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Health Benefits of a Deep Religious Commitment

People of faith have better health, both physically and mentally, and live longer than atheists, according to Duke University's...

Bring It On-Line: Sports vs. Church/Faith

My sister feels torn as it appears they're putting sports before their faith as they miss church often during...

CBN News Sunday: America's Outlook on Faith and Church

America's faith and church attendance are on decline according to two major surveys. Suprising findings on who the "churchless"...

Bring It On-Line: Witnessing to Atheist

Why is the Lord so long in answering prayers for salvation of family members? My neighbor is an atheist....

700 Club Interactive: Searching for Truth - January 29, 2015

A devout Muslim and a die hard atheist both discover the Bible to be true.

Bring It On-Line: Forgiveness

I am a high school senior and want to become a pastor, but my dad greatly discourages it as...

Florida City Leaders Walk Out on Atheist 'Prayer'

Florida City Leaders Walk Out on Atheist 'Prayer'

'Tis the Season: Athiests Tell Americans to 'Skip Church'

'Tis the Season: Athiests Tell Americans to 'Skip Church'

Encounter on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street Rattles Party Girl to the Core

Erin didn’t realize just how much energy she had been investing in running from God until a conversation with...

An Atheist Turns to God - Shelley Hundley

After being abused by a religious leader, Shelley wanted nothing to do with the church or the faith.

700 Club Interactive: Breaking Barriers - June 9, 2014

He was an atheist who had all the answers till one day he challenged the theory of God.

Christian World News: April 25, 2014

This week on Christian World News: The greatest sacrifice. An attack on a Christian hospital in Afghanistan takes the...

700 Club Interactive: God’s Not Dead - March 28, 2014

Hear from actor Kevin Sorbo as he shares about his role as an atheist college professor in the movie...

Brave German Woman: Why Heidi Mund Rebuked Islam

Heidi Mund, an atheist-turned-Christian, has gained global notoriety for standing up to Islam's creeping influence in her homeland, Germany....

Bring It On-Line: Forgiving Others

Can you give me your opinion about "Preparedness/stocking up" on food and essentials for the tribulation? I work with...


It was a symbol of hope and grace for many after the 9/11 attacks: two steel beams forming a...

CBN News Today : March 7, 2014

On CBN News Today, March 7: Atheists fight World Trade Center cross ruling; For Ukraine Jews, crisis raises ghost...

Group Fights WTC Cross: 'Atheists Died Here Too'

Group Fights WTC Cross: 'Atheists Died Here Too'