crashed into mountains near the Syrian-Turkish border. 

Russia-Iran 'Nightmare' Alliance: Why You Should Be Concerned

It's a nightmare scenario: A military powerhouse with a huge nuclear arsenal, aligning itself with Islamic terrorists hostile to the...

A Shift in US Strategy? Iran Joins Syria ISIS Talks

The invitation to Iran to take part in talks to end the civil war in Syria, along with stepped...

Kerry Heads to Vienna Amid Putin's Outmaneuvering in Syria

For the first time since Russian warplanes began flying combat missions in Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry...

News on The 700 Club: October 21, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," Oct. 21: Paul Ryan running for Speaker under certain conditions; Palestinian terrorists mimic...

Syria's President Assad Meets with Putin in Moscow

Syria's President Assad Meets with Putin in Moscow

CBN NewsWatch: October 21, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 21: Paul Ryan running for Speaker under certain conditions; Webb drops Democratic bid for President;...

Russian Airstrike Kills 45 in Latakia Province

Russia's airstrikes in Syria have proven to be very deadly.

Verdict Still Out on Putin’s Syrian Strategy

Since the beginning of Russia's military buildup in Syria, world leaders have been wondering what President Vladimir Putin is...

Gen. Boykin: Ousting Syria's Assad Is the Wrong Goal

Retired Army Gen. Jerry Boykin says the Obama administration's policy of supporting the overthrow of Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad...

Hezbollah, Iranian Troops Pour into Syria

Russia's role in Syria has also propelled Iran's involvement in the country.